E-sports general trading company Wellplayed Rizest will hold the first “e-sports seminar & business meeting” after listing on January 31

Wellplayed Rizest Co., Ltd.
E-sports general trading company Wellplayed Rizest will hold the first “e-sports seminar & business meeting” after listing on January 31 -Showing all examples of e-sports use-

Wellplayed Rizest Co., Ltd. (President: Yuya Tanida, Kyohei Takao, Akihito Furusawa, Securities Code: 9565, hereinafter “our company”) will hold an “esports business seminar & business meeting” on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. ” will be held.
■ Application form: https://forms.gle/CpXk8gBefZVQQZGu9
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Since our establishment in 2015, we have been providing services related to esports from all directions, including planning and management of tournaments, support for everyone involved in esports, and new businesses. Since we were listed on the growth market as Japan’s first esports company on November 30, 2022, we have received inquiries from many companies. This time, we would like to contribute to the further development of the e-sports market through the holding of the “e-sports seminar & business meeting”. I would like to introduce a case study.
Overview of “esports seminar & business meeting”
・Title: “E-Sports Business Seminar & Business Meeting”-Showing all, examples of e-sports utilization-
・ Date: January 31, 2023 (Tuesday) 15: 00-20: 30 (planned)
・Holding format: offline, online
・Participation fee: Free
・ Application form: https://forms.gle/CpXk8gBefZVQQZGu9
■ About holding offline
・Venue: AP Nihonbashi (3-6-2 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nihonbashi Front 6F)  https://www.tc-forum.co.jp/ap-nihonbashi/access/
・Limited number of people: 100 people (up to 2 people per company) * If we receive more applications than the limit number of people, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Even if you arrive at the venue by jumping in on the day, you will not be able to enter. Thank you for your understanding.
■ About online delivery
We will inform you of the distribution URL for those who have applied for online viewing and those who cannot participate offline because the number of people exceeds the limit.
Seminars are held in ROOM1 and ROOM2 at the same time. Join the seminar that interests you. If you do not know which seminar to attend, please feel free to ask our staff.
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Seminar & business meeting details
■ 15:00-15:55 Keynote Speech: Wellplayed Rizest Akihito Furusawa [Image 4

・Seminar overview
We would like to talk about the industry trends for 2023 that an e-sports general trading company, which is engaged in a wide range of activities using e-sports, such as event planning and management, influencer marketing, and creator support, will look at.
・ Profile of Akihito Furusawa
In 2003, joined Logitech, the Japanese subsidiary of Logitech International. After that, he was engaged in marketing and launching new business for smart devices at SanDisk Corporation, and rejoined Logitech in 2012. Has been in charge of product marketing in Japan and Asia. Since 2013, he has launched a unique esports strategy that incorporates elements of sports marketing, contributing greatly to business expansion. Established RIZeST Co., Ltd. in October 2016, fascinated by the emotions, drama, and possibilities that e-sports create. In addition to launching and operating Japan’s first specialized e-sports facility “e-sports SQUARE”, he is actively working on a new approach to solutions using e-sports to solve social issues that are flooding the world, giving lectures at schools and companies. I have also attended. Related book “How to become an e-sports player (Kin no Hoshisha)”
■ 16:20-17:10 Mr. Akira Sahashi, GANYMEDE Co., Ltd.
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・Seminar overview
There are common denominators for success in initiatives through esports, which can be used in various ways. How do you win the hearts of fans and make your business successful? We will introduce the secret through the example of the e-sports event brand “LIMITZ”. · Profile of Akira Sahashi Producer at GANYMEDE Co., Ltd., the operating company of ZETA DIVISION, and responsible for LIMITZ. An early member of JUPITER, the predecessor of ZETA DIVISION.
■ 16:20-17:10 Mr. Junichiro Kanai, Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. [Image 6

・Seminar overview
From the perspective of “esports that create connections with people (companies)”, we will talk about the management of the adult league “After6League” in addition to examples of welfare programs such as esports clubs and esports athletic meets.
・Profile of Mr. Junichiro Kanai
Toppan Printing e-sports department “E1 HEROES” manager and Toppan e-sports project member. Under the theme of “connection between working people and e-sports”, we hold e-sports seminars for businesses and operate the working e-sports league “AFTER 6 LEAGUE”.
■ 17:30-18:20 Mr. Hiroto Miyazaki, JCB Co., Ltd.
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・Seminar overview
We will talk about the background and reasons for the sponsorship, such as the appeal and marketability of esports, and what we would like to challenge together in the future.
· Profile of Hiroto Miyazaki
Joined JCB Co., Ltd. in 2002. Engaged in multiple sales departments and personnel affairs.
Current position from April 2022. We are working to improve the added value of the JCB brand from a marketing perspective.
■ 17:30-18:20 Mr. Kent Sekiguchi, Webnesday Co., Ltd.
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・Seminar overview
How to reach the “Z generation”, the main customer segment in the future consumer market, is becoming a historical proposition for companies. Meanwhile, in order to effectively reach the Z generation, promotions using the hot topic “gamer” are increasing. Why do companies use “gamers” for promotion? I will introduce the reason with an example.
· Profile of Kent Sekiguchi
26 years old and popular Yo-Kai Watch official
Launched a YouTube channel and operated it as a chief producer. In 2017, he was appointed as an executive officer of Techsa Co., Ltd. (currently Liver Co., Ltd.).
In charge of channel consulting for about 30 YouTubers.
Grow many popular YouTubers.
In 2018, he planned and produced the creator festival “Uzu Matsuri” https://event.uzu.fun/ where popular YouTubers and commentators (e.g. Hikaru, Junichi Kato, etc.) also appeared.
Currently, I am using workshare to develop digital talent and promote companies and organizations. Innovative and flexible planning that is not bound by framework is possible.
In June 2020, he won the Galaxy Award TV category for the first time in history on the YouTube channel “Kanda Hakuzan TV”.
In December 2020, he transferred the YouTube business to Creek and River and became the community producer of YouTubeMCN owned by the company.
Update MCNs such as OCGAMES and OCPX.
In June 2022, he won the Galaxy Award on YouTube for the second time in history on the YouTube channel “CBC Documentary”.
Currently, he is focusing on producing OCGAMES and promoting DX conversion on the publicity axis of TV stations and national clients. ■ 18:40-19:30 Mr. Shinji Wada, Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. [Image 9

・Seminar overview
We want to grow and mature e-sports as a healthy sport that can be played regardless of nationality, gender, age, or disability, and cultivate it into a culture. In order to realize such a desire, as an infrastructure company, we will co-create with governments, companies, etc. from the perspective of education, welfare, health, tourism, industry, etc., and introduce initiatives for regional revitalization and urban development.
· Profile of Shinji Wada
Born in Hyogo prefecture.
Joined Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. in 1987. Engaged in planning-related departments such as accounting, corporate planning, group company management, and M&A.
In 2019, he established the “Greater Namba Creation Office”, which has jurisdiction over soft town development, and as the head of the office, he has led the operation and management of the Dotonbori promenade, the utilization and area management of public spaces such as the plaza in front of Namba Station, and the revitalization of the Shin-Imamiya area.
From 2021, he will promote company-wide innovation through business creation as Deputy General Manager of Innovation Creation Office and General Manager of New Business Division.
Incumbent from 2022. Working on the development of healthy youth and regional revitalization through e-sports.
■ 18:40-19:30 Gemtre Co., Ltd. Mr. Kazuki Obata
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[Overview of Wellplayed Rizest]
Wellplayed, which has been engaged in the planning, management, video production and distribution of events and tournaments of all genres related to esports, and esports program production and broadcasting, tournament and league management, and promotion using cutting-edge broadcasting technology. It is an e-sports general trading company that was born in February 2021 by merging with Kita Rizest. With the mission of “believing in the power of esports, creating value, and changing the world,” we will continue to grow in new business opportunities and development areas, and secure an overwhelming presence in the industry. We aim to contribute to the further development of
Company name: Wellplayed Rizest Co., Ltd.
URL: https://wellplayed-rizest.jp/
Location: Grand First Shinjuku Gyoen 6F, 22-1 Daikyomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: November 19, 2015
Representative Directors: Yuya Tanida Kyohei Takao Akihito Furusawa Business: Planning, production, management, consulting, distribution, promotion, facility management, etc. related to esports

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