Earth Hopper user limited project Gather at the tournament venue during the Freeride World Tour! You can participate in sessions where you can experience free riding in the ski resort and safety workshops for athletes

Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.
[Earth Hopper user limited project] Gather at the tournament venue during the Freeride World Tour! You can participate in sessions where you can experience free riding in the ski resort and safety workshops for athletes

The earth sports all-season pass “Earth Hopper” developed and sold by Pioneerwork Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yoichi Goto) is the Japan Tournament of the Freeride World Tour (FWT) sponsored by our company this season. In collaboration with “TOYO TIRES FWT JAPAN SERIES 2023”, we will hold several collaboration projects. Plans limited to Earthhopper users are available, such as the freeride session “What is Freeriding” where you can ski with top-level FWT riders at the competition venue, and the right to participate in the “Safety Workshop” held for FWT competitors. . Please come to the ski resort of the venue during the FWT period. Official website URL:
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■ About the FWT x Earth Hopper collaboration project
Pioneerwork Co., Ltd. calls sports performed on natural fields “Earth Sports”, and sponsors the Freeride World Tour, an international competition for skiing and snowboarding, in Japan, and an all-season pass that started in the form of a common ticket for ski resorts. We are engaged in the development and sales of “Earth Hopper”. In order to create further value in the field of earth sports, we will carry out a collaboration project that links the two businesses.
The ski resorts that host the FWT JAPAN SERIES have many slopes that are suitable for freeriding, and are also affiliated ski resorts of Earth Hopper. In addition to the campaign project “FWT23 Slope Rally” announced in December 2022, where you can win gorgeous prizes by visiting all the slopes that are FWT venues in Japan, events will be held at the ski resorts that will be venues during the tournament. It is a project limited to Earth Hopper users, and only purchased pass holders*1 can participate. From February 4th (Sat.) to 10th (Fri.), 2023, during the Hakuba Games, you can use the Earth Hopper “Hakuba Happo-One Ski Resort” up to two times for a week only, and you can ski with FWT riders. You can participate in on-site freeride sessions and safety workshops for FWT riders. Rider sessions will also be held at the Maiko/Arai venue.
We have prepared a special closed project so that the Earth Hopper is not just a common ticket for ski resorts, but a pass that further enhances the earth sports life of those who purchase it. Make sure to plan your hopping to the exciting FWT venue during the freeride competition period.
*1 Applicable to purchasers of either Earth Hopper Unlimited Standard Light ■Plan 1: “What is Freeriding” A freeride session in the ski resort where you can ski with FWT riders
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A freeride that slides on the natural terrain on the line you want. For Earth Hopper users who are interested but have never tried it, we will hold a session event with top-level FWT riders to ski in the freeride area in the ski resort where the FWT competition is held. Maiko, Hakuba, and Arai are all held on one day during the FWT tournament period. Anyone who can make short turns on the slopes of the slopes can participate, and you can easily experience the essence of free riding using the uncompacted snow area in the ski resort, the tree run course, and the terrain on the side of the course. (Do not enter the backcountry outside the ski resort management area) The FWT riders are Taisuke Kusunoki (ski), Ayaka Kato (snowboard), Yusuke Toyoma (snowboard), Kyoto Harada (ski), and Ryudai Iwasaki (ski). Please register early as this event is limited to 10 people each time.
Project name: “What is Freeriding”
Plan contents: Freeride session in the ski area where you can ski with FWT riders
About 3 hours from 13:00 on Saturday, January 28, 2023 / Maiko Snow Resort Approximately 3 hours from 9:00 on Sunday, February 5, 2023 / Hakuba Happoone Ski Resort
About 3 hours from 9:00 on Thursday, February 23, 2023 / Lotte Arai Resort Capacity: Up to 10 people at each venue (5 skiers, 5 snowboarders) Participation fee: 5000 yen (tax included)
▶ Click here for details and how to apply
■Plan 2: Right to participate in the “Safety Workshop” safety workshop for FWT riders
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Under the philosophy of “safety first”, FWT competitions provide mandatory safety workshops for all competitors. Earth Hopper users can also participate in a full-fledged workshop that can only be taken by FWT players.
Experienced professionals such as guides and FWT judges, including ambassadors dispatched from K2 JAPAN, which sells avalanche gear, acted as instructors, and actually demonstrated avalanche gear such as beacon search, probes and shovels that are necessary in the event of an avalanche. You can learn the correct knowledge that people who enjoy freeriding should always acquire, such as training to use. Please note that Hakuba is the only FWT venue where you can
participate in the safety workshop.
Project name: “Safety Workshop”
Plan content: Right to participate in the safety workshop for FWT riders Venue/Date: February 6, 2023 (Monday) 12:00-16:00, about 2 hours / Hakuba Happo-One Ski Resort
*The holding time will be fluid depending on the movements of the FWT players on the day. Participants will be notified by email on February 4th or 5th as soon as the opening time is decided. After purchase, we will contact you about the flow of the day and the meeting place. Capacity: Up to 15 people at each venue (no skis or snowboards required) Participation fee: 5000 yen (tax included)
▶ Click here for details and how to apply
■Plan 3: “FWT23 Slope Rally” Go around three FWT venues in Maiko, Hakuba, and Arai and get gorgeous prizes!
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A campaign is also underway for Earth Hopper users to win gorgeous prizes by going around all the slopes that are FWT venues in Japan. Select and enter the products you want in advance, and use the Earth Hopper to ski on the slopes of the “TOYO TIRES FWT JAPAN SERIES 2023” venue during the designated period during the season, and three people will be selected by lottery from among the applicants. In addition, luxurious prizes will be awarded from the competition partner companies.
You can also apply for this campaign by hopping at each venue while participating in “What is Freeriding” and “Safety Workshop”. Take advantage of tournaments and events and try to conquer all three venues.
Campaign name: FWT x Earth Hopper “FWT23 Slope Rally”
Application period: December 27, 2022 (Tuesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) * Usage history will be applied from the opening date of the ski resort
Eligibility: Purchasers of Earthhopper 22-23 (Unlimited, Standard, Lite) ▶For details and how to apply, visit the campaign page
■ About the Freeride World Tour
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FWT is the world’s only and largest international freeride
competition, which started in Switzerland in 1996. It landed in Japan in 2017, and our representative, Yoichi Goto, has been involved as a director from the beginning.
It is now the only and largest freeride world tour in the world. (More than 5,600 athletes, including men and women, skiers, snowboarders, qualifiers, and juniors, have competed all over the world, and a total of 150 competitions have been held in Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, and Asia.)
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[About freeride skiing and snowboarding]
Freeriding is a new style of winter sports that allows you to enjoy the natural topography of mountains in addition to skiing on the slopes, and is gaining popularity both in Japan and around the world. In particular, Japan’s high quality powder snow is called “Japow (Japan + Powder Snow)” overseas, and Japan is internationally recognized as one of the countries where you can get the best freeride experience.
■ About Earth Hopper
[Image 7d58215-17-c5251f44db315f99bf4c-6.png&s3=58215-17-abe14f236ad087a1266ced3b6feee61e-764x376.png
“Earth Hopper” is a flat-rate all-season pass that includes lift tickets for more than 35 ski resorts throughout Japan, as well as tickets for MTB trails and water activity facilities. You can enjoy earth sports while traveling the earth with three plans that match your lifestyle.
Official site
Official Twitter
Official Instagram ■Overview of Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.
Pioneerwork calls sports performed on natural fields “earth sports”, and we use the power of earth sports to promote the value of Japan, one of the countries with the most suitable fields for earth sports in the world, such as snow, mountains, rivers, and the sea. A company whose mission is to improve
Connect people and nature. Create the future with earth sports. Since ancient times, people and nature have coexisted and nurtured a rich culture.
However, the number of opportunities and means for people to interact with nature continues to decrease.
In order to create a richer culture, I want to create a new form of coexistence between people and nature.
We will create an unprecedented new culture through the development of earth sports,
We will create a sustainable future by increasing the number of people who enjoy and protect nature, and connect people with nature. Company Profile
Established: November 2019
President and Representative Director: Yoichi Goto
Company website:
Business content
-Platform business-
Project to build a digital platform that connects earth sports content Representative product: Earth Hopper ( -Consulting business-
Various projects are underway mainly with local governments and local businesses to enjoy, protect, and connect nature using earth sports. Achievements:
-Advertising agency business-
Developing businesses such as corporate marketing support and implementation of earth sports events
Has a network with over 30 outdoor sports media and resorts overseas Rights marketing for the Freeride World Tour in Japan, operation of international competitions
Contact: Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.
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