EAST EDUCATION Acquired Google for Education(TM) Build Partner Certification

East Co., Ltd.
Certified as a Google for Education(TM) Build Partner

East Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director Tetsuya Kumano) has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program (*1) and has become a Build Partner (*2) of Google for Education, Google’s program for educational institutions. Certified.
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Google Cloud Build Partners build solutions integrated with Google Cloud or Partners with a proven track record of developing solutions that run in the cloud to complement and enhance Google’s products are eligible for certification.
*1 Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program https://cloud.google.com/partners *2 Google Cloud Build Partner Certification
■ Background to Build Partner Certification
Our educational brand “EAST EDUCATION” aims to “connect today’s learning to tomorrow” through products and services that utilize ICT, including the dictionary app DONGRI(R). Connect the words you “looked up” in the dictionary to “memorize” and “use”. In order to realize our wishes, we have been working to strengthen our products and services for schools using Google Workspace for Education.
・Improve usage rate with single sign-on
Our products support single sign-on (hereinafter referred to as SSO) with Google accounts within the school organization that uses Google Workspace for Education. Schools that use DONGRI through SSO have an average of 10% higher rate of student dictionary usage (*3) than schools that do not use SSO. It can be seen that the seamless use of DONGRI by SSO has led to the use of dictionaries in daily learning.

*3 In-house survey of monthly usage rates for schools that have introduced DONGRI (April to October 2022). If one student uses DONGRI more than once, it is counted as one unique user. The usage rate was defined as the ratio of unique users to the total number of students. ・Provision of an add-on that allows you to use a dictionary on the same screen For schools that have introduced Chromebooks, we offer two versions: DONGRI for web and DONGRI for Android (native app). In addition to this, we have also started providing an add-on that allows you to look up dictionaries on the same screen as Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. Students can concentrate on learning without having to switch screens to use the dictionary.
・For more effective use of dictionaries
In order to further promote the effective use of dictionaries in schools, we started developing educational materials using Google Docs and Google Forms, and also participated in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, and have been certified as a Google for Education Build Partner.
■ Teaching materials using Google Docs and Google Forms
・Worksheets that can be used in class (using Google Docs)
Starting with worksheets for learning the basics of grammar while looking up English words in an English-Japanese dictionary, worksheets for deepening understanding of words while learning how to use dictionaries are provided for each school type. If you install DONGRI’s add-on, you can study by displaying worksheets and
dictionaries on the same screen. (The dictionary displayed in the add-on on the screen below is “Genius English-Japanese Dictionary”) [Image 2d46987-13-335f1f408ac1db5913c5-1.png&s3=46987-13-066bb00e31acc5811db2366f17507045-3900x1829.png

Google Cloud, Google for Education, Google Workspace, Chromebook, Google Docs, and Google Sheets are trademarks of Google LLC. -inquiry-
East Co., Ltd. Educational Contents Division
2-22-8 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053
Email: info@east-education.jp https://www.east-education.jp/

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