Ecloud Co., Ltd. OGA BREWING, a craft beer venture from Mitaka, Tokyo, which is challenging the development of various recipes, will start raising funds through ecloud on February 6.

Ecloud Co., Ltd.
“OGA BREWING”, a craft beer venture from Mitaka, Tokyo, which is challenging various recipe development, started fundraising through ecloud on February 6
-Many collaborations with famous anime with over 150 beer development capabilities! Expanding fans with the ability to win international competitions ~

Ecloud Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naohiko Hatae, hereinafter “Ecloud”), which provides a stock investment crowdfunding service, has announced advance disclosure of the 18th project “OGA BREWING”. It was started. We will start accepting investment applications from 19:30 on Monday, February 6, 2023. (Details: [Image 1

Ecloud, which provides “stock investment crowdfunding” that allows you to invest in unlisted venture companies through the Internet, will accept applications for “OGA BREWING” (18th project) from February 6, 2023. We will start.
Outline of recruitment for the 18th project
Company name: Ogasa ������ Shoten Co., Ltd.
Business overview: Operation of OGA BREWING, production, sales and planning of craft beer
Scheduled application period: Start: February 6, 2023 (Monday) – End: February 16, 2023 (Thursday)
Target amount: 8 million yen (maximum amount: 50 million yen) Use of funds: personnel expenses, advertising expenses, etc. An international competition-winning classic beer and more than 150 kinds of original limited beers that are well-arranged
OGA BREWING is a craft beer brand from Mitaka, Tokyo. In addition to the three standard types, the store brews several types of
limited-edition beer every month, making it a pleasure to visit again and again. The standard products “Mitaka Pale Ale” and “Kokubunji Hazy IPA” are talented beers that have won historic international competitions.
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OGA BREWING has various sales channels in addition to store sales. Original products are wholesaled to major retailers and restaurants in the Mitaka and Kichijoji areas, and due to their high popularity, we have been asked to expand the number of stores that carry them. In addition, we are commissioned to brew collaborative beer as an OEM with various organizations such as companies, regions, and
restaurants. We have collaborated with the soccer J-League “Tokyo Verdy”, the famous animations “Ghost in the Shell” and “Osomatsu-san”, and the characters of “Hakushon Daimao” and “Yatterman” by Tatsunoko Production, an animation production company in Musashino City. OGA BREWING’s strength is the wide range of flavors that can be expressed by its own brewing facilities and recipe development know-how, and has developed more than 150 original recipes so far. Because we are able to produce a large number of highly exclusive beers that can only be tasted “only now” and “only here,” we have gained fans among our customers and partner companies.
In anticipation of business expansion, we will recruit shareholders from all over the country and spread the craft beer culture! In the future, we would like to establish a new factory in Mitaka City and make it a place to create bustle in Mitaka. In the future, we are looking to expand overseas, and would like to spread the word about Japanese craft beer culture.
OGA BREWING plans to raise funds from individual investors through the stock investment type crowdfunding “Ecloud”, aiming to strengthen the system in anticipation of the expansion period and to expand sympathy for the business. For those who have become shareholders this time, we will provide craft beer sets, limited coupon gifts, and shareholder benefits that allow you to experience preparation.
3 Points of Interest at OGA BREWING
A craft beer brewery from Mitaka, Tokyo that captivates beer lovers from all over the world with its ability to win international competitions
With over 150 recipe development capabilities as strengths, many collaborations such as “Ghost in the Shell”, “Osomatsu-san”, and “Tokyo Verdy”
A wide range of shareholder benefits such as beer sets, limited coupon gifts, preparation experiences, etc.
For more information, please visit the eCloud recruitment page.
[Table 2: ]
“OGA BREWING” answers investors’ questions
We will accept questions to “OGA BREWING” until February 2, 2023 (Thursday). Answers to questions from investors will be posted on the recruitment page ( around February 5 (Sun).
If you have any questions about our business, strategy, fundraising, etc., please take this opportunity to ask us.
*Please note that we may not be able to answer depending on the content of your question.
What is “stock investment type crowdfunding” that allows you to become a shareholder of a startup from a small amount?
Ecloud provides a mechanism for unlisted startups to raise funds from individual investors via the Internet, “Equity Investment
[Image 3d54017-40-54b87661b9207724b275-1.png&s3=54017-40-86d6b03f6841078e5e361d6eb747fec6-1280x565.png
Startups are once again attracting attention as a driving force behind Japan’s economic growth and problem solving, such as the government’s “startup development five-year plan”. On the other hand, fundraising is a bottleneck for startups that have just been established. “Equity investment type crowdfunding” is a mechanism that allows unlisted start-up companies with remarkable growth to raise funds of less than 100 million yen per year. It’s a new way of fundraising.
In addition, until now, opportunities for individual investors to invest in unlisted venture companies have been extremely limited, and only a small number of managers and wealthy people called angel investors have been able to invest. By utilizing “stock investment type crowdfunding”, the hurdles for individual investors to invest in venture companies have been reduced.
*This press release is a document to publicly announce the decision of Ecloud’s 18th project, and is not prepared for the purpose of soliciting investment.
◆ Overview of eCloud Co., Ltd.
Trade name: Ecloud Co., Ltd.
Financial instruments business operator Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 3181
Member Association: Japan Securities Dealers Association
Head office location: 1-5-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0028 Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Sakura-dori Building 3F
Representative Director: Naohiko Hatae
Service site:
Corporate site:
◆Outline of Ogasa ������ Shoten Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 4-1-16 Shimorenjaku, Mitaka City, Tokyo 181-0013 Representative Director: Keisuke Ogasa
Service site:
Details about this release:

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