EcoFlow donated “EcoFlow Disaster Prevention Tower” emergency power supply equipment equipped with emergency supplies including portable power supply and solar panels to Shinagawa-ku and Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

EcoFlow Technology Japan Co., Ltd.
EcoFlow donated “EcoFlow Disaster Prevention Tower” emergency power supply equipment equipped with emergency supplies including portable power supply and solar panels to Shinagawa-ku and Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
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EcoFlow Technology Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as EcoFlow), a technology company that develops cutting-edge portable power sources and clean power technology, is a natural disaster such as earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains, and heavy snows in Japan, and power supply and demand. As part of efforts to support local governments in response to energy problems caused by the tight supply of electricity, five portable power sources “EcoFlow DELTA 2” and five “EcoFlow double-sided solar panels 200W solar panels” were installed in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Chiyoda, Tokyo. We are pleased to inform you that we have donated the “EcoFlow Disaster Prevention Tower”, an emergency power supply equipped with emergency supplies, to the ward.
[Regarding EcoFlow’s support for disaster prevention activities by local governments and educational institutions]
For EcoFlow, which has provided the electric energy that is essential for people’s lives through the development of portable power sources and solar panels, we believe that it is our mission to realize a society where everyone can easily access electric power. In the unlikely event that electricity becomes unusable due to a disaster or power outage, with the EcoFlow portable power supply, you can charge your smartphone necessary for collecting information and communicating with your family, prevent food spoilage, and secure food. can be used. Also, if you connect it to a cooking appliance and cook it, you won’t have to worry about eating. Furthermore, if you use EcoFlow solar panels to generate solar power, you will be able to be self-sufficient in electricity even during power outages.
So far, EcoFlow has been engaged in disaster prevention support activities for local governments and disaster victims, such as donating portable power sources to Nagasaki Prefectural Government and Tottori City Hall, and helping purchase portable power sources for those affected by the Fukushima Prefecture Offshore Earthquake. This fiscal year, as part of our efforts to support disaster preparedness, we have launched the EcoFlow Disaster Prevention Tower, an EcoFlow portable power supply and solar panel, an EcoFlow disaster prevention box (assortment of disaster prevention and hygiene products), an EcoFlow disaster prevention handbook, an emergency light, and an emergency power supply equipped with a charging cable. ” was produced. In October 2022, we donated portable power supplies “DELTA 2”, “220W solar panels” and “EcoFlow disaster prevention tower” to Shinagawa and Chiyoda wards in Tokyo.
[Disaster prevention measures in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo]
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Shinagawa Ward Office Main Building
In Shinagawa Ward, various measures are taken such as conducting district disaster prevention drills, maintaining disaster prevention stockpiles and equipment, and securing temporary accommodation facilities. In addition, we have published the “Shinagawa Disaster Prevention Handbook”, disseminated disaster prevention content for residents such as the “Shinagawa Ward Disaster Prevention Map,” which summarizes damage assumptions in the event of a disaster. and is also focusing on improving the disaster prevention capabilities of the region.
■Products donated to Shinagawa Ward
・ Portable power supply EcoFlow DELTA 2 5 units [Image 4

・EcoFlow 220W double-sided solar panel 5 units
EcoFlow 220W両面受光型ソーラーパネル
[Image 5

-Comments from Shinagawa Ward-
“In Shinagawa City, local residents, business establishments, various organizations, and disaster prevention organizations have established a council to consider measures and systems to support people who are unable to return home in the event of a disaster. , This council will cooperate with the ward to collect and share information around the station and provide information to stagnate, etc. Until now, we have introduced electronic devices such as disaster prevention tablets as equipment for activities. In the event of a power outage, there was no power supply equipment that could be used in the activity base other than the equipment for the facility.Therefore, even during a power outage, power was supplied to electronic devices such as disaster prevention tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Portable power sources and solar panels will be used in order to strengthen the structure of the council activities.We will also use them for training, etc., even during normal times.”
[Disaster prevention measures in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo]
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Gyoko Street
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Tokyo Station
According to the census conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2020, Chiyoda Ward has the largest population difference between day and night in Japan, and is an area where more people are concentrated during the daytime than at nighttime. The fact that the daytime population is large means that if a large-scale disaster strikes during the day and transportation is paralyzed, it is assumed that there will be a large number of stranded people unable to return home. For this reason, Chiyoda Ward is focusing on measures for stranded commuters, and is working to improve regional disaster preparedness through disaster prevention drills, etc., in cooperation with the town council and regional cooperation associations for stranded commuters. .
■EcoFlow Disaster Prevention Tower, an emergency power supply requested by Chiyoda Ward
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■ Disaster prevention supplies stored in the disaster prevention tower ・EcoFlow portable power supply DELTA 2
・EcoFlow 220W solar panel
・EcoFlow disaster prevention box
・EcoFlow Disaster Prevention Handbook
・Emergency light
·charging cable
■ Disaster prevention supplies included in the disaster prevention box ・4-layer silent cold protection
・Windproof aluminum sheet
・Oil-based pencil
・Main body warmer
・Large pocket tissue
・Dynamo light for smartphone charging
・First aid kit (adhesive plaster, one-touch bandage, cotton puff, waterable paper, disinfecting gel, disinfecting alcohol wet tissue, cotton swab, nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, scissors, etc.) ・Simple toilet kit 5 times set
・Emergency water supply bag 3L
・Safety whistle
・Water towel
・Ultraviolet sterilization mask for storage (10P)
・Antibacterial mask case
・Emergency set (gloves, rope, whistle)
・ Drawstring backpack (with reflective tape)
-Comment from Chiyoda Ward-
“In today’s SNS-developed world, when a disaster strikes, Chiyoda Ward expects to transmit information using various SNSs in addition to the existing disaster prevention administrative radio broadcasts. The portable power sources donated this time will of course be used in the event of a disaster, but we will also have visitors actually touch them in various drills and use them to raise awareness about stockpiling portable power sources.”
EcoFlow will create an environment where electricity can be secured even in the event of a disaster, and will strengthen cooperation with local governments in disaster prevention activities in order to contribute to the realization of a safer and more secure society. Currently, we are donating “EcoFlow disaster prevention towers” to local governments and educational institutions nationwide and are working to support disaster prevention activities. Future disaster prevention support activities will be published on the official website ( as needed.
About EcoFlow
[Image 9d50601-66-c100a23b31366494522d-0.png&s3=50601-66-731189cabb81790afe65c2112796d2e6-3509x567.png
EcoFlow is an energy solution company that provides the electric energy that is essential for people’s activities and creates new living environments and business opportunities through environmentally friendly creative technological innovation. Founded in 2017 by members from the Chinese company DJI, which is said to have over 70% of the global market share in the drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) field, to realize a society where anyone can easily access clean electricity. With R&D and business bases in Shenzhen, China, the company currently operates in over 100 countries around the world with more than 2,000 employees. As a company that provides portable power sources and renewable energy, including the “DELTA series” and “RIVER series,” EcoFlow is developing state-of-the-art clean power technology for the next generation. For details, please see the official website (
■EcoFlow portable power station details:
Details of EcoFlow solar panel: Details about this release:


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