Edia Co., Ltd. Edia x NFTARTS NFT Idol Project “Private Kougaoka Women’s High School Handmade Idol Office” “Roadmap” “Character Introduction” Released!

Edia Co., Ltd.
Edia x NFTARTS NFT Idol Project “Private Kougaoka Girls’ High School Handmade Idol Office” “Roadmap” “Character Introduction” released!
Edia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshinari Kashima, hereinafter: Edia) is a company that operates the original NFT project “METAIDOL”. Motoyasu, hereinafter referred to as NFARTS) and NFT Idol Project “Private Kougaoka Girls’ High School Handmade Idol Office” have released the “Roadmap” and “Character Introduction” as the latest information. increase.
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Roadmap released today!
In the “Roadmap” released today, some of the future developments planned for this project have been released in advance.
For the NFT sale in late February, we are giving AL (purchase reservation rights) gifts on official Twitter every day.
We will continue to provide various information and campaigns, so details will be announced on official Twitter etc. as soon as they are decided.
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Introducing the charming characters that appear in Kougaoka Private High School! We have released a character introduction page for a total of 9 characters, so please take a look!
As the name suggests, the “Private Kougaoka Girls’ High School Handmade Idol Office” will create more attractive idols together with the fans, so please continue to support us!
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■ Official site
■ Sukigaku Official Twitter (Japan)
■SUKIGAKU Official Twitter (English)
What is NFTRATS?
An NFT maker that releases high-quality NFTs. The company was founded by Motoyasu Miyawaki, a content producer of the popular game “Idol Connect” and the popular VTuber “Utagoe Hosobu♪”. The company was established to support creators using NFT. Together with up-and-coming creators gathered at the company, we are issuing NFT as an original IP.
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Edia Co., Ltd.
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