Edible Flower Research Institute “Flower sweets” by edible flower shops will appear at Ginza Mitsukoshi for a limited time. “Flower Candy”, “Rose Jam Cookie”, “Rose Chocolate” and “Rose Jam” are on sale.

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“Flower sweets” by edible flower shops will appear at Ginza Mitsukoshi for a limited time. “Flower Candy”, “Rose Jam Cookie”, “Rose Chocolate” and “Rose Jam” are on sale.
From 2/1 (Wed) to 2/14 (Tues). At the “Kyun (Heart) Overflowing Ginmitsu Gift Collection”

The Edible Flower Research Institute, which creates a “delicious flower experience” that goes beyond decoration (operated by Ryo Ozawa, a 100% chemical pesticide-free edible flower specialty store EDIBLE GARDEN), is located on the 7th floor of the Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building GINZA Stage “Kyun (Heart)”. It will be exhibited at Ginmitsu Gift Collection. The period is from 2/1 (Wed) to 2/14 (Tue). We will sell four types of products: “Flower Candy”, “Rose Jam Cookie”, “Rose Chocolate” and “Rose Jam”.
Edible flower shop EDIBLE GARDEN: https://ediblegarden.flowers/ Edible Flower Laboratory: https://eflab.jp/
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Introducing the next generation of “delicious” “flower sweets” that are not just decorations!
The edible flower research institute that challenges the UP DATE of the edible flower food experience. This time, we will announce “Flower candy (1,080 yen including tax)”, “Rose chocolate (2,700 yen including tax)”, “Rose jam cookie (3,888 yen including tax)” and “Rose jam (1,620 yen including tax)”. We propose a next-generation flower confectionery experience that is not only beautiful, but also firmly “delicious”.
Ginmitsu gift collection overflowing with kyun (heart)
■ Flower candy (1,080 yen including tax)
[Image 2d30481-72-0ec3389a4db07fe49702-18.jpg&s3=30481-72-924a7797ea812d5f18de6c06ed9f5607-1500x1000.jpg
Flower candy as if carrying flowers
“Flower candy” that makes you feel happy just by picking it up has been completed. There are two flavors, “Rose & Strawberry” and “Viola & Orange”. You can enjoy the harmony of the fragrant scent of flowers and the refreshing acidity of fruits. The secret is that the material is reduced palatinose, so you don’t have to worry about calories or brushing your teeth. A flower candy that makes you feel happy as a partner in your city bra.
[Image 3d30481-72-957ef6c97b7b5712c373-0.jpg&s3=30481-72-29d3cf8426f6e08f7439a210621769c9-1600x1200.jpg
Using sustainable “edible pressed flowers” ​​from edible flower shops [Image 4d30481-72-ca42e3c84fa9db91f1b5-3.jpg&s3=30481-72-99e59dd0efbd9bf938e1873fd43820d1-2048x1365.jpg
The candy was topped with pressed edible flowers from the edible flower shop EDIBLE GARDEN. We use environmentally friendly edible flowers that do not use pesticides, chemical fertilizers, heavy machinery, or fossil fuels. After pressing this, it was dried and topped with candy. Please enjoy not only delicious and beautiful things, but also the background story.
■ Rose jam cookies (3,888 yen including tax)
[Image 5d30481-72-6c5b6e64d8fbbd33435c-9.jpg&s3=30481-72-b555cb78f0312e77836c62e30b94a8c6-1365x2048.jpg
Luxurious cookies with plenty of rose jam
The first priority is to make the best use of the aroma of rose jam, so we use clear butter with little off-flavours. The lemon peel is rubbed into the sugar to create a refreshing acidity and a lightness that you won’t get tired of eating. The texture is crisp and crisp, and every time you chew, you can feel the moistness, the sweetness of the jam, and the aroma of the cookie in a well-balanced manner. I searched for deliciousness in a combination that can bring out the sharp outline of the cookie.
[Image 6d30481-72-55bd68c65973d46e8f8d-11.jpg&s3=30481-72-079720959a26b66e3d6bdad9c39d9019-2048x1365.jpg

■ Rose chocolate (2,700 yen including tax)
[Image 7d30481-72-dae003bb9fd709e383dc-12.jpg&s3=30481-72-d018e96bc9dea28b494d8bf257db3778-1365x2048.jpg
Romantic chocolate studded with roses and strawberries
“Rose Chocolate” is a collaboration with Miho Sato, a pastry chef belonging to the sweets media “ufu.” A gorgeous chocolate tablet made with dried strawberries, cranberries, and bright red roses. The sour fruit is combined with the scent of roses to create a fruitier and more aromatic scent.
[Image 8d30481-72-7e0205fba4af590d2a30-15.jpg&s3=30481-72-c7a4f3eb009e29b5c9c4867bb425131c-2048x1365.jpg
Sweets media ufu.: https://www.ufu-sweets.jp/
Using colorful “edible roses” from an edible flower shop
[Image 9d30481-72-cbd08a952f4943fb2f82-21.jpg&s3=30481-72-23e52de8d642bf22629a99dcf44eb8ad-2048x1365.jpg
The edible rose “NICO ROSE” is grown without the use of chemical pesticides at one of Japan’s largest production bases. There is a wide variety of varieties, and it is used by many chocolatiers because it retains its vivid color even when dried.
■ Rose jam (1,620 yen including tax)
[Image 10d30481-72-4096ef4aef5d0d2443f3-13.jpg&s3=30481-72-a92b44c9f49d81f0d41985821568b111-1536x2302.jpg
Edible roses favored by Michelin-starred restaurants turned into rose jam An edible rose with a wonderful fragrance that is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. We have made it into a jam that allows you to enjoy the petals as they are. Mr. CHEESECAKE (Mr. Cheesecake) is supervised by Mr. Koji Tamura, a chef who works on the theme of “scent”. The texture of popping petals and the high-quality aroma of roses from the jam will make your dining experience even better. The extravagant taste and aroma of concentrated roses is truly a forbidden delicacy. Based on domestic edible roses that are fully specified by the producer, the fresh scent of roses is preserved by not overheating. The scent of rose jam. The scent when the rose-scented capsule pops in your mouth. The scent of roses warmed by your body temperature travels through your body. Please enjoy the change of 3 stages of fragrance. [Image 11d30481-72-633a7c2a4b4bd6bb776e-10.jpg&s3=30481-72-f3ee4beb43526dfb18cecb33c88401ea-2048x1365.jpg
■ Profile
Edible flower shop EDIBLE GARDEN
[Image 12d30481-72-054813b4217ff1c95765-20.jpg&s3=30481-72-23319c842bbbcc76bb6ecf6686d1d200-1920x1080.jpg
The only 100% chemical pesticide-free edible flower specialty store in Japan. Supervised the cultivation of various edible flowers, including the world’s first year-round edible roses, at welfare facilities for persons with disabilities that meet “hygienic standards more than 1,000 times the standard” and “maintain freshness for more than twice as long”. They are also used by Michelin Guide star restaurants, and the wages for users of welfare facilities for the disabled are twice the national average. In addition, while researching the nutritional value and aroma components of edible flowers with the university, I am challenging the development of flower food culture.
– Official website: https://ediblegarden.flowers/
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/EDIBLEGARDEN2
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ediblegarden.flowers/ -About the operating company of Edible Flower Research Institute- Edible Flower Research Institute is operated by dot science, a group of experts who work on solving problems in the food field, mainly consisting of chefs, marketers, and scientists. The future of our “food” is what we are looking at from the social environment where various things change from moment to moment. We will explore such a future where producers who make good things can continue their business for 100 years.
■ Ingredient analysis branding https://rebranding.science/
■ E.F.Lab (Edible Flower Laboratory) https://eflab.jp/
■ EDIBLE GARDEN, a flower shop that you can eat https://ediblegarden.flowers/ ■ Fraglace Eating Ice Cream https://fraglace.jp
■ Atarashii Himono with updated dried fish https://himono.design/ ■ Ultimate Mochi THE OMOCHI https://theomochi.com/
Company name: dot science Co., Ltd.
Capital: 2,900,000 yen
Address: 12-29 Yochomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0055
Phone number: 03-4540-4271
Representative Director: Ryo Ozawa

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