Eduship Co., Ltd. The total number of donations to the elementary school physical education support service “Karachare”, which supports children through “physical education”, has exceeded 1,000!

Eduship Co., Ltd.
The total number of donations to elementary school physical education support service “Karachare”, which supports children through “physical education”, has exceeded 1,000!
Provided free of charge to elementary schools through special cooperation from partner companies

Eduship Co., Ltd. (Location: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Sojiro Sato), a school teaching material service company, has donated a total of 1,000 schools (about 16 We are pleased to inform you that we have exceeded 10,000 copies.
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What is Karachare?
“Karachare” is Japan’s first physical education teaching material service for “physical exercise (physical exercise play)”, which is a compulsory subject in elementary schools nationwide. We provide “free of charge” with special cooperation.
We started donating to elementary schools in the fall of 2021, but due to the expansion of partnerships, the total number of donations has exceeded 1,000 schools (more than 160,000 copies donated) by the end of 2022.
We are accepting applications from a wide range of elementary schools across the country, and are currently donating to elementary schools in all 47 prefectures.
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Future development: To expand “local partners” limited to regions We have received more applications from elementary schools than expected in 2022, and the supply is not keeping up with the demand at school sites. We are currently looking for a wide range of partner companies with Karachare.
In particular, we are looking for “local partner” companies that distribute within specific prefectures or municipalities.
We hope to co-create a new system that supports schools with local companies and local communities.
“Karachare” not only contributes to society and education, but also manufactures Karachare drills with original designs of each company, and shares the knowledge and know-how of each company (e.g. food education, SDGs, etc.) with elementary school students. It is possible to incorporate it into content and use it for branding and medium- to long-term enlightenment activities. Please contact us.
We also look forward to hearing from local governments and boards of education. ■ Partner company image
・Companies with a strong desire to contribute to the community and education ・Companies with know-how that should be widely disseminated to children (food education, SDGs, etc.)
・Companies that want to provide services to children with physical education x 〇〇, such as physical education and food education ・Locally-based professional sports teams and their sponsor companies Such
* It is also possible for multiple companies to jointly implement it, not just one company alone.
-Click here for details of Karachare-
-Click here for partnership inquiries- Features of the physical education support service for elementary schools “Karachare”
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1. One book per person, Japan’s first physical education drill “Karachare Drill” provided!
The various movements are explained in an easy-to-understand manner using illustrations, and the children can enjoy learning while sticking stickers on what they have done and receiving a certificate of commendation from the teacher.
2. Realizing “free provision” to elementary schools through special cooperation! Thanks to the special cooperation of various companies, Karachare drills are all “free”!
In physical education classes, where there were no certified textbooks until now, it will be possible to practice better classes without worrying about costs.
3. Take it home and also “exercise with parents”!
It has been developed not only for physical education, but also for bringing it home and challenging it with parents and children, so that it will lead to a new culture of school sports. It can also be used to promote exercise, including at home during the corona crisis. 4. All “physical education help recipes” are released free of charge for teachers who are not good at teaching physical education! “Recipe for helping physical education” that carefully explains “how to proceed with classes”, “how to explain each exercise”, and “how to evaluate” for teachers is released free of charge! We support teachers so that they can give better lessons in combination with Karachale. [Image 4d66528-13-07a311105a44f1fc1c83-3.jpg&s3=66528-13-3eb9d7d0e283767057bf918f8b36929d-1044x690.jpg

Why physical education in the lower grades of elementary school? It is said that whether or not children will like exercise is decided by the lower grades of elementary school.
Being able to experience the success of independent exercise at the same time contributes to the self-confidence and self-affirmation of many children.
However, many homeroom teachers in the lower grades of elementary school are not good at teaching physical education,
Above all, physical education does not have a certified textbook or a teacher’s instruction book that conforms to it.
Therefore, the reality is that the teachers are having a hard time teaching. Therefore, in cooperation with universities and elementary schools,
Developed “Karachare”.
In the absence of certified textbooks, we will contribute to “improving the self-esteem of each child” through support for physical education classes that are filled with a sense of accomplishment from the lower grades of elementary school, without burdening schools and families.
I hope that not only children, but teachers and parents as a whole in Japanese society will be able to raise “children who are physically and mentally healthy by engaging in exercise in their own way.” What is EDUSHIP?
-Overview of Eduship Co., Ltd.-
“EDUSHIP” is a “school teaching material company” newly born in 2020 through co-creation with Kyoiku Dojinsha, which has supported school education through drills and tests for 90 years. With the vision of “Towards a society where each child can discover new possibilities”, we aim to be a next-generation school teaching material service company.
The theme of developing new teaching materials is centered on school sports, but also includes areas such as the global environment, music, disaster prevention, money, and SDGs.・ We are developing a new teaching material service by forming a project team together with everyone in “organizations and media”. The biggest feature is that we can provide a comprehensive service from planning and production of educational content to publicity and distribution to schools by utilizing our know-how and network in the school education world.

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