Eitaro Sohonpo Co., Ltd. (Heart) Valentine’s Day with Japanese sweets (Heart) Conveying thoughts with “Pisen” with plenty of chocolate

Eitaro Sohonpo Co., Ltd.
(Heart) Valentine’s Day with Japanese sweets (Heart) Conveying feelings with “pesen” with plenty of chocolate

Eitaro Sohonpo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Makoto Hosoda, hereinafter “Eitaro Sohonpo”) has announced “Nihonbashi Eitaro 2023 Valentine Special” on the official online store. ] is being developed. For a limited time, we are introducing a special product that is a popular snack with a special chocolate from the chocolate maker “Grand Plus” founded in 1991. Please enjoy this self-confidence product that has been completed after repeated trial production, such as the ratio and type of chocolate.
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Nihonbashi Eitaro 2023 Valentine Special
Among the Nihonbashi Eitaro snacks, the most popular snacks are “Pisen,” “Makoron,” “Hitokuchi Kurobo,” and “Karinto.”
By adding chocolate little by little over and over again, the thin layers of chocolate overlap to create a light and crispy texture. As a gift for loved ones or as a reward for yourself, the “Heart Cube Box” is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and single items that can be purchased from one piece are recommended as small gifts, friend chocolates, and other casual gifts.
We are confident that we have completed many prototypes, such as the ratio and type of chocolate, and will be on sale for a limited time, so don’t miss it!
[Image 2d89515-103-ea457a8c49175ae950f9-2.jpg&s3=89515-103-7c4a7e3b345faba5eb16702f98f78818-650x230.jpg
Grand Place x Nihonbashi Eitaro Collaboration
Limited time “Grand Place x Nihonbashi Eitaro” Assortment of 5 snacks [Image 3d89515-103-19c41e0736ca0f3f8623-3.jpg&s3=89515-103-d7f9397a69299988f54cc1c18003504a-1000x1000.jpg
heart cube box
◆Peasen milk chocolate
The milk chocolate with the exquisite aroma of cacao and the sweetness of the milk, and the salty taste of the peppers are addictive. ◆ Pea Sen White Chocolate
White chocolate made with sweet-smelling cocoa butter and the salty taste of peppers are addictive.
◆ Makoron Dark Chocolate
Wasanbon makoron, which has a light texture and a mellow mouthfeel, is covered with dark Belgian chocolate.
◆One-bite black stick milk chocolate
Enjoy the new texture of black sticks and chocolate.
◆ Karinto milk chocolate
Enjoy the crunchy karinto and the mellow sweetness of milk chocolate. Recommended for petit gifts and friend chocolates! Single item that can be purchased from 1 piece
[Image 4d89515-103-729a4f5a959752a2838c-4.jpg&s3=89515-103-9573a6bd110671f11440866d912d5def-1024x200.jpg
Pea Sen Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate
Peanut rice cracker “pesen” is made by kneading peanuts into domestic glutinous rice and non-glutinous rice.
Milk chocolate with the exquisite aroma of cacao and sweetness of milk, and white chocolate with sweet-smelling cocoa butter.
The saltiness of the chocolate and peppers is sweet and salty and addictive. [Image 5d89515-103-d11f7f2d19de8250596e-12.jpg&s3=89515-103-6e3a76eff172d2401cd1d2b8a4186ff3-650x325.jpg
◆Makoron Dark Chocolate
Wasanbon makoron, which has a crispy, light texture and a mellow mouthfeel, is topped with Belgian dark chocolate.
The balance between the bitterness of dark chocolate and the refreshing sweetness of Makoron is exquisite.
◆Bite-sized black stick milk chocolate
Bite-sized black sticks made with brown sugar are coated with richly sweet milk chocolate.
Please enjoy the new texture that combines the moist texture of black sticks and chocolate.
[Image 6d89515-103-bdd9d558c385001ecf03-13.jpg&s3=89515-103-cc033841e781a53ffd2df7fe3090f4af-650x325.jpg
Karinto Milk Chocolate/White Chocolate
Crispy karinto with milk kneaded into the dough and chocolate are combined. Milk chocolate is a perfect blend of cacao and milk, and white chocolate has a mellow sweetness that fills your mouth.
[Image 7d89515-103-ad40e867d3f098bb7551-14.jpg&s3=89515-103-59b4fdcabc01cf3b5dc7358b34235754-650x325.jpg

About Grand Place
What is the Grand Place…
Founded in 1991 as a company that manufactures chocolate confectionery in Japan using high-quality chocolate made in Belgium, the home of chocolate. By reproducing high-quality chocolate from Belgium, the home of chocolate, in Japan, we have cultivated a wide variety of manufacturing techniques and high-quality control know-how, and have evolved into making chocolate from a Japanese perspective. Even now, we are sticking to the careful semi-handmade process that sticks to handcrafting one grain at a time. Because of this commitment, we have been nominated by top-notch hotels, famous pastry shops, and global luxury apparel brands.
About Eitaro Sohonpo
What is Eitaro Sohonpo?
Founded in 1818 (first year of Bunsei). A Japanese confectionery manufacturing and sales company headquartered in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The company name is derived from the name of Eitaro (later Yasubei Hosoda III) who opened the Nihonbashi main store in 1857. It has the longest history as a candy maker in Japan and is a member of the National Candy Industry Cooperative Association. In addition, there are more specialized brands with different concepts such as “Ameya Eitaro” (specialized in candy), “Nihonbashi Eitaro” (casual package), “Tokyo Peacen” (Tokyo souvenir), and “Karada ni Eitaro”
(health-oriented). Expand. In addition, we have a wide range of business partners, from department stores, mass retailers,
transportation markets to shrines and temples. We have a corporate culture that respects the tradition of learning from the past, and not only the latest machines but also old-fashioned technology and equipment are still in operation at the manufacturing site.
Nihonbashi Eitaro…
“Nihonbashi Eitaro”, written in hiragana, is a new brand of casual packaging born from Eitaro Sohonpo. We made it with the hope that people will enjoy it as a safe and secure snack, using the techniques of Japanese confectionery. Just like Eitaro, which was popular with the common people of Edo, we offer delicious and familiar sweets for today’s everyday life.
● Official online store: https://www.eitarosouhonpo.co.jp/
● Eitaro Sohonpo Homepage (company profile) https://www.eitaro.com/ ● Nihonbashi Eitaro brand introduction http://www.nihonbashieitaro.com/ ● Instagram https://www.instagram.com/eitaro_sohonpo/
● Twitter https://twitter.com/eitaro_sohonpo/

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