ELESTYLE, a multi-payment SaaS developer, started providing “elepay” as an official acquirer of “Alipay+ ” to “WorldShopping BIZ”, a cross-border EC for domestic EC businesses

ELESTYLE, a multi-payment SaaS developer, started providing “elepay” as an official acquirer of “Alipay+” to “WorldShopping BIZ”, a cross-border EC for domestic EC businesses

ELESTYLE, a multi-payment SaaS developer, has provided a new “elepay” that realizes a purchase experience optimized for e-commerce through various e-commerce platforms for e-commerce sites nationwide. In addition, since March 2022, “elepay” has been providing “Alipay+”, a cross-border payment and marketing solution for merchants provided by Ant Group, as an official acquirer for online/offline payments in Japan.
Taking advantage of the strengths of these major domestic QR code payments and inbound payment functions necessary to respond to overseas travelers, who are expected to further increase in the future, ELESTYLE has decided to support web inbound and cross-border EC. Official settlement of “WorldShopping BIZ”
(https://www.worldshopping.biz/) developed by Zigzag Company (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kazuyoshi Nakazato) for domestic EC businesses As a function, we have started offering “elepay”.
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As a result, we will leverage our product development capabilities cultivated through the provision of a payment platform in an offline environment, and further develop a new “elepay” that realizes a purchase experience optimized for the e-commerce platform
“Worldshopping BIZ”, which specializes in cross-border e-commerce. , We will provide it for EC sites nationwide.
By introducing “WorldShopping BIZ” and “elepay”, domestic e-commerce businesses that use “WorldShopping BIZ” to support cross-border e-commerce can
・ Easy payment with major domestic QR code payments such as PayPay, LINEpay, auPay, and d payment
・Smoothly supports global payments such as Alipay+ and WeChatPay ・Simple fee structure with only payment fees (industry standard), no introduction costs, and no monthly usage fees
・Reliable security system (encryption of communication, tokenization of payment information, PCI DSS compliant)
These features can be introduced quickly and at minimal cost. ■ Image of “elepay” usage on “Worldshopping BIZ” EC site
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■ “elepay” EC site usage image
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/api/file.php?c_id=21921&t=animationGifImage&f=9231bf3824022ebdaa6f05d690be2ec1.gif&img_id=1674539853451] ■ “elepay” cooperation with various external platforms
In addition, elepay has already partnered with the following EC site platforms. By using plug-ins within these platforms, there is no need for development, and it is possible to easily introduce similar multi-mobile payments outside of your own e-commerce site. The number of linked platforms will continue to increase in the future. (as of May 2022)
・EC-CUBE (https://www.ec-cube.net/)
EC-CUBE is Japan’s No.1* EC site construction tool provided free of charge as an open source for EC construction. The system is simple and familiar to Japanese people.
*According to EC-CUBE official website
How to use elepay for EC-CUBE Plugin:
・WooCommerce (https://woocommerce.com/)
WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to build an online shop using the website creation service “WordPress”. As a shopping cart plug-in, it boasts the world’s No. 1 market share (as of April 2021). How to use elepay for WooCommerce Plugin:
・AllValue (https://www.allvalue.com/jp/)
AllValue does not require specialized knowledge! It’s easy to create a stylish online store, and it supports diverse industries and fast-paced changes. As an official payment partner of AllValue, elepay provides a plug-in that does not require installation.
Installation method: https://developer.elepay.io/docs/allvalue ■ What is “elepay” provided by ELESTYLE [https://elepay.io/] “elepay [https://elepay.io/]” is a multi-mobile payment SaaS that can be used in various usage scenarios. Unify complex mobile payment processing and support multiple payment methods with a single development. Unified management of payment data is also realized by unifying the API interfaces that differ for each business operator. Reduce the hassle of cash management. In addition, even if a new payment method appears in the future, it will be possible to respond without further development.
・Available payment methods
[Image 4

Asia: Alipay+ (Alipay, Alipay HK, Kakao Pay, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Gcash, TrueMoney), UnionPay, WeChat Pay
Global: PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, AmazonPay
Payment methods in Japan: PayPay, LINE Pay, Merpay, auPAY, d payment, Paidy, atone, transportation electronic money, QUICPay, iD
(as of January 2023)
*E-money payment requires an additional device
■ Flow from application to use
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In addition, elestyle publishes documentation for developers on its official website. elepay SDK is unified with excellent API design and includes developer-friendly Client SDK and Server SDK for easy and efficient implementation. As a result, development, introduction, and management costs for companies using elepay can be minimized, and a multi-payment system that is easier to use is realized.

For more information, please contact us
■ New Japanese cashless society brought about by OneQR/elepay The introduction of the OneQR/elepay service brings convenience to all stakeholders, including service providers, companies that introduce the service, payment providers, and service users, in various usage scenarios, and as a result We believe that we can accelerate the realization of a digital society in Japan.
■ About ELESTYLE Co., Ltd. [https://www.elestyle.jp/]
[Image 6d21921-25-ff91bdeff909b21112de-3.png&s3=21921-25-c5344f61771b62ca67c019bfa39f5d3e-1492x339.png
Company name: ELESTYLE Co., Ltd. (English notation: ELESTYLE, Inc.) Established: June 2014 (Heisei 26)
Representative: LU DI
Capital: 238.6 million yen
Head office: 〒110-0006
5-8 Akihabara, Taito Ward, Tokyo
Business description:
・Planning, development and operation of multi-mobile payment platform “elepay” ・Planning, development and operation of Life EC platform “OneQR” ・Mobile service consulting
elepay, OneQR, and ele・style are registered trademarks of ELESTYLE Co., Ltd. Individual explanations of other payment services, trademarks and service marks of related companies will be omitted.
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