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ELSA Japan Starting April 2023, ELSA Speak, a cutting-edge AI English learning app from Silicon Valley, will be introduced to Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior and Senior High School, targeting first and second year junior high school

ELSA Japan
Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior and Senior High School, first- and second-year junior high school students will start introducing ELSA Speak, a state-of-the-art AI English learning app from Silicon Valley, from April 2023.

ELSA (California, USA, CEO Vu Van) is Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior and Senior High School (Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Principal Masayoshi Nakane) introduced the AI ​​speech recognition service ELSA Speak, aiming for cutting-edge English education. We would like to inform you that we have decided to introduce it in classes for 1st and 2nd grade junior high school students from April. ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) provides ELSA Speak, a service that allows you to speak English more comfortably by receiving appropriate feedback at the phoneme level through dialogue with AI. Introduction background
Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior and Senior High School actively uses ICT equipment to develop English education that comprehensively develops four skills and five areas. We have increased the opportunities to speak in class, use online English conversation, and improve the ability to use English. Even if I did, it was difficult to hear, and I wanted to do something to improve it. We introduced it because we wanted to provide an opportunity for each person to focus on correct pronunciation and improve it.
Comments from Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior High School and High School (from an interview with an introduction case study)
Mr. Shuji Sato
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At our school, we conduct “English Rich” classes in order to acquire language skills that allow us to communicate with the world. The goal is to provide students with many opportunities to use English and to improve their communication skills in English while using English in a rich way through activities such as speeches, presentations, and debates. In English classes, I try to foster a proactive attitude in students by incorporating pair learning and group learning instead of one-way lectures from teachers. However, there are many cases where it is difficult to understand English even if oneself speaks English because he cannot pronounce it correctly. It’s a waste. However, it is difficult to acquire correct pronunciation on their own, but by using ELSA speak and receiving immediate feedback at the phoneme level, students actively work to acquire accurate pronunciation. I started. My pronunciation is diagnosed as 〇〇% native, and students are happy when they get a high score. Even when they can’t pronounce well, they can check how to pronounce each sound, so students can easily understand how to improve and work well. It can be used flexibly with textbook words, texts, and your own presentations, making it easy to use in class. We hope that by using ELSA speak at an early stage in junior high school, students will acquire the ability to speak English with correct pronunciation, and grow into students who can express their opinions in English more and more.
○About ELSA
[Image 2d57163-31-b31ae797f77fe71e0c6c-2.png&s3=57163-31-fad30e562dea5c8c8500cf6e4529fee2-483x171.png
ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an AI personal coach app that helps you speak English more correctly and confidently. Since receiving investment from Google’s AI investment division in 2015, it has been used by 70 million users in more than 100 countries and has been selected as one of the 100 AI companies in the world. You can identify your speaking weaknesses (pronunciation, accent, intonation, fluency, vocabulary, grammar) and improve them in a short period of time. The app has been adopted by educational institutions around the world, including Kyoto University.
○About Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Junior and Senior High School [Image 3d57163-31-f71a24a1cebe31538a11-1.png&s3=57163-31-fa3f7a02b551746089f58474d82bced1-1184x160.png
Location: 700 Masuo, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture 277-0033 Phone: 04-7174-3100
School HP:
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Takahashi ELSA Speak Education Business Director

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