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Eminal Clinic Survey on Dermapen Dermapen popular among people in their 20s! What effect are you looking for in a dermapen?

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[Survey on Dermapen] Dermapen popular in the 20s! What effect are you looking for in a dermapen?
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Dermapen is a topic that can be expected to have a rejuvenating effect and solve skin problems by utilizing the skin’s natural resilience. Ultra fine needles that are thinner than a human hair make small holes in the surface of the skin, and the natural healing power of the skin promotes the secretion of collagen and elastin.
Collagen and elastin are produced, so the firmness and elasticity of the skin are restored, and the pleasing effects of acne scars, enlarged pores, and fine wrinkles are improved.
In addition, by introducing active ingredients at the same time, it can be expected to make the skin even more beautiful than the original condition.
Although the dermapen is said to be highly effective, there are many people who have concerns and doubts such as whether there is pain and how long the downtime is.
Therefore, this time, Eminal Clinic
(, which handles dermapen treatment, conducted a survey on “dermapen” for women who have used dermapen. .
The reason I started using Dermapen was because an acquaintance recommended it to me.
First of all, I would like to ask the age when you first received the Dermapen. [Image 2

When asked, “How old were you when you first received a dermapen?” The answer results were age to 34 (22.0%) and age 35 to 39 (5.9%). Combining those who answered “20 to 24 years old” and “25 to 29 years old”, it was found that about 70% of them took it for the first time in their 20s, but a few people started taking it in their teens. There seems to be
What made you want to look up Dermapen?
Therefore, when asked, “Please tell me how you got the Dermapen (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “Because an acquaintance recommended it (37.9%),” followed by “Because I was worried about sagging.” (31.2%),” “I felt old (24.6%),” “Because it was popular (23.1%),” and “Because it was recommended by a doctor (8.8%).”
Nearly 40% of the respondents said, “It was recommended by an acquaintance,” so some people thought that they would try it on the recommendation of a highly reliable acquaintance, rather than on the word-of-mouth of unspecified people on the Internet. There seems to be So, what kind of effect did you want to receive the Dermapen for? [Image 3

Therefore, when asked, “What kind of effect do you want from Dermapen? (Multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “Increase skin elasticity and firmness (46.9%),” followed by “Pores. become inconspicuous (45.3%), face lift-up (34.8%), skin texture improved (28.9%), smile lines and wrinkles around the eyes removed (24.3%), and small face effect (21.2%). %)” continued.
More than 40% of the respondents answered that “skin elasticity and firmness are improved”, so there may be many women who have had such concerns since their 20s.
We asked experienced people what they were worried about, such as the frequency and amount of treatment
It turned out that about 70% of people started dermapen in their 20s. How many treatments do you receive in a year?
[Image 4

So, when I asked, “Please tell me the number of treatments for the Dermapen per year,” the answers were “1 time (31.7%)”, “2 times (29.8%)”, “3 times (20.7%)”, and “4 times (7.1%).” “5 times (4.0%)” “6 times or more (6.7%)”.
Combining those who answered “once,” “twice,” and “three times,” we found that more than 80% of them answered once every four months to once a year.
There are many people who have a small number of times, so even busy people may feel free to start.
How much does it cost per time?
So, when I asked, “Please tell me the amount of money for each Derma Pen,” “~ 10,000 yen (13.4%)”, “~ 30,000 yen (48.3%)”, “~ 50,000 yen (22.4%). ‘, ‘~70,000 yen (7.6%)’, ‘~100,000 yen (5.4%)’.
Combining those who answered “up to 30,000 yen” and “up to 50,000 yen”, it was found that more than 70% of the respondents spent between 10,000 yen and less than 50,000 yen.
Some people may receive treatment as a reward for themselves several times a year.
[Less downtime! ] The merits of the dermapen are revealed
It turns out that more than 80% of people receive Dermapen about 1 to 3 times a year.
What are the benefits of Dermapen?
[Image 5

Therefore, when asked, “Please tell me the merits of the Dermapen (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “Less downtime (37.2%),” followed by “I can feel the effect in one go (29.7%). %),” “less pain (26.6%),” “relatively low price (24.8%),” and “clean skin from the ground up (23.2%).”
Nearly 40% of the respondents answered that there was little downtime, so many people may value short downtime in aesthetic medicine. On the other hand, what are the disadvantages?
When asked, “Please tell me the disadvantages of the dermapen (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “expensive (38.9%),” followed by “pain (32.7%),” and “continuous use.” Treatment is required (29.7%), side effects (redness, swelling, edema, burns, etc.) occur (25.4%), and scars may remain (14.8%).
Nearly 40% of the respondents answered that it was “expensive”, so there may be many people who do not set foot because of the price. So, how many people are worried about the dermapen?
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When asked, “Do you feel uneasy about the Dermapen?” continued. It was found that nearly 60% of people who answered “I feel very much” and “I feel a little” feel uneasy.
Next, I asked him why.
■Tell me why you feel uneasy about Dermapen!
・Even though it’s small, there’s a needle in the skin, so I’m not sure if it causes inflammation (20s/company worker/Hokkaido)
・The downtime is long, and I’m worried if the redness and internal bleeding will really go away (30s / office worker / Kanagawa Prefecture)
・I feel that my name recognition is still low. Little information (30s/company worker/Kyoto Prefecture)
・ Because it is necessary to continue (30s / office worker / Kanagawa Prefecture)
and other responses were received.
It turns out that some people feel that the downtime is long and some people are worried that inflammation will not occur.
How did you feel when you received the dermapen?
It turns out that nearly 40% of people think that the advantage of the dermapen is less downtime.
Finally, I asked about their impressions of receiving the Dermapen. ■Let us know how you feel after receiving the Dermapen!
・Because I was anesthetized when I actually received it, I didn’t feel much pain, and the downtime wasn’t long, and once I received it, my anxiety disappeared (20s/Part-time job/Kanagawa)
・I didn’t understand well because I only took it once (30s/company worker/Hokkaido)
・The skin will definitely be beautiful, but there is downtime, so you should get the treatment when you can (after finishing important appointments) (30s / office worker / Tokyo)
・I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t feel the effects as I expected (30s/part-time job/Wakayama Prefecture)
and other responses were received.
I found out that there are some people who have lost their anxiety after taking it once, and some people think that they should take it after their important schedule is over in consideration of downtime. Also, it seems that some people have not been able to get the effect with one treatment, so some people may notice the effect by repeating the number of times.
[Summary] Real voices of dermapen experiencers revealed
In this survey, it was found that more than 40% of people received a dermapen to improve skin elasticity and firmness.
It was found that nearly 60% of people were worried about the dermapen, but some people were relieved of their anxiety after receiving one treatment.
There are individual differences in downtime and pain, so if you are interested, why not get free counseling at a nearby salon or clinic and just listen to the story?
Eminal Clinic is recommended if you want to start a dermapen! [Image 7

This time, the Eminal Clinic
(, which conducted a survey on “Dermapen”, offers medical hair removal services as well as Dermapen ( /dermapen/?refmedia=70039) can now be treated.
Dermapen can be expected to improve skin problems such as acne scars, open pores, and fine wrinkles, and is said to be an aging care treatment with short downtime.
■What is Dermapen 4?
[Image 8

Dermapen is a skin regenerating treatment that uses ultra-fine needles that are even thinner than hair to create small holes on the surface of the skin and use the natural healing power of the skin to lead to beautiful skin.
■ 3 reasons to choose Eminal Clinic
1: Pricing including anesthesia
Dermapen treatment involves topical anesthesia of the skin. At Eminal Clinic, in order to make it easier to understand the total treatment cost, we have set the price including anesthesia and aftercare. Please be assured that there will be no additional charges for the day. 2: Suggestion of a treatment plan tailored to each individual At Eminal Clinic, we propose dermapen treatment according to the patient’s skin condition and purpose.
We will propose a treatment plan according to the type of problem, such as those who are worried about dry skin, dullness, and roughness, those who want firmness and elasticity, and those who are worried about sagging, dullness, and dry skin.
3: Enhanced aftercare Free sedative packs and serums after treatment At our clinic, we carefully perform aftercare to shorten downtime. Eminal Clinic offers free counseling, so if you are considering or interested in a dermapen, please come and visit us!
■ Eminal Clinic (Medical Corporation Eminal):
■ TEL: 0120-133-786
Survey overview: Survey on “Dermapen”
[Survey period] January 16, 2023 (Monday) to January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) [Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,002 people
[Survey target] Women who have used a dermapen
[Monitor provider] General Research
*This survey was not conducted for those who used to go to the Eminal Clinic or for the doctors and nurses who work there. It may differ from Eminal Clinic’s plans, fees, treatment details and effects. [For use in articles, etc.]
When quoting the contents of this press release, please take the following measures.
・Statement that the citation source is “General Research Survey” and “Eminal Clinic”
・Install a link to the relevant press release
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