Eminal Clinic The medical hair removal clinic “Eminal Clinic” has started a series of four-panel manga fea turing Nao Fukuda, who is active on Twitter, on its owned SNS account!

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The medical hair removal clinic “Eminal Clinic” has started a series of 4-frame manga featuring “Nao Fukuda” who is active on Twitter on the owned SNS account!

The medical hair loss clinic “Eminal Clinic”, which has about 60 stores nationwide, where Mr. Wangbayashi serves as an image character, has appointed “Nao Fukuda”, who has been active on Twitter since January 12, 2023 (Thursday). I started serialization of 4-panel manga. (Scheduled to be released every Thursday)
■ Synopsis
Hojo Mayuka, a college student Madonna who is obsessed with the pursuit of beauty.
She thinks that the title of Madonna is too presumptuous for her, and actually makes a lot of efforts behind the scenes.
There is a gap at home, and he likes male manga because he is an indoor person and influenced by his older brother.
■ Eminal Clinic SNS account
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eminalclinic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/eminalclinic
Official website: https://eminal-clinic.jp/
Profile of Nao Fukuda
[Image 1d53998-69-a084d15aee34700ed6b0-1.png&s3=53998-69-7757d9d96cfdc94cbad1f07a37f1bde8-506x506.png
Born in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture in 1995. In 2006, he started working on the Internet as “Hook”. In the second year of middle school, he changed his name to “Jetkoku no Yami” and changed his name to “Fukuda Nao”.
Posts comical comics on Twitter every day, and currently has over 80,000 followers. In 2022, I will publish my first book, “Only fun things happen! Nao Fukuda’s Exciting Internet Life” was published. Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/fukku7010gmail1
About Medical Hair Removal Eminal Clinic
[Image 2d53998-69-33dc391206c41d9d1aa8-0.png&s3=53998-69-ce8b3cfb45ce810478230f016bc0bfb5-885x231.png
With the message “I can talk, I can change, I can smile”, I aim to be a clinic where as many women as possible can smile.
In response to the voices of patients such as “Medical hair removal is highly effective but expensive and unaffordable”, “Medical hair removal is painful and impossible”, and “I don’t want to keep going for a long time”, The Eminal Clinic was born from the desire to provide medical hair removal with quick and satisfying results. The reason why we can offer it at a low price is that we have many visits by referrals by reducing excessive advertising expenses and producing proper results. Many people give up on medical hair removal because it hurts, but medical hair removal is progressing day by day. At Eminal Clinic, we are always aiming for medical hair removal with less pain by introducing new equipment and technology.
In addition, it is possible to perform treatments at a pace that suits each patient so that they can understand the hair cycle and hair growth theory correctly and be more satisfied. In addition, based on the doctor’s interview, safe counseling by experienced female staff, relentless pursuit of medical hair removal that is particular about results, and quick and free support in case of trouble, so that patients can feel at ease and trust. I am looking for a clinic that I can go to.
In addition to medical hair removal, we have prepared various menus such as “medical hyphen”, “dermapen”, and “white ball drip”. ■ Operating company: Medical Corporation Eminal
■ Medical hair removal “Eminal Clinic”: https://eminal-clinic.jp/ ■ TEL: 0120-133-786
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