en-Japan Recruitment site “AMBI” for young high-career workers surpasses 800,000 members!

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The number of members of “AMBI”, a recruitment site for young high-career workers, has exceeded 800,000!

The recruiting site “AMBI” (https://en-ambi.com/) for young high-level careers operated by en Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Suzuki) has 80 members. We are pleased to announce that we have passed the 10,000 mark. Through the operation of the site, we will continue to support the recruitment activities of companies aiming to change jobs for young high-career workers and grow their businesses.
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“AMBI” site status
Number of members
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Member age group
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Registered member example
[Image 4d725-610-d0971f5287df5030e774-2.png&s3=725-610-0025197d706eb397a9a2cd76ef80d506-1498x805.png
“AMBI”, a job information site specializing in young careers https://en-ambi.com/
[Image 5d725-610-2c61663f4c9740060a96-4.png&s3=725-610-7c1c83ceb1c66f199ea9beee5330bcf1-441x283.png
A job information site targeting young people with high potential. We carefully select and post only high-class job openings that have an environment where you can challenge high-level work at an early stage, including job openings for executive candidates and next-generation leaders and managers. Through unique functions such as high-quality feature articles on the latest business trends and interviews with young people who are active, and “My Value” where HR managers and headhunters judge the success of job seekers, you can learn about your own career. Provide an opportunity to think. We support the job change activities of young people who are looking for a place where they can demonstrate higher performance.


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