Engi Co., Ltd. Started providing “Ibaraki ingredients” to campers

Engi Co., Ltd.
Started providing “Ibaraki prefecture ingredients” to campers ~ Camp de local production for local consumption! Terroir CAMP started February 2023~

Engi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Representative Director: Hiroyoshi Hatano), which is working on creating fans of Japan, is involved in Ibaraki Prefecture (Ibaraki Prefecture Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa), the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations Ibaraki Prefecture Headquarters (Prefectural Headquarters Takashi Kamogawa, In February 2023, we will launch “TerroirCAMP”, a service that matches campsites with local JA direct sales stores and delivers locally produced barbecue food sets to campsites.
■ From camps with low economic benefits to camps that enrich the region [Image 1

The reality is that camping has a low economic effect as tourism and is not suitable for regional development. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the barbecue, which is the main event of the camp, is often not covered with local ingredients. In order to solve this problem, “TerroirCAMP” has collaborated with the website “Ibaraki Camp” operated by the Ibaraki Prefecture Sales Strategy Department Tourism and Products Division to create a campsite where you can eat Ibaraki ingredients in Ibaraki Prefecture on the website. We will feature and spread the charm of Ibaraki Prefecture’s campsites and agricultural products to the whole country.
[Image 2

■Ibaraki Camp Website
■ Campsites become new sales channels
Ibaraki Prefecture has the largest number of campsites in Japan (*1), surpassing Hokkaido and Nagano Prefectures, and is one of the largest agricultural prefectures in Japan (*2). Ingredients for “TerroirCAMP” in Ibaraki Prefecture are Hitachi beef (Kuroge Wagyu beef) and rose pork chunk meat “1 pound steak (*3)”, and “handmade sausage (*4)” made mainly from rose pork. , JA ZEN-NOH Ibaraki Pocket Farm Dokidoki Ibarakicho will arrange a “Farm Direct BBQ Ingredients Set” packed with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms from Ibaraki Prefecture. [Image 3

*1: 2018 Physical Education/Sports Facility Status Survey [Sports Agency] *2: Agricultural output ranks 3rd in Japan. It is one of the largest agricultural prefectures in Japan, boasting the highest output in Japan for many agricultural products such as lotus roots, chestnuts, and green peppers.
*3: Pound = 454 grams *4: Homemade sausage won a gold medal at an international sausage competition in Germany
■ About Engi Inc. (https://engigaii.com/)
A comprehensive production company that designs communication that connects Japan and the world with the concept of “creating fans of Japan”.
1. Communication design business such as inbound, export promotion, content collaboration (content / event planning and production, alliance, promotion, etc.)
2. Development of food distribution business “TerroirCAMP” that delivers locally produced BBQ food sets to campsites nationwide (2022 JA Accelerator Program Adopted Business Excellence Award)
3. Development of “BBQ TERRACE”, a franchise development business of local production for local consumption type BBQ facilities using idle land (developing more than 30 facilities nationwide. Won the 2017 SOHO Shizuoka Business Plan Contest Grand Prize. 2018 Shizugin Entrepreneur Award Regional Adherence Award)
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