Enjoy life Co., Ltd. A femcare specialty salon that uses products supervised by dermatologists for 25 years.          The first “FEMLABO” store opened in Hatagaya, Tokyo

Enjoy Life Co., Ltd.
A femcare specialty salon that uses products supervised by
dermatologists for 25 years.         The first “FEMLABO” store opened in Hatagaya, Tokyo
Alleviate, improve, and prevent women’s unique troubles
                                                             and the [Venus (vaginal) esthetics*1]-

Enjoy life Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 1-58-16 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo; President: Chikako Nakajima) will open a femcare specialty salon “FEMLABO” on February 1, 2023 at 2-Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. We will open on 1-4-8F.
[Service site URL] https://femlabo.jp/
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[Concerns peculiar to women and fem care]
Recently, many people have the following problems unique to women. ・Irregular menstruation, menstrual pain
・Discomfort due to pregnancy and childbirth
・Menopausal symptoms
・Dryness and darkening around the vagina
・Vaginal looseness and urine leakage
Therefore, many products and services that take care of women’s bodies and health, called Femcare, are a combination of “feminine” and “care.”
[Femcare market and needs]
The following is an excerpt from the “2021 Femcare & Femtech (Consumer Goods and Services) Market Survey” announced by Yano Research Institute. In the domestic femcare and femtech (consumer goods and services) market, companies operating in the fields of physiology (menstruation), infertility/fertility care/pregnancy/postpartum care stand out. Menstruation and fertility treatment will enable women to openly talk about their worries and health issues, and in the future, women’s specific worries and health issues, such as menopausal care and sexual wellness, which were considered more taboo, will become apparent. Conceivable. For example, there are signs that attention will be focused on items and services that focus on these fields, such as delicate zone care items and online consultation services. In addition, due to the diversification of women’s lifestyles, it is becoming difficult to have a uniform view of items and services that aim to support health issues and associated health issues. The concept of coming women’s healthcare will also become important.
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In addition, we conducted a questionnaire to those who visited our booth at the “Femtech Tokyo” event in October 2022. In response to the questions, “Would you like to have a vaginal esthetic?” and “What are you interested in?” The result shows that many people are highly interested in fem care products, and it can be seen that the fem care market is expected to expand further in the future.
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                   From the questionnaire at the company booth at the 1st “Femtech Tokyo”
[FEMLABO 3 features and commitment]
・Strengthen the “low pelvic muscle group”, which plays a role in controlling urination and excretion, with an electromagnetic pulse machine
It is possible to irradiate electromagnetic power of up to 8 Tesla, and by inducing muscle contraction about 40,000 to 50,000 times, it is possible to train the pelvic floor muscles. Just sit on the latest electromagnetic pulse machine “CHI-SHAPER(R)” for 25 minutes with your clothes on for a comfortable treatment style.
・”VENUS (vaginal) esthetic” using our original products supervised by dermatologists
Alleviate, prevent, and improve delicate zone concerns (dryness, dark spots, odor, urinary incontinence, menstrual pain, PMS, menopausal disorders, autonomic nervous system) using original products and treatment methods.
・ Vaginal care with both electromagnetic pulse machine and VENUS (vaginal) esthetic
The electromagnetic pulse machine adopts a flat-rate service (subscription) that can be used from 6,600 yen per month. VENUS (vaginal) esthetic treatment is 13,200 yen per time, or there is a special set fee with an electromagnetic pulse machine. All prices include tax.
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*The machine is also sold separately
※1. This treatment does not treat the inside of the vagina.
[Recruitment of FC member stores started at the same time]
Our goal is to make femcare commonplace in the world.
In anticipation of the early expansion of the femtech market, which is attracting attention, we will proceed with the “FEMLABO 100 store plan” including FC member stores over the next five years. It will be a business model that can expect continuous stable income from stable stock business and unique fem care methods and products. The complex store (attached type) plan operates clinics, various salons, sports gyms, chiropractic clinics, etc., and aims to utilize vacant spaces and human resources. The Female Entrepreneurship Support Plan is for women who are starting a business for the first time and is limited to those who operate as an esthetician in a room at home. We are planning to hold a briefing session at any time in the future, so please feel free to contact us.
[Service logo]
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[Profile of Chikako Nakajima, a dermatologist supervising fem care products] Medical Corporation Saishokai Chairman
Worked at Nakajima Skin Care
Member of Japanese Dermatological Association, Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Human Stem Cell Culture Medium Certification Council Director We advocate “beautiful skin from the vagina (R)” and “health from the vagina (R)”
[Store overview]
Store name: FEMLABO Hatagaya store
Location: 8F, The City Shibuya Hatagaya, 2-24-13 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0072 (3-minute walk from Hatagaya Station on the Keio New Line)
TEL: 050-5862-7744
Business hours: 10:00-18:00
Closed: None (excluding summer and year-end and New Year holidays) URL: https://femlabo.jp/
[Inquiries from customers]
Store name: FEMLABO Hatagaya store
TEL: 050-5862-7744
Business hours: 10:00-18:00
Closed: None (excluding summer and year-end and New Year holidays) Email: https://femlabo.jp/contact/
[Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
Enjoy life Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Nagayama
e-mail: nagayama.aimbeautymedicalclinic@gmail.com
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