Enjoy the delicate taste of a restaurant with the bean paste rice loved in Kyoto. supervised 12 months distribution event will be on sale from 1/27 (Fri.)!

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Enjoy the delicate taste of a restaurant with the bean paste rice loved in Kyoto. -Gion Suetomo-supervised 12 months distribution event will be on sale from 1/27 (Fri.)!

The owner of Gion Suetomo, a well-known Japanese restaurant, supervised the creation of a special ankake Kyoto rice. A combination of flavorful “bean paste” with dashi and umami, and “rice” with seasonal ingredients. You can put the bean paste on the rice or enjoy it separately, and enjoy the four seasons of Kyoto with its delicate taste. Available only at Light Up Shopping Club from 1/27 (Fri.)! [Image 1

-Suetomo, Gion, Kyoto-
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Supervised by Mr. Hisashi Suetomo, a young master chef who trained at the famous Japanese restaurant “Gion Maruyama” and was later selected as the first head chef of “Gion Hanakasumi”. In 2009, he opened Gion Suetomo, attracting people with dishes that express Kyoto’s elegant four seasons. His philosophy is to “provide the best possible service while cherishing the spirit of hospitality.” designed by myself. While cherishing Kyoto culture in areas other than cooking, such as purifying the entrance with water sprinkled every day and expressing the season with the decorations on the alcove, he thoroughly adheres to his own view of the world.
Ankake gohan loved in Kyoto at home
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This time, we would like to introduce 15 kinds of ankake Kyoto rice that Mr. Suetomo supervised for our customers. Ankake is a dish that has been popular in Kyoto since ancient times, and is served in a wide range of places, from local Chinese restaurants to Japanese
restaurants. Mr. Suetomo, who has spent many years studying
Kyoto-style cuisine at Gion’s traditional restaurants, has made it even more elegant and attractive. For 12 months, we will deliver a total of 4 meal sets that combine seasonal flavors and standard flavors every month with bean paste suitable for each type of rice.

Delicious bean paste and deep rice that can be enjoyed together or separately [Image 4

First of all, please enjoy the rice with flavorful ingredients as it is. When you’ve eaten about half of it, pour the bean paste over it. You will be amazed at the new deliciousness created by mixing rice and bean paste. It is also recommended to eat the anko with meat, fish, vegetables, etc., prepared separately. Please try with a menu that goes well with each bean paste.
It’s also nice that it’s easy to cook, just put the bean paste in a hot water bath and heat the rice in the microwave. You can fully enjoy the taste of Gion’s elegant restaurant at home whenever you like.

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“Seasonal rice and bean paste”
I made it with various ingredients such as conger eel and sweetfish that make you feel the four seasons of Kyoto, as well as eel, crab, and sea bream.
[Image 5

[1st] March
White fish rice (cherry blossom bean paste)
The rice cooked with salt and kombu, a mixture of soy sauce-pickled mustard greens and white sesame, has a simple yet deep flavor. White fish seasoned with Japanese-style dashi stock and served with spring wild vegetables and bracken. Salted cherry blossoms are added to the bean paste, giving it an appearance that reminds us of the arrival of spring and a refined taste. The refreshing scent of cherry blossom bean paste goes well with fried chicken.
[Image 6

[2nd] April
Bamboo shoot rice (ginger paste)
Rice cooked with light soy sauce, sake, bonito, and kombu seaweed stock is combined with bamboo shoots and deep-fried tofu. The bamboo shoots are cut into bite-sized pieces, leaving a crispy texture. Carrots and trefoil are also rich in color. The refreshing taste of ginger bean paste goes well with tofu steak and pork grilled with ginger. We also recommend pairing it with Kyoto’s specialty, pulled yuba.
[Image 7

[3rd] May
Asari rice (shrimp minced bean paste)
The rich taste of clams permeates the rice, which is seasoned with light soy sauce, mirin, sake, bonito, and kombu dashi to bring out the umami. Shrimp minced bean paste is mixed with minced black tiger, which has an attractive crisp texture, for a luxurious taste. Bean paste enhances the taste of fried horse mackerel and boiled peas. [Image 8

[4th] June
Corn rice (black pepper paste)
Rice seasoned with butter is served with sweet potatoes and Hokkaido corn. First of all, please enjoy the rice as it is. Sprinkle some tangy black pepper paste in the middle to change the impression of the taste. Bean paste is perfect for potato fries, stir-fried beef, chicken, wild vegetables, and bean sprouts.

[Image 9

[5th] July
Eel rice (Japanese pepper paste)
The rice is richly flavored with a kabayaki sauce, topped with plenty of brightly colored kinshi-tamago, and topped with domestically produced eel. The eel is fragrantly grilled while cherishing the fluffy and soft texture of the meat. The combination is a spicy bean paste made with flavorful Japanese pepper. It goes well with conger eel tempura, tendon, and fried eggplant.

[Image 10

[6th] August
Sweetfish rice (with mozuku bean paste)
Ayu is carefully prepared and grilled to make it plump, and then cooked together with kombu (kelp) stock. I added color with trefoil. Combined with the refreshing scent of ginger, it whets the appetite. Enjoy it with refreshing mozuku bean paste made with Japanese-style soup stock. Bean paste can also be enjoyed over soba, udon, and somen noodles.

[Image 11

[7th] September
Matsutake conger rice (soft-shelled turtle bean paste)
Rice cooked with fragrant matsutake mushrooms in a Japanese-style soup stock is served with thick conger eel simmered in a salty-sweet sauce. The bean paste is based on boiled soft-shelled turtle made with kombu seaweed, and grated ginger gives it an elegant taste. Shishito peppers, lotus roots, and mushrooms grilled in foil, grilled salmon, and scallops are also recommended.

[Image 12

[8th] October
Salmon chestnut rice (mushroom paste)
Chestnut rice cooked in kombu dashi stock is topped with roasted salmon meat. The warm and sweet chestnuts and the umami of the salmon overlap to create a gentle taste. White sesame and trefoil are accents. Please enjoy the simple yet elegant taste with the nutritious mushroom bean paste made from bunashimeji mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms. Bean paste goes well with gratin, doria, and dry curry.
[Image 13

[9th] November
Oyster rice (single layer grass bean paste)
Flavorful Hiroshima oysters seasoned with tamari soy sauce and two types of sake are placed on rice cooked in soy sauce to create a luxurious taste. Fragrant green onions and needle ginger create a sharp taste. Please enjoy the soft and smooth seaweed and
single-layered herb paste with seafood such as Pacific saury, scallops, white fish, and squid, as well as salt-grilled duck, chicken, and pork.
[Image 14

[10th] December
Crab rice (Crab miso paste)
Rice cooked in kombu dashi stock is topped with plenty of domestic red snow crab flakes to create a luxurious taste. Mitsuba leaves and needle ginger add color and make it even more fragrant. The crab miso bean paste that goes with it is an impressive bean paste with a strong umami flavor. Grilled scallops, deep-fried sea bream and mackerel, and boiled daikon radish and turnip are also delicious.
[Image 15

[11th] January
Sea bream rice (sea bream miso paste)
Carefully prepared sea bream is grilled unglazed and placed on rice with kombu dashi. The fragrant aroma of grilled sea bream will whet your appetite. Accented with the refreshing flavor and texture of needle ginger and trefoil. We also added flakes of sea bream to the bean paste and finished it elegantly with flavorful Saikyo miso. Fried eggplants, pumpkins, boiled turnips, and daikon radishes are also delicious.
[Image 16

[12th] February
Conger eel rice (wakame bean paste)
Refreshing rice mixed with shiso plum is sprinkled with toasted seaweed and topped with fragrantly grilled boiled conger eel. The acidity of shiso plum tightens the taste. The bean paste is made from Sanriku Wakame cloth, and light soy sauce brings out the aroma of the ocean. The ingredients that go well with this bean paste are white fish. Baked, steamed, fried, or whatever you prefer, you can enjoy it deliciously.
“Standard meat rice and bean paste”
Meat and vegetables are combined to create an elegant taste. Each month, we will deliver one of the three types.
[Image 17

Chicken rice (jibuni-style bean paste)
[Delivered in January, April, July and October]
Mixed rice rich in burdock flavor is served with domestically-produced chicken thigh grilled in a Japanese-style sauce, grilled white onion, and green asparagus. The bean paste is made with Japanese-style dashi stock, and mirin, soy sauce, and sugar are used to create a rich flavor. If you pour the bean paste over boiled cabbage or green beans, you can enjoy a stylish dipping sauce.
[Image 18

Pork rice (Saikyo miso-style bean paste)
[Delivered in February, May, August and November]
The rice is served with sweet and salty minced minced pork made from domestically produced minced pork and sprinkled with plenty of finely chopped green onions. Served with taro cooked in bonito and kombu broth. The bean paste is seasoned with a slightly sweet Saikyo miso. Fried eggplant, grilled eggplant, grilled white fish, gratin, and doria go well with this bean paste.
[Image 19

Beef rice (sukiyaki-style bean paste)
[Delivered in March, June, September and December]
A beef rice with plenty of umami, made by simmering small slices of domestic beef with white onion and kinusaya in soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar. We also deliver sweet and salty bean paste that is seasoned like sukiyaki using soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. It is also
recommended to have the bean paste on top of grilled yuba or fried tofu.
▼ Product information
Product number: 070-870-00-00
Product name: – Gion Suetomo – Ankake Kyoto rice 12 months distribution Price: 8,640 yen x 12 distributions (tax included/packaging and shipping fee included)
Number of deliveries: 12
Period: 12 months
Expiration date: 90 days when frozen
Country of Origin: Domestic rice use / Made in Japan
Contents of delivery: A total of 4 meals, 2 standard meat rice and bean paste, and 2 seasonal rice and bean paste, are delivered every month.
* Delivered at the end of each month for 12 months from March to February 2024. Application deadline: February 28 (Tue)
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