ENLOOP Co., Ltd. Live distribution office LIVEwith (Live With) river ” Toshimaru ������” January p ick-up river

ENLOOP Co., Ltd.
Live distribution office LIVEwith (Live with) river ” Toshimaru ������” January pick-up liver
River ” Toshimaru ������” belonging to Japan’s largest live
distribution office LIVEwith “Live With”

We would like to introduce this month’s pick-up river ” Toshimaru ������”, a river belonging to LIVEwith “Live With”, the largest live distribution office in Japan.
▼ Live distribution office “LIVEwith”
▼ Live distribution office launch support “LIVE with Partner” https://livewith.online/livewith_lp22
Pickup driver of the month
[Image 1

▼Distribution start month
August 2022
▼ Event award history
Debut Pokotore 1st place
Pocobo plush toy event 1st place
Rookie Pokotore 1st place
Yellow pennant 1st place
▼Aspirations for the future
First of all, keep the B band!
And rank up to A band and S band!

What is Liver Office LIVEwith?
[Image 2

It is one of the few productions that has been in business since before Corona. Based on the concept of “increasing the number of people who can live like themselves”, we manage inexperienced people so that they can live with just live distribution. We have a track record of supporting more than 5,000 people in total, and by directly appointing active top drivers as managers, we provide support from the perspective of the river.
■ Features
・ Selectable reward system! Industry No. 1 return rate, up to 100% ・Daily payment/advance payment of remuneration
・Management by active top drivers in a one-on-one system
・Monthly office-specific events
■ Achievements
・The largest scale in Japan! Cumulative support number: Over 5000 people ・ More than 10 apps that can be introduced
■ Official site
What is the live distribution agency business “LIVEWITH Partner”? [Image 3

This is a support service that allows anyone, regardless of industry experience, individual or corporation, to immediately set up a liver office.
Due to the social background of Corona, the increase in the river population × the increase in the sideline population is accelerating, and the know-how that LIVEWITH “Live With”, the largest office in Japan, has supported a total of 5,000 rivers. and a scheme, and started LIVEWITH Partner [Live distribution office launch support service] in July 2021 as a side business that anyone can start tomorrow.
Currently, the number of live distribution agencies has exceeded about 1000 [cumulative total of corporations and individuals], making it one of the largest in Japan.
■ Official site
Operating company
Company name: ENLOOP Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Ren Makino “Makinoren”
Head office: 6F, Port One Simbashi, 6-11-8 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004 Established: August 2016
Capital: 20 million yen
Business: Liver development business / Live distribution agency business URL: https://enloop-inc.com/

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