Entered into a business alliance with viviON and Brave Group Co., Ltd. VTuber group “Aogiri High School” transferred to viviON.

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Entered into a business alliance with viviON and Brave Group Co., Ltd. VTuber group “Aogiri High School” transferred to viviON.

viviON Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kosaku Akashi; hereinafter “viviON”) is Brave Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Keito Noguchi; hereinafter “Brave group”) and IP We will implement a business alliance with a view to collaboration in business areas. Along with this, we have decided to transfer the VTuber group “Aogiri High School”, which is handled by Create Ring Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinichiro Fujii, hereinafter “Create Ring”), a subsidiary of Brave Group, to viviON. . The transfer date of “Aogiri High School” will be April 1, 2023.

Background of the business alliance
The Brave group mainly focuses on entertainment in the Metaverse area, such as the IP business that operates “RIOT MUSIC”, “Buispop!” We are developing various businesses in
At viviON, we are developing various businesses and services from the perspective of both users and creators, with the goal of “creating a society where users and creators can live happily while having fun.” Through this alliance, we will diversify business development in the IP business area, such as business development utilizing Brave group’s IP, viviON’s voice content production, ASMR area, comic production, etc. Considering joint business development that leverages the strengths of both companies We will continue to promote
Regarding the transfer of “Aogiri High School”
“Aogiri High School” started its activities in October 2018. On the YouTube channel “Aogiri High School / Vtuber High School”, we post fast-paced videos such as “planning”. The project video is popular, and there are several videos that have exceeded 1 million views in 2022, and the total number of channel subscribers has reached 1.99 million for the total of 8 channels in the group. (*As of January 16, 2023)
“Aogiri High School” has been operated independently by Create Ring, but with this transfer to viviON, the “Aogiri High School” team will become a division within viviON. As a result, we will build a system that can operate flexibly while coordinating with other divisions of viviON.
In the future, in addition to further strengthening our efforts with “YouTube Shorts”, which has been well received, viviON’s strengths include voice content, comics production, ASMR area, and new entertainment that utilizes the creator base. We will strive to create Aiming to further expand production, we plan to make aggressive investments.
On the other hand, as part of the business alliance between Brave group and viviON, the two-man live “Make Up!” of “Aogiri High School” and “Palette Project” announced on December 31, 2022. ] will be held (*), and collaboration between IPs will continue. In addition, we will continue to cooperate with 3D distribution support and live production of “Aogiri High School”.
(*) Two-man live “Make Up!” by “Palette Project” and “Aogiri High School” ] Will be held offline!

Comment from Keito Noguchi, Representative Director of Brave Group We have had the opportunity to interact with viviON, which is developing business in the same entertainment field, and we have been looking for business collaboration between the two. In the Metaverse area, the Brave group, which is mainly engaged in IP and other entertainment business, and viviON, which develops various businesses and services from the perspective of both users and creators, will form a tag to create a joint business. I believe that we will be able to carry out multifaceted initiatives, including development. The sudden announcement of the transfer of “Aogiri High School” may have surprised the fans. The three companies have held discussions on how to grow the businesses of both companies through this alliance. We believe that “Aogiri High School” can be expected to expand further by utilizing viviON’s resources, and while continuing to collaborate with Brave group IP and live production, etc. We plan to support the activities of the high school together.
We hope that you will look forward to the future developments of Brave group, viviON, and Aogiri High School.

Comment from Mr. Shinichiro Fujii, Representative Director of Create Ring I cannot thank the members who have overcome various difficulties together since the launch of “Aogiri High School” until now, and the management staff who have supported it.
We expect that their efforts will be rewarded with this transfer. Also, I will do my best to say that this transfer was a good one for all the fans who have supported “Aogiri High School” so far, so I look forward to your continued support.

Comment from viviON Representative Director Kosaku Akashi
We believe that this business alliance will be of great significance to both companies.
I am looking forward to creating new entertainment with the Brave group, which is widely active in new entertainment fields such as Metaverse and VTuber.
Our company’s mission is to “make all 2D otaku happy”.
In terms of management, the management team of Create Ring will be transferred together without changing the system, so we hope that all the fans of “Aogiri High School” will be happy and that all of the affiliated VTubers will have more fun than ever. We will do our best to support the activity.
Thank you for your continued support.
Three social stories accompanying the announcement
Along with this business alliance, we have published an article about the meeting between the three companies.
URL: https://note.com/bravegroup/n/nf4982f729f90

Company Profile
■ Create Ring Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・ Company name: Create Ring Co., Ltd.
・Established: December 20, 2019
・Capital: 1,000,000 yen
・Representative: Shinichiro Fujii, Representative Director
・Location: Maeda Building 501, 4-46-13 Sengoku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0011 ・ Business description: VR entertainment business
・URL: http://aogiri-hs.com/
■ Brave group company profile
・Company name: Brave group Co., Ltd.
・Established: October 11, 2017
・Capital: 1,878,013,651 yen (including capital surplus)
・Representative name: Keito Noguchi, Representative Director ・Location: Otomo Building 2F-C, 2-17-9 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023 ・Business description: In the Metaverse area
1. IP business
2. Platform business
3. Incubation business
・ URL: https://bravegroup.co.jp/
·group company
Virtual Entertainment Inc.
Mate Real Co., Ltd.
Create Ring Co., Ltd.
MetaLab Inc.
And Epoch Co., Ltd.
Super Yellow Co., Ltd.
Game & Co., Ltd.
MetaBash Inc.
■ viviON Co., Ltd. Company Profile
・ Company name: viviON Co., Ltd.
・Established: October 1, 2021
・Capital: 50,000,000 yen
・Representative: Kosaku Akashi, Representative Director
・ Location: 12th floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Akihabara Ekimae Building, 300 Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0022
・ Business: Internet-related business / Content production business ・ URL: https://vivion.jp/
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