Esports project started for EXPO2025 Osaka!!

Enterforce Co., Ltd.
Esports project started for EXPO2025 Osaka!!
We aim to become Japan’s No. 1 e-sports city OSAKA by 2025!

This time, the professional e-sports team “ENTER FORCE.36” (Operating company: Enter Force Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Hiroshi Ikeda) has decided to move the team’s activity base to Osaka Prefecture. It will be set up in Osaka City and will be operated as a professional e-sports team in Osaka centered on the Namba area of ​​Osaka City.
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ENTER FORCE.36 to the local team in Osaka
“ENTER FORCE.36” is a multi-gaming team formed in 2019 and currently has eight divisions. Many overseas players are enrolled in the team and coaches, and with the mission of giving people excitement and courage with the “invisible power” of entertainment, they are active not only in Japan but also on the world stage. doing. In the most recent achievements, in the famous title tournament “Apex Legends Global Series” that is popular all over the world, we won the North Asian qualifying round and won the world tournament = playoff held in London, England in February 2023. I got the Also, at the “PUBG JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 FINAL” held at the end of last year, they held off a strong team in a fierce battle and won the championship for the second year in a row.
Background of headquarters relocation
“ENTER FORCE.36” is not only the result of the game, but also the spread of e-sports, which has just begun to be recognized as a new value, throughout the country, and the mission is to deliver smiles and good luck to all e-sports players. I’m here. Among them, the Osaka/Namba area has various cultures that respect each other, and has fostered a climate that positively accepts new people and things. , we have reached this decision based on the judgment that it is very effective and efficient to achieve the goals we want to achieve. In operating the team as a professional e-sports team based in Osaka, we will implement the following measures.
Opened the team management headquarters in Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka. Opened the “E36 training center”, a dedicated training facility for ENTER FORCE.36 players and coaches, in Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka *1
A player’s residence is set up in Osaka city
Based on a partnership agreement with the world’s largest 360-degree LED space “Ochi Arena” in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, ENTER FORCE.36’s home stadium “e Sports AREA 360” will be opened *2 Visits, guidance, and lectures at educational sites such as schools *3 Appearance at festivals and events held in Osaka
Social contribution activities by volunteers (SDGs, cleaning, donations, PR cooperation, etc.)
*1 Established with the support of Mouse Computer Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Eikado Komatsu) *2 Opened under a partnership agreement with BLD Oriental Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Izumisano City, Osaka; Representative: Yasushi Ochi), the name of the arena is tentative. Plan esports boot camps, LAN parties, fan meetings, and more.
*3 In Nishi-ku, Osaka, where the E36 training center was established, professional athletes and team staff are working together with OCA Osaka Design & IT Technology College (located in Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka) for students seeking employment in the esports field. lectures, advice, orientation, etc.
This project was implemented with the support of IBPC Osaka
(International Department of Osaka International Business Promotion Center), and we will continue to strengthen cooperation with Osaka City and other government agencies.
Specific initiatives, etc.
(1) Vision

As a professional e-sports player who has become a dream job for children by conducting social contribution activities through e-sports, he has managed to “manage a team that can give dreams” while “Osaka is Japan’s number one e-sports player.” We will open up the future of becoming a sports city.

(2) Main cooperation system

Official partnership with Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Comprehensive collaboration with e-Stadium Co., Ltd. Sponsorship contract with Kansai Urban Residential Service Co., Ltd./KUL (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; President: Hiromi Nakase) IBPC Osaka ( Centered on the support of the general incorporated foundation Osaka International Economic Promotion Center International Department), we will further deepen cooperation with governments, educational institutions, and local companies, and contribute to solving social issues through esports.
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(3) State of social contribution activities

《School Visit》
Participated in the “Work Experience Program” at Sakai City
Wakamatsudai Junior High School, where professional players and team management staff gave lectures and experienced esports for students interested in professional esports players. We will continue to actively cooperate with programs sponsored by local governments and schools, and support children’s dreams. .
By conducting social contribution activities through e-sports in the city of Osaka, we will “operate a team that can give dreams” as an e-sports player who has become an occupation that children aspire to. We also carry out social contribution activities in the field of education, such as “I want professional e-sports players to come to school!” and “I want them to interact with children!” Please contact us if you are a company.

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Giving a lecture at a junior high school
《Cleaning activities》
We are working on cleaning activities in Namba, Osaka, because we want to cooperate with the activities of community development groups that support the local community. During the event in November, they toured the area around Midosuji and Sennichimae Street for about an hour, contributing to the beautification of the town. We will continue these efforts and aim to become a professional esports team that contributes to society.
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State of cleaning activity of town

(4) Setting up a home stadium in Izumisano City / holding an event ENTER FORCE.36 is located in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture. After signing a partnership agreement, ENTER FORCE.36’s home stadium “e Sports ARENA360 (tentative name)” is planning to hold various events such as e sports boot camps, LAN party events, and fan meetings. [Image 7

Set up a home stadium in Izumisano City
Recruitment of new official sponsors and partners
ENTER FORCE.36 is looking for “new official partners and sponsors from 2023” when establishing a base in Osaka. In the process of promoting the fact that esports is a healthy sport through activities by players and teams, we will carry out social contribution activities through future sports with the themes of “health,” “education,” “sports,” and “town development.” I will continue. We would like to receive inquiries from companies that are headquartered or based in Osaka, companies that are considering expanding into Osaka, and companies that are involved in community development and social contribution with professional e-sports teams. increase.
■ Inquiries
ENTER FORCE.36 Official Homepage


We will open up the future for Osaka to become the best e-sports city in Japan, so please continue to support ENTER FORCE.36.
OSAKA supports e-sports players!!
→EXPO2025 e-sports project starts for the Osaka Expo!!
[Reference: Official websites of related companies]
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■ BLD Oriental Co., Ltd.
■ IBPC Osaka (Osaka International Economic Promotion Center)
■ OCA Osaka Design & IT Technology College

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