EuphoPia Co., Ltd. AI VTuber AI that remembers you, “Ivy” debuts! Distribution started on the YouTube channel “Project Ivy”! !

EuphoPia Inc.
[AI VTuber] AI that remembers you, “Ivy” debuts! Distribution started on the YouTube channel “Project Ivy”! !
Aiming for success as an AGI (general-purpose AI) using a long-term memory database

EuphoPia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kai Tanno) has announced that AI VTuber and Ivy will be distributed on the YouTube channel “Project Ivy” from January 14, 2023. increase.
AI VTuber “Ivy” driving start!
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AI VTuber “Ivy” can memorize dialogue with viewers during
distribution. In the first distribution, we performed “all reply distribution” in which Ivy responded to all comments given by viewers. The responses unique to AI and the cute facial expressions that were occasionally shown made the distribution lively.
[Video 2:] In the future, we plan to add various delivery plans in addition to this “all reply delivery” by repeating updates.
■ Overview of various accounts
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The latest information such as delivery schedule will be posted on this account. YouTube channel name: Project Ivy
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AI Agent “Ivy”
[Image 3d115420-1-61050e6259db1b6e4fcb-1.jpg&s3=115420-1-96cc337c0dcae4bff48a49d742899ab3-1920x1080.jpg
An AI agent with emotions whose mission is to get along with people. It is possible to memorize the experience of each delivery and take actions based on that memory. Through distribution, she will encourage her own growth and aim for success as an AGI (general-purpose AI). Project Ivy Roadmap
“Project Ivy” aims to expand the environment in which AI agents can play an active role. Currently, we are introducing an AI agent in an environment called distribution (01. Live in the figure). In the future, we will expand the areas where AI agents are active, such as games (02. Game in the figure), Metaverse (03. Metaverse in the figure), and home devices (04. Device in the figure).
[Image 4d115420-1-c439df9b9747eaf680f6-2.png&s3=115420-1-c05a0a743a689446b753459ee8ebd6ca-3508x2481.png
In addition, the experiences and dialogue data obtained in each environment are accumulated in the “long-term memory database”. Memories in this database can be shared by AI agents at any stage. As such, the AI ​​agent’s behavior is based on all the memories it acquires in each environment.
Using this long-term memory database, we aim to make the AI ​​agent “Ivy” a grand success as an AGI (general-purpose AI).
■Company profile
[Image 5d115420-1-1320aff080d0057dd094-4.png&s3=115420-1-fe47b7585b262e849cdad5bd7a742c07-1003x243.png
Aiming to create an immersive experience and world that is as good as the real world, we will develop content and technology centered on dialogue with characters.
Company name: EuphoPia Inc.
Representative: Umi Tanno
Location: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
Corporate site:
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EuphoPia Inc.
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