“Even though it’s the end of the month, really stop!”

Dashboard Co., Ltd.
“Even though it’s the end of the month, really stop!”
Graduation from Excel report. Responsible for creating dashboards. ¥ 3,500/week (¥ 15,000 per month)~

Dashboard Co., Ltd., which jointly develops and sells the dashboard SaaS “Gecko Board” from London that has been introduced to more than 1000 advanced companies around the world, is inundated with requests to create reports from managers and other departments. In order to support the “accounting team” of companies, we have released a service “Dash Accounting” that converts standard reports into a dashboard. Dash accounting: https://dashboard.co.jp/dashkeiri/
Dashboard reports on behalf of the accounting team. ¥ 3,500 / week (¥ 15,000 per month) ~
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* See the real thing → https://share.geckoboard.com/dashboards/QLFRGWJ2JOQAAGVB *The dashboard is a sample. We will design according to your request.

What is Dash Accounting?

Managers and people from other departments who request report creation only when they are busy at the end of the month.
In order to reduce the work of the accounting staff who are
confronting these people, this service eliminates the need to create reports by converting the content of standard reports into a dashboard and making it possible to check it at any time.
We create dashboards on behalf of accountants who do not have “time” and find it difficult to create reports, and who want to create dashboards but lack “skills”.
On the other hand, the managers and other departments requesting it feel that it is “difficult to ask” to the accounting staff who are always busy.
By looking at the dashboard and checking it at any time, there is no need to make a request, and we can expect a reduction in communication costs for the entire company.
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Voice of an accountant at a real estate company who participated as a test user of “Dash Accounting”
“Until now, I was vaguely aware that my report was not evaluated, but I neglected it because I was too busy.
With “Dash Accounting”, you don’t have to worry about the design, you can create a dashboard just by copying and pasting the data on the sheet, and the work will be completed in 3 minutes each time. “It’s easier and easier to understand,” said the executives. ”

Features of “Dash Accounting”

1. “Simple and easy-to-understand” dashboard design that enhances visual effects ~ The hard work of the accounting team is clearly communicated ~ The dashboard of “Dash Accounting” is designed by data visualization professionals according to the best practices of “design that clearly communicates” to the viewer.
A “simple and easy-to-understand” dashboard that enhances visual effects can easily attract the attention of the team and can be expected to have the effect of facilitating communication with other departments. The hard work of the accounting team that provides the dashboard will be clearly communicated, and the company’s presence will increase.

2. It’s OK to throw away all the troublesome work.
~Two flexible plans~
The person in charge of accounting simply sends data or Excel data from expense reimbursement/accounting software (round throw plan). Alternatively, you can simply enter and copy and paste the data on the prepared sheet (in-house input plan). Professionals well versed in IT, accounting, and data visualization create dashboards for various data/reports.

3. After confirming the real thing firmly, this contract
An experienced dashboard designer listens to your requests, creates an ideal dashboard sample, and enters into a contract after you are satisfied. After signing the contract, you will not experience anything different from what you expected.
4. Easy to share! We also support the introduction of large displays. The dashboard can be viewed at any time in your browser, and bookmarked for quick reference.
Since it can be shared by URL, sharing is easy. No more emailing Excel reports as attachments.
If there are indicators or KPIs that you want the team to be aware of or want to show, it is effective to use a large display that is sleeping at the company to make it easier to see. Support

Company Profile
Company name: Dashboard Co., Ltd.
Location: 17-2 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0026 URL: https://dashboard.co.jp
Business description: Sales of data dashboard software and provision of services [Product page + document download]
[Inquiry/application window]
help@dashboard.co.jp “Dash Accounting”
Or from our HP “Inquiry Form”

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