Event Report Over 85% Visitor Satisfaction! Opportunity to connect with the region “JOIN migration / exchang e & regional revitalization fair 2023”

JOIN Immigration, Exchange & Regional Revitalization Fair Executive Committee [Event Report] Over 85% Visitor Satisfaction! Opportunity to connect with the region “JOIN migration / exchange & regional revitalization fair 2023”
● Dates: January 14 (Sat) and 15 (Sun), 2023 10:00-17:00 ● Venue: Tokyo Big Sight South Hall 1

General Incorporated Association Migration and Exchange Promotion Organization and JOIN Migration / Exchange & Regional Revitalization Fair Executive Committee (Chairman: Kazuyuki Ochiai Executive Officer, Mynavi Co., Ltd.) provide migration / exchange consultation, recruitment of regional revitalization cooperation teams, exchanges with interest in the region We held the event “JOIN Immigration, Exchange & Regional Revitalization Fair” at Tokyo Big Sight South Hall 1, where you can consult and promote the creation of population and related populations.
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An exhibition where more than 200 municipalities nationwide gathered At the venue, apart from a total of 4 corners: “Immigration
Consultation Booth”, “Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer Recruitment Booth”, “Related Population Booth”, and “Corporate Exhibition Booth”, the “Pokemaru Shopping Street” gathered exquisite local agricultural products from all over Japan. ”, “Trailer House Exhibition”, and on the 15th, “Long Stay Fair 2023”, “Mynavi Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries FEST”, etc. More than 200 organizations and companies that liven up migration and the region exhibited.
There were 3,391 visitors over the two days, demonstrating once again the high level of interest in migration and regional exchange. opening ceremony
An opening ceremony was held to celebrate the first day of the exhibition. Koji Momokida, Representative Director of Organization for Migration and Exchange Promotion, “The demand for immigration is increasing due to the impact of the new coronavirus. I would be happy if it would be an opportunity to connect with the region,” he said at the opening.
Actor Asuka Kudo, who took the stage as a guest, said, “I am very happy to be involved in this event. I would be happy if you could find the “style of community life” that suits you. ‘ he said happily. [Image 2d108417-7-ffb23122035d71d4b3cd-5.jpg&s3=108417-7-39e762944fb08c91e23d1b5ab22f6ff8-1686x1125.jpg
State of the venue
At the venue, exhibitors from organizations and companies from all over the country appealed the charm and characteristics of each region. Visitors were able to feel free to consult with the person in charge of each booth through the entry card, and were able to feel the atmosphere of all regions of Japan without immediately thinking about immigration.
[Image 3d108417-7-921a4533d46e28d4175b-4.jpg&s3=108417-7-c2d462e1b2c4edc7a303f8086b59e506-1158x714.jpg
More than 200 groups and companies gather
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“Pokemaru Shopping Street” where you can enjoy farm products directly from the farm
On stage, there was a talk show by actor Asuka Kudo on “Half-farmer, half-farmer x working on agriculture in Yamanashi.” Various content seminars were held for everyone to enjoy.
[Image 5d108417-7-06f30e7963c5d390b9ec-2.jpg&s3=108417-7-e9db23b08eb468a08ba27829f35f1ed7-1080x720.jpg
General Incorporated Association TORCH Representative Director (former Aizumisato Community Revitalization Volunteer) Stage by Shoko Hasegawa “Experienced people want to convey! Possibilities that expand from the ‘Regional Revitalization Volunteers’ working in the community” [Image 6d108417-7-63201e4611b91d0d0365-6.jpg&s3=108417-7-fa493ebb6f63a9a0e58edc387423ee9e-1319x878.jpg
“Shrimp Meego”, a mascot character from Onjuku Town, Chiba Prefecture [Image 7d108417-7-63549f1f6d16101c8ea7-1.jpg&s3=108417-7-59ccd3b4bf903bfa3dd476c000a02f1e-1080x720.jpg
Morioka City Booth
An event that creates opportunities to connect with the community The new coronavirus has diversified work and life styles, and interest in migration is increasing. Nowadays, many events are held online, but this exhibition provided a place to interact and connect with the local community in a real way.
As a result of the visitor questionnaire, the satisfaction level exceeded 85%, and from the visitors, “It was good to be able to consult with regions all over the country at once,” “I was able to learn about areas I did not know,” and “My interest in immigration deepened.” ” I heard a lot of things like that. We are looking forward to seeing all of you next year as we plan to have even more fun next year.
Overview of the event
Event name: JOIN migration, exchange & regional revitalization fair 2023 Date: January 14th (Sat) and 15th (Sun), 2023
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight South Hall 1 (3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo) Target: People who are interested in living in the countryside, such as moving to rural areas, living in two areas, and community revitalization cooperation corps
Admission fee: Free (pre-registration required)
Details page: https://www.iju-join.jp/feature_cont/file/108/ Organizer: Organization for Promotion of Immigration and Exchange (JOIN) JOIN Immigration, Exchange & Regional Revitalization Fair Executive Committee (Mynavi Co., Ltd., etc.)
JOIN Immigration, Exchange & Regional Revitalization Fair Executive Committee 3F The Parkrex Shintomicho, 1-9-6 Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0041 Contact: join-fea@iju-koryu.jp
Please contact us by email to confirm the contents.

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