Exhibit at Shippio “2nd Smart Logistics EXPO” (January 25-27, 2023)

Shippio Co., Ltd.
Exhibit at Shippio “2nd Smart Logistics EXPO” (January 25-27, 2023) Digital forwarding service You can see a demonstration of improving the efficiency of trading operations with Shippio.

Japan’s first*1 digital forwarder, Shippio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Takanori Sato, hereinafter “Shippio”) will exhibit at the “2nd Smart Logistics EXPO”.
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■ Overview of the 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO
Exhibition name: 2nd Smart Logistics EXPO
Date and time: January 25 (Wednesday) to January 27 (Friday), 2023 10: 00-17: 00 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Booth: 70-30, 4th Floor, West Exhibition Hall
■Shippio Exhibition Overview
Shippio Digital Forwarding reduces the amount of work by 50%*2 by digitizing trade operations.
Shippio completes the acquisition of vessel movements, management of trade documents, estimates, orders, and invoice management. No system installation is required, and you can use it as soon as you have an internet environment.
In the demo at the exhibition, the “immediate quotation/ordering” function, the “shipment list” that allows you to grasp the latest schedule of the project at a glance, the “milestone function” that automatically updates the movement of the ship and the transportation status, and the communication cost by eliminating email. You can experience the reduced “chat function” etc.
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■ Inquiries
If you would like to hear from us before the exhibition, would like to set up a meeting at the exhibition, or would like to request materials, we are always accepting inquiries, so please contact us from the inquiry page below.
■Exhibition visit application
You can apply in advance from the URL below. (free)
■Company Profile
Shippio’s mission is to “implement the ideal logistics experience in society”, and we are developing digital forwarding services with the aim of promoting DX (digital transformation) in international logistics.
Trade name: Shippio Co., Ltd. (English name: Shippio, Inc.)
Representative: Takanori Sato, Representative Director
Location: 15th floor, Hamamatsucho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0023
Established: June 2016
Business description: Planning, development and operation of digital forwarding services
Capital: 2.19 billion yen (including capital reserve)
URL: https://service.shippio.io/
*1 Opinion from the book supervised by IT expert Satoshi Uchiyama, “Understanding the latest cases from RPA introduction to business model reform! DX strategy viewing notebook” (P207, Takarajimasha, published on November 15, 2021)
*2 Reduction rate based on the results of use by customers using our services Details about this release:



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