“Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure” theme song single information lifted! / Released on March 22, 2023!

“Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure” theme song single information lifted! / Released on March 22, 2023!

24 stations affiliated with ABC TV and TV Asahi + BSS will release the theme song information for the new program “Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”, which will start broadcasting from 8:30 on Sunday, February 5, 2023. The opening theme song will be performed by Ami Ishii, who debuted as a Pretty Cure singer, and the ending theme song will be performed by OP theme singer Ami Ishii and ED theme singer Chihaya Yoshitake.
Along with the lifting of the ban, comments from Ami Ishii and Chihaya Yoshitake have arrived! !
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Opening theme song [Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure ~Hero Girls~] is a hot and powerful song with twin guitars, and Ami Ishii’s core and clear singing voice, which makes her debut as a Pretty Cure singer, colors the opening of the new series.
The ending theme song [Hiroga Rhythm] is a song with a wide and rich sound, sung by Ami Ishii, the OP theme singer, and Chihaya Yoshitake, the previous ED theme song and singer of the previous work “Delicious Party (Heart) Pretty Cure”. The fusion of people’s singing voices makes the dance number even more lively. A must have for the 2023 series music.
Enclosed “Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure TV series all CD product purchase bonus application ticket”!
Expanding Sky! If you purchase all Pretty Cure TV series CD products [*For both CD + DVD and regular edition in the case of 2 types] and apply with an enclosed ticket, everyone will receive a “Expanding Sky! Box (walnut three-sided)”!
Comment from opening and ending theme singer, Ami Ishii

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This time, “Expanding Sky! I will be in charge of the opening and ending theme songs for Pretty Cure!
My childhood dream was to become a Pretty Cure, so I’m very honored to be involved in the Pretty Cure series that I’ve longed for.
For the theme song, I sang it with full power, feeling like I’m going to be your hero! I hope the passion of the Pretty Cures will be conveyed!
And the ending theme song was energetically sung with Chihaya Yoshitake-san♪ I would be happy if you could all sing along with me!
Both songs are very nice, so please listen to them a lot and enjoy them♪

Comment from the ending theme singer, Chihaya Yoshitake

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“Expanding Sky! I’m Chihaya Yoshitake, and I’m singing the ending theme song “Hirogarhythm” for Pretty Cure!
Hiropuri, the 20th installment of my favorite Pretty Cure series. And it’s been 5 years as a Pretty Cure singer…! I’m really happy and happy to be able to sing like this again this year.
As a Pretty Cure singer, I will do my best to spread my wings with the power that I have received from my friends! I hope that this song will spread the joyful feelings of everyday life, the warm warmth, and the joy of connecting with many friends! I would be happy if you could sing and dance with me!
I want to make many friends and sparkling memories this year too! thank you!

CD information
“Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure” theme song single
■ Release date: Wednesday, March 22, 2023
▽ Click here for product details
■ Price:
[CD+DVD] 2,200 yen (tax included)
[Regular Edition] 1,320 yen (tax included)
■ Product number:
[CD+DVD] MJSS-09337~8
[Regular Edition] MJSS-09339
■ Recorded songs:
1. Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure ~Hero Girls~
Vocals: Ami Ishii Lyrics: Kumiko Aoki Composition/Arrangement: Izumi Mori 2. Heroism
Vocals: Ami Ishii, Chihaya Yoshitake Lyrics: Sumiyo Mutsumi
Composition/Arrangement: Kouki Hamada
A total of 6 songs including karaoke and TV size for each song. [DVD] includes TV opening and ending non-telop video.
■ First-time benefits:
・Canvas bromide (super art 6 color printing)
■ Permanent specification: Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure TV series all CD product purchase privilege “Hirogaru Sky! Box (walnut three-sided)” application ticket
Publisher: Marvelous Inc.
Distributor: Sony Music Solutions Inc.
singer information
◆ Ami Ishii
Belongs to bransic. Vocalist of an active music student. She sings a wide range of genres such as pops, rock, jazz, opera, anime songs, etc., and has a powerful yet mysterious voice that makes listeners smile. 2023 broadcast TV animation “Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure” major debut with opening theme song and ending theme song.
Ami Ishii Twitter: https://twitter.com/ishiiami154cm
◆ Yoshitake Chihaya ◆
Voice actor artist belonging to Apollo Bay.
“Star ☆ Twinkle Pretty Cure” “Tropical ~ Ju! In charge of the ED theme song for Pretty Cure and Delicious Party (Heart) Pretty Cure. “lovelive! Superstar !!”, and is also active as a voice actor such as Yuna Hijirizawa.
■ Chiha Yoshitake Twitter: https://twitter.com/chiha_yoshitake?s=20 ■Chihaya Yoshitake Instagram:
Program information
Program name: Expanding Sky! pretty cure
Broadcast information: 24 stations affiliated with ABC TV and TV Asahi + BSS February 5, 2023 (Sunday) 8:30 am-OA
■ Synopsis
A major incident occurred in the peaceful [Skyland]!?
A young princess, El-chan, has been kidnapped by a monster from the Underg Empire!
A brave girl [Sora] follows the princess to a mysterious hole. Beyond that, it leads to [Solaseed City] in another world…!?
“TV”? “Car”!? “Is that a magic tool!?!?”
But there is no time to be surprised! I have to return the princess to the castle as soon as possible…!
Fly between two worlds! The adventure of Pretty Cure begins now! “It’s Hero’s turn!”
■ Cast
Cure Sky/Sora Harewatar: Akira Sekine
Cure Prism/Mashiro Nijigaoka: Ai Kakuma
L-chan: Aoi Koga
■ Staff
Original Work: Izumi Todo, Series Director: Koji Ogawa, Series Composition: Ryunosuke Kanetsuki, Character Design: Atsushi Saito, Art Design: Miki Imai, Chief Artist: Aya Kadoguchi, Color Design: Kumiko Yanagisawa, Music: Erika Fukasawa
■“Expanding Sky!
[Delivery date and time] 17:30 on Saturday, February 4, 2023 Delivery starts! [Performers] Cure Sky (CV: Akira Sekine), Cure Prism (CV: Ai Kakuma), L-chan (CV: Aoi Koga)
[Distribution] Pretty Cure Official YouTube Channel

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