Experience the Korean New Year, 20% off for a limited time Cookeasy, a meal kit that makes it easy to make authentic Korean food

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Experience the Korean New Year, 20% off for a limited time Cookeasy, a meal kit that makes it easy to make authentic Korean food
~ 4 products will be sold at a limited price from January 18th to 24th ~
Cookeasy (J&H Business Co., Ltd., CEO: Dongwon Lee, Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), which sells Korean food meal kits, will hold the Korean New Year “Seolnal” from January 18 to 24, 2023. For the experience, we will sell 4 products “Soy Sauce Bulgogi”, “Seafood Chijimi”, “Japchae” and “Possum” at 20% off.
During the Lunar New Year in Korea, it is customary to give gifts to those who have been indebted to them as a token of gratitude, so we have planned this limited-time discount as a gift from Cookeasy. Why don’t you take this opportunity to enjoy Korean-style New Year with authentic taste?
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[20% off, introduce all 4 products]
(1) Soy Sauce Bulgogi (7 minutes cooking time): A lot of meat and vegetables stir-fried in our original soy sauce sauce. You can feel the sweetness of meat and vegetables with simple seasoning.
Cookeasy’s soy sauce bulgogi has a flavor that everyone from children to adults can enjoy. Enjoy the timeless taste of omoni (mother). You can enjoy it even if you add vermicelli to your liking.
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・ Regular price 900 yen for 1 person → Special price 720 yen ・ Regular price 1,380 yen for 2 to 3 people → Special price 1,100 yen ・ Regular price 1,980 yen for family → Special price 1,580 yen (2) Seafood Chijimi (6 minutes cooking time): Enjoy the rich aroma and texture of squid, sakura shrimp and plenty of vegetables. Please enjoy it with a special special sauce.
In Korea, it is customary to eat pancakes and drink makgeolli on rainy days because the sound of grilling pancakes resembles the sound of rain.
Cookeasy’s seafood pancake is ready just by mixing and baking. Please enjoy the sound when baking.
It is also recommended to add shellfish such as mussels.
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For 2~3 people Regular price 1,200 yen → Special price 960 yen (3) Japchae (10 minutes cooking time): Stir-fried vegetables and vermicelli. In Korea, it is a standard dish for celebrations. The taste of omoni is very popular from children to adults. It is a regular customer at the top of Cookeasy’s popularity ranking. Vermicelli, which is highly effective as a medicinal dish, is healthy and delicious, and is popular in many areas. Japchae is a simple dish, but the seasoning and cooking methods vary from family to family. Cookeasy’s japchae is simple with basic seasoning so that anyone can enjoy it. It has good nutritional balance, so it is recommended for children. It goes well with cloud ear mushrooms, so please try it if you like.
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For 2~3 people Normal price 1,600 yen → Special price 1,280 yen (4) Bossam (3 minutes cooking time): A luxurious set of pork and shrimp seasoned with spices, radish kimchi, special miso (ssamjang), garlic, red pepper, and lettuce.
Bossam is considered difficult to make at home, so it is often eaten at specialty stores in Korea. Cookeasy possums recreate the taste of specialty stores and put everything in a set that you can easily enjoy at home.
It is also recommended to wrap it in perilla leaves or sunny lettuce and eat it. Cookeasy’s lightly pickled kimchi is also a perfect match. [Image 5

For 2~3 people Normal price 2,780 yen → Special price 2,220 yen [Limited time: Orders can be placed on the Cookeasy online site until January 24]
You can purchase the four dishes introduced on the Cookeasy online site. All ingredients are vacuum packed and delivered fresh.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy the authentic Korean food meal kit. URL: https://cookeasy.jp/
* Reference information: Korean New Year “Seolnal”
On Seolnal, the first day of the new year in the lunar calendar, we celebrate the New Year and perform ceremonies to honor our ancestors. In 2023, Solnal will be on January 22nd (Sun), and there will be consecutive holidays from 21st (Sat) to 24th (Tue) before and after that. Many people go back to their hometowns and spend time with their families and relatives. In Solnal, there is also a culture of giving gifts to family, friends, and people who have helped you.
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【Anyone! anywhere! simply! ]
Cookeasy is a Korean food that is difficult to prepare ingredients for anyone! anywhere! simply! Based on the concept, we sell meal kits so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of Korea at home.
Cookeasy delivers all ingredients in vacuum packs, so you can always enjoy fresh ingredients at home. In addition, we have obtained HACCP certification by verifying safety against Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella through an external research institute so that everyone can enjoy all our products with peace of mind. The kitchen chef also conducts a health check, including temperature measurement, once a day.
For the environment, the meal kit consists of only the necessary materials, and not only is it easy to prepare before meals and clean up after meals, but it is also a company that contributes to the global environment by preventing environmental pollution caused by garbage disposal. keep trying. Enjoy exciting, safe, delicious and fun Korean food.
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