“EXPG Dance Challenge 2023 supported by Kokone” will be held!! GENERATIONS Yuta Nakatsukasa will give you a special time to make your dreams come true!!

Cocone Co., Ltd.
“EXPG Dance Challenge 2023 supported by Kokone” will be held!! GENERATIONS Yuta Nakatsukasa will give you a special time to make your dreams come true!!
A campaign project with [EXPG STUDIO], a comprehensive entertainment school that has produced many LDH artists, and Cocone, which has the world’s top level achievements in avatar apps such as the “Pokekoro” series.

TikTok supporting young people with “dreams” by expg Co., Ltd., which has produced many LDH artists including EXILE, and Cocone Co., Ltd., which provides avatar services loved by over 130 million people worldwide. It was announced that the campaign project will start on January 16, 2023 (Monday).
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The title of the project is “EXPG Dance Challenge 2023 supported by Kokone”, and the winners will receive various benefits to support their “dream”. A special time gift to make your dreams come true. In addition, luxurious benefits full of entertainment, such as the EXPG Award and the Cocone Award, will be presented.
With this project as a trigger, many young people will continue to pursue their “dreams” and expect that they will play an active role. It is said that it will work on the pursuit and improvement of Overview of “EXPG Dance Challenge 2023 supported by Cocone”
[How to apply] Memorize the assignments on the special site and post them on TikTok with “#pg Danchare 23”!
[Campaign period] From January 16, 2023 (Monday) to January 29, 2023 (Sunday) For other details, please visit the special site
[Special site] https://expg.jp/dance_challenge23/
GENERATIONS Yuta Nakatsukasa comment
In 2022, as an EXPG STUDIO supervisor, I was the general producer of EXPG ENTERTAINMENT THE STAGE 2022 ~ WE ARE THE FUTURE ~, a
presentation of EXPG STUDIO. I would like to see the students shine on stage and support more people’s dreams. I look forward to your posts!! About expg Inc.
Since opening a school in Tokyo in 2003 as the first business that LDH JAPAN has worked on other than artist management, it currently has 12 schools in Japan and 3 overseas schools in Taipei and Shanghai, accumulating its own training system. increase.
Currently, we operate the school business in four categories as the EXPG ENTERTAINMENT brand category.
・ EXPG STUDIO / Build a unique training system and produce artists (dance / vocal / RAP / ACT / DJ)
・EXPG ONLINE STUDIO / Online lessons for anyone, anytime, anywhere to learn dance
・ETC DANCE SCHOOL/A place where you can experience dance for the first time and enjoy dancing according to your purpose
・ EXPG High School / You can acquire a high school diploma while learning dance [Official HP] https://expg.jp/
■Company profile
Head office location: 1-2-2 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: April 1, 2013
Representative: Kanji Ito
Business description: Operation of dance, vocal, and act schools [Image 2

About Cocone Co., Ltd.
Cocone provides many “kawaii” services that are loved by more than 130 million customers around the world, including the avatar theme application “Pokekoro” series. We will create a digital world where “sensitivity” rather than convenience and functionality can be realized by fusing blockchain technology with experience in digital item creation, community management, language education and education business, which has a sales record of 1 million types and 13 billion units. building.
[Official website] https://www.cocone.co.jp/
■Company profile
Head office location: 3-1-18 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Established: September 4, 2008
Representative: Shintaro Takaya, President and CEO
Business: Social network, application development, education, language, blockchain development
Subsidiaries: Cocone Education Inc., Cocone V Inc., Cocone Connect Inc., Cocone M Inc. (Korea), POST VOYAGER PTE.LTD. (Singapore), CRUSH PALETTE PTE.LTD. (Singapore), Cocone U.S. Inc. ( USA), Cocone N.Y. Inc (USA), Cocone Europe OU (Estonia), etc.
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