Extended due to popular demand! Special campaign for subscription business startups underway

Extended due to popular demand! Special campaign for subscription business startups underway
“Subscribe Professional”, which was born from the voices of “Subscribe Pay” users who have introduced more than 12,000 companies in total, will support special prices and business growth!

ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenya Kiyohisa, hereinafter “ROBOT PAYMENT”) is a customer management and automatic billing cloud specialized in the subscription business (hereinafter “subscription business”) “SUBSCRIPE Professional”. We are pleased to announce that the startup campaign for startup companies that operate subscription businesses will be extended until March 31, 2023 (Friday).
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About “Startup Campaign”
ROBOT PAYMENT has been supporting the subscription business since e-commerce had not yet penetrated Japan and the word “subscription” was not familiar.
For more than 20 years since its founding, we have consistently provided services to solve problems related to money for companies under the vision of “Making the world smile with the cloud that connects money.” Know-how is accumulated.
The “Startup Campaign” was launched in November last year with the aim of supporting the growth of startup companies that launch subscription businesses. This time, we will extend the period from January 4 (Wednesday) to March 31 (Friday) due to popular demand. Please take this opportunity to use “Subscribe Professional”.
From membership site creation to payment, “Subscribe Professional” is a special price!
We offer “Subscribe Professional” at a special price, which is a one-stop solution for membership site / order management / payment function / customer management / analysis / communication necessary when starting a subscription business. You can keep your system investment low and concentrate on your business.
“Subscribe Professional” not only provides the minimum functions required for the subscription business, but also analyzes customer trends required during the sales expansion period of rapidly growing startups, proposes measures, prevents cancellations, and promotes repeat customers. We will support you to improve value and maximize sales.
[Discount details]
Subscribing Professional 50% initial cost, 50% monthly cost for 1 year [Application conditions]
・ Those who can subscribe to Subsquare Pay Professional
・Those who are engaged in a subscription business and recognized by the Company that they can expect business growth
・Must be within 2 years of establishment
・Those who can cooperate with case studies
[Campaign extension period]
Those who have a contract between January 4, 2023 (Wednesday) and March 31, 2023 (Friday)
For details, please check the URL below.
https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/service/campaign/subscpay_startup/ What is the customer management/automatic billing cloud “Subscribe Pay”? [Image 2d1047-249-bcd51c4395cf0b5c9448-1.png&s3=1047-249-99ca1f46be66aaec08f461f61de8417b-2283x705.png
“Subscribe Pay” is a customer management and automatic billing cloud specialized for subscription business.
It has a wealth of functions such as automatic collection and real-time analysis of customer lifecycles, including contract details, purchasing trends, and usage status.
In addition, payment methods such as credit card payment, account transfer, and convenience store payment necessary for subscription business are installed. It is possible to design a flexible billing model that suits the customer.
Consolidating customer management and payment processing into a single cloud reduces indirect costs and frees up time to focus on productive work. We help prevent cancellations and increase unit prices, contributing to business growth.
Subscription Pay: https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/service/payment/ Company Profile
[Image 3d1047-249-c3576141f784d7862177-2.png&s3=1047-249-e3580cb9348ef45047b781e53251ad94-1833x1031.png
Company name: ROBOT PAYMENT Co., Ltd. (TSE Growth: 4374)
Location: 4F, ​​15th Arai Building, 6-19-20 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: October 2000
Representative: Kenya Kiyohisa, Representative Director
URL: https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/
Billing management robot: https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/service/mikata/ Billing Marunage Robot: https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/service/marunage/ Subscription Pay: https://www.robotpayment.co.jp/service/payment/ Details about this release:



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