Faber Company Co., Ltd. Awarded in 5 categories such as SEO / heat map Mieruka & Mieruka Heat Map won the highest award “Leader” of “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter”!

Faber Company Co., Ltd.
[Awarded in 5 categories such as SEO / heat map] Mieruka & Mieruka Heat Map won the highest award “Leader” of “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter”!

Faber Company Co., Ltd., which is supporting the web marketing of about 1,700 companies, won the “IT review Grid Award 2023 Winter” sponsored by IT Cloud, Inc., using the SEO platform “MIERUCA” provided by our company and UI / UX analysis / CVR. We are pleased to announce that the improvement tool “MIERUCA HEATMAP” has won the highest rank of “Leader” in 5 categories.

Faber Company Co., Ltd. (Faber Company / Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Masaki Inatsugu, Nobuo Furusawa), which is supporting the web marketing of about 1,700 companies, has received the IT review Grid Award 2023 sponsored by ITCloud. Winter”, our SEO platform “MIERUCA” and UI / UX analysis / CVR improvement tool “MIERUCA HEATMAP” received the highest ranking “Leader” in 5 categories. i will let you know.
Evaluated as an excellent product in terms of both satisfaction and recognition, Mieruka was selected as the highest award “Leader” in four categories: “SEO”, “Access Analysis/Attribution”, “Content Marketing” and “Heat Map”. rice field. Mieruka Heat Map also won the highest award “Leader” in the “Heat Map Category” for 14 consecutive years. We would like to express our gratitude for the high evaluation from many users, and we will continue to strive to expand functions and improve services.
What is the ITreview Grid Award?
“ITreview” is a review platform for business IT products and cloud services operated by ITCloud Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Genta Kurono). Based on the reviews gathered in this “ITreview”, the “ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter” is an award that recognizes products that are supported by users.
Products and services with particularly good customer satisfaction and product awareness are awarded as “Leader” based on the criteria set by “ITreview.” In this award, Mieruka won the “Leader” award in the following four categories.
・”SEO Tool Category” (14th consecutive term)
・”Access Analysis/Attribution Category” (14th consecutive term) ・”Content marketing tool category” (fourth consecutive term) ・”Heat map tool category” (second consecutive term)
In addition, Mieruka Heat Map has also won the “Leader” award in the “Heat Map Category” for the 14th consecutive term.
What is MIERUCA?
An SEO platform developed by Faber Company using artificial
intelligence (AI) based on over 10 years of search engine marketing knowledge. (1) In addition to content planning, production, evaluation and improvement, tools that can measure SEO performance including competing sites, (2) self-learning content such as seminars and videos, and (3) individual consulting, in-house Support SEO and content measures (within the company that introduced it).
Released in March 2015, the number of companies currently using it has exceeded 1,200. (As of the end of April 2019). In addition to Taku Ogawa, our CAO (Chief Analytics Officer) and web analyst, the development members include Associate Professor Mitsuo Yoshida of the University of Tsukuba Business Science Department, Professor Tomohiro Takagi of the Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meiji University, and other experts in artificial intelligence. is added. Software patent pending.
What is MIERUCA heat map?
As a first step to visualize user behavior on the site and improve the customer experience (CX improvement) of the site. Paid plans start at 10,780 yen/month (measurement limit 10,000 PV/month). There is also a profitable plan (Super Heat Map Plan) that can be used for sites with more than 10 million PV per month or for production companies and agencies that operate multiple sites.
Thorough support is provided for tag setting and analysis procedures when issuing an account so that even beginners can use it, and a dedicated consultant supports customer attraction and sales
improvement. Released in October 2016, the total number of accounts issued has exceeded 15,000.
About Faber Company Co., Ltd.
Based on the concept of “fusion of Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology”, we support corporate web marketing. Since its founding in 2005, it has developed businesses such as SEO measures and content production for client companies.
In 2013, we started developing our own SEO platform “Mielka” and released it in 2015. Starting with joint research with National University Corporation Toyohashi University of Technology, we are focusing on applied research of artificial intelligence in the field of web marketing through industry-academia collaboration with Meiji University.
Company name: Faber Company Co., Ltd.
Location: Kamiyacho Trust Tower 23F (reception), 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6923
Representative Directors: Masaki Inatsugu, Nobuo Furusawa
Capital: 100 million yen
Established: October 24, 2005
Business description: MIERUCA business, consulting business, media business, MIERUCA connect (DX personnel introduction) business, DEKIRUCA (custom-made DX training business) business
[Information transmission site]
・”Mielka Journal” for SEO and web marketing know-how
→If you want to learn SEO: “The latest information on SEO measures”   https://mieru-ca.com/blog/seo-measures/
・ For the latest digital marketing know-how, “Mielka Channel” (YouTube)  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH5BvLPax_uthxOIjf3uNtg
[Related services]
“Mielka SEO”: SEO/content marketing in-house tools
“Mielka Heat Map”: User behavior analysis and CVR improvement tool  https://mieru-ca.com/heatmap/
“Mielka Connect”: Dispatch service for ready-to-use marketers  https://mieruca-connect.com/business/
“Local Mieruka”: Centralized management tool for store information and GBP on the web
“Dekiruka”: DX human resource education and reskilling education platform  https://dekiruca.com/

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