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-2023 pre-bride support project-wedding DIY support free template distribution With the wish to realize a wonderful wedding while devising

Falbe Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Representative Director: Shiho Miyamura), which plans, produces, and sells wedding items, has the meaning of supporting the preparations for marriage of pre-brides who are about to get married. We provide template materials that can be used for free on our website.
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As prices soar, so do wedding expenses.
The soaring prices in recent years have had a great impact on various scenes in our daily lives, and it is also a problem that worries us. The cost of ceremonial occasions is also rising as prices rise, and even in the wedding business that we are involved in, the cost of that is jumping up across the board.
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Growing need for DIY to save money
Even for those who are considering a wedding in the future, the cost of this wedding is a source of worry, and there are people who are collecting information and transmitting on SNS how to reduce wedding costs. increasing.
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However, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime special event, so I don’t want to give up a lot just because it costs money! There are many people who feel that, rather than reducing costs by cutting down on production, etc., they think, “I want to keep costs down by doing what I can do myself” and “Let’s save money by DIY wedding items.” I hope there are many of you.
The fact that we often see wedding DIY methods being introduced on SNS, etc., can be said to be proof that such wedding DIY needs are increasing.
Thoughts put into providing free template materials
In fact, Falbe continues to provide free template materials for wedding DIY on its online site.
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Free template materials provided on the online site
▶Free template material download
This is a service that started with the desire to support brides at any time, saying, “If you put in the effort, you can have a wonderful wedding ceremony.” .
We continue to provide this service with the hope that it will be easy and enjoyable for the brides to start preparing for their wedding, and that we will be happy if we can be of any help to the brides. First of all, “Family meeting bookmark” for DIY practice
Among the free templates provided by Falbe, the most popular one is the “Family Meeting Bookmark”. It is a paper item used at the meeting place of both families, and it is often the first item of wedding DIY. [Image 4d61967-19-f2d9107f8c9e9bf124a0-3.jpg&s3=61967-19-8a48f7537344905953688635d2d66920-1000x650.jpg
Family reunion bookmark template
By challenging this bookmark DIY, it became a rehearsal that made it by myself and how much it costs, and it seems that it has become a foothold for full-fledged DIY paper items for weddings. am.
▶Template for “Family Meeting Meal Dinner Bookmark”
-Very popular-Production items are also prepared by DIY
“Items for performance” such as “Goods for Guessing the Dress” and “Pose Cards” became very popular at the time of the launch.
[Image 5d61967-19-9ef03461b60813f1db6e-4.jpg&s3=61967-19-9509caba37e5d2cb07bea552afa1927c-1000x675.jpg
Goods template for the dress guessing quiz
[Image 6d61967-19-9335cb5f3d26261fdbc4-5.jpg&s3=61967-19-a3e41d69c0d57cfde8d3c9e786b9bc3c-1000x600.jpg
pose card template
This is an item that can be used at wedding receptions, and it has been well received that it is easy to make with a template, even if it is difficult to make from scratch by yourself.
Recently, there are more and more brides and grooms who say, “I don’t want to burden the guests” or “I want them to enjoy themselves on the day without worrying about anything.” We hope that you can reduce the burden even a little by using DIY materials.
▶Template for “Guess the dress quiz goods”
▶ “Pose card” template
We will continue to add new template materials as needed and continue to provide services that meet the needs of brides and grooms. _____________
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