Fanfeel Co., Ltd. Released the chat fortune-telling function of “Fortune-telling Verni”.

Fun Feel Co., Ltd.
“Fortune-telling Verni” chat fortune-telling function has been released.
Funfeel Co., Ltd. has started providing a “chat fortune-telling” service on the fortune-telling site “Verni” operated by Funfeel. With this function, you will be able to receive appraisals in three ways: phone fortune-telling, e-mail fortune-telling, and chat fortune-telling, so you can use it in any situation.
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■ Background of introduction
The age of people who use fortune-telling is spreading with the times, and now the number of fortune-telling tools such as telephone, email, and face-to-face has increased.
Therefore, we have released “Chat Fortune-telling”, which has become very popular due to the corona crisis.
■ Features of chat fortune-telling
Chat fortune-telling is a new fortune-telling that is perfect for customers who are not good at communicating on the phone or who want to receive an appraisal on the familiar chat screen.
Chat fortune telling makes it easy to look back on the appraisal, and by rereading the fortune teller’s advice and advice even after a few days have passed, the possibility of implementing it and opening the way to success expands.
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Verni’s chat fortune-telling, where a fortune-teller can earnestly face the customer one-on-one, will give you a sense of security like no other.
In addition, Verni has a large number of fortune tellers who can handle all phone, email, and chat fortune-telling, expanding options according to customer convenience and boosting one step to
Features of Verni
Funfeel Co., Ltd. has led the telephone fortune-telling industry for 19 years with the vision of “pursuing the happiness of everyone involved”.
The telephone fortune-telling Verni, which operates, has a unique policy of not having a fortune-teller ranking, and has received a lot of support by making clients meet the best fortune-tellers.
In addition, by partnering with five fortune-telling halls, you can experience the peace of mind of face-to-face fortune-telling and the realism of fortune-telling unfolding in front of you through Verni. A total of 2,000 fortune tellers boast of “450,000 word-of-mouth” here is filled with a lot of gratitude and happiness.
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