FastLabel Co., Ltd. FastLabel Establishes “Purpose” ~Renewal of Corporate Site and Recruitment Site~

Fast Label Co., Ltd.
FastLabel Establishes “Purpose” ~Renewal of Corporate Site and Recruitment Site~
FastLabel Co., Ltd. (head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Eisuke Ueda; hereinafter referred to as “FastLabel”), which develops and provides a data platform that is essential for AI development, announced the purpose of FastLabel’s existence in society. )” was established. At the same time, in order to realize our purpose, we have defined “Values” that represent the fundamental values ​​and standards of FastLabel.
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Fast Label Purpose
In order to be a company that is loved by customers and continues to provide value to society over the long term, we will put into words the significance of FastLabel’s existence in society so that all stakeholders inside and outside the company can sympathize with us. We believe that there is a need for this, which led to the enactment of this purpose.
Thoughts in “Purpose”
While AI technology is developing rapidly, Japanese companies, especially in existing industries, have not been able to fully utilize AI compared to companies around the world, and the current situation is that AI has not been implemented in society. The background to this is the lack of data that is the basis of AI and the low quality of data.
In order to regain Japan’s lost 30 years, we would like to raise Japanese companies and the entire industry to the “world level” again by creating an AI infrastructure that supplies high-quality data with FastLabel.
Defining “Values” for Realizing “Purpose”
Along with the establishment of “Purpose”, we defined “Values”, which expresses the fundamental values ​​and standards that Fastlabel values.
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Fast Label Values
Renewal of corporate site and recruitment site
With the establishment of “Purpose” and “Value” this time, we have renewed our corporate site and recruitment site. Right now, as we enter our second founding period, we are looking for partners who will create an AI infrastructure and push Japan up to the “world level” again. Please check the details from the URL below.
Corporate site:
Recruitment site:
FastLabel Co., Ltd. Company Information
FastLabel develops and provides an AI data platform “FastLabel” that includes annotation tools, training data creation agency, and ML Ops construction. It is characterized by the ability to quickly provide high-quality teacher data with an annotation tool for creating and improving teacher data quickly and accurately, and a detailed annotation service by highly skilled personnel.
Company name: FastLabel Inc.
Representative: Eisuke Ueda, CEO
Head office location: 5-5-27 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 201 Company URL:
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