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#FC Ryukyu FC Ryukyu official dance team “Ryukyu BOMBERZ” 2023 season Cheer team member and talent audition announcement

FC Ryukyu
FC Ryukyu Official Dance Team “Ryukyu BOMBERZ” 2023 Season Cheer Team Member and Talent Audition Announcement

FC Ryukyu, a professional soccer club whose hometown is Okinawa City and all prefectures, is recruiting members for the 2023 season of the official dance team “Ryukyu BOMBERZ” as follows. As an image girl of FC Ryukyu, you will promote by dancing and other activities.
As an FC Ryukyu image girl, you will promote FC Ryukyu widely in the stadium, media, and SNS.
・Appearance at FC Ryukyu games and events
・ Appeared on TV, magazines, and commercials
・Dissemination of information on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ・Participated in a vocal dance unit
・Stadium MC (player introductions, etc.)
・Dance support performance
・Operation inside and outside the stadium
・Technical guidance for dance schools

・A person who agrees with the team’s activity policy, enthusiastically supports the team, and is enthusiastic about wanting to liven up the team together with the supporters.
・Prioritize FC Ryukyu cheer team activities (games, practices, events, etc.) ・Parental consent is required for minors
-Performance reward (top team only)-
FC Ryukyu home game performance fee 5,000 yen (including
transportation expenses)
* Other event performance rewards will change from time to time. -Team Introduction>
top team
Women over 18 years old living in Okinawa (as of April 1, 2023) Those who have special skills such as dance, MC, vocals, etc. Beginners OK
Those who can go to the venue by themselves
satellite team
Junior high school students, high school students (as of April 2023/gender not specified)
Beginners OK
Those who can go to the venue by themselves or with their guardians kids team
Male and female elementary school students (as of April 2023 / regardless of gender)
Beginners OK
Those who can go to the venue by themselves or with their guardians baby team
From 3 years old to kindergarten (as of April 2023/gender irrelevant) Beginners are welcome Those who can commute with their parents
●Dance practice
Please memorize the choreography for about 1 minute and perform it. script reading
Please read the script prepared here
You will be good at PR other than dance such as vocals
● Interview
(Dance and interviews only for satellites and below)
Successful applicants will be asked to register as a talent with Dance Dream Co., Ltd., join the practice, and perform from the opening game in March.

Sunday, February 12, 2023
*The time will be announced separately as soon as it is decided.
Tapik Kenso Hiyagon Stadium

Please fill in the necessary items from the application form below and apply. The application deadline is Tuesday, January 31st.

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