Felissimo Co., Ltd. A new collaboration item between Natsume’s Book of Friends and Felissimo “Nekobu (TM)”! Wrapping up a furoshiki wrapping cloth and relaxing on a cushion is cute.

Felissimo Inc.
A new collaboration item between Natsume’s Book of Friends and Felissimo “Nekobu (TM)”! The “Nyanko Sensei & Black Nyanko Pochi Envelope with Card” is cute with a furoshiki wrapped around it and a zabuton cushion.
Put your heart into it with Nyanko-sensei

Felissimo’s “Nekobu (TM)” collaborated with the popular manga “Natsume’s Book of Friends”, which has also been made into an anime, to launch online sales of “Pochi bag with a little cute Nyanko-sensei & Black Nyanko card” in January. Starting from the 24th. With the motif of the popular Nyanko Sensei, it is a convenient pocket bag that can be used in a variety of everyday situations, such as a small thank you gift, a return gift, an allowance, or a small gift. A message card in the shape of a cushion or furoshiki is attached, and you can attach it to Nyanko-sensei’s pocket bag and give it together. There are 4 types of designs, including a black cat with a smile. It’s a die-cut, so if you insert a four-fold bill, Nyanko-sensei’s appearance will become slightly three-dimensional. Nyanko-sensei will make various connections with you in adorable poses. A portion of the sale price will be used to protect orphan animals, find foster parents, prevent excessive breeding of stray cats, and protect animals during disasters.
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