Fibergate Co., Ltd. Promoting the efficiency of on-site work by developing a key management system

Fibergate Co., Ltd.
Promoting the efficiency of on-site work by developing a key management system Visualization of key opening/closing information on-site, saving labor for unlocking/locking operations

Fiber Gate Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime/Suda Securities: 9450, Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido, President: Masaki Inomata), Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime: 1820, Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Nobutoshi Takase), we developed a key management system for construction sites of condominiums. This system was developed mainly at construction sites of condominiums, where smart locks are attached to the entrance doors of each dwelling unit, and key opening/closing information is visualized using a dedicated application for remote control of unlocking/locking. system. On-site technicians can check the lock/unlock information of each dwelling unit from a mobile terminal and remotely control it, realizing labor savings in management work.
■ Background
At construction sites of condominiums, it is necessary to manage the interior finishing so that intruders do not damage the interior finish, so field engineers have to unlock the entrance doors of a huge number of apartments every day.・It is locked. In performing this daily management, on-site engineers not only need to perform normal unlocking/locking work, but also need to suddenly lend and borrow keys to on-site workers. Problems can also occur. In this way, unlocking and locking a huge number of homes not only takes time, but also carries the risk of forgetting to lock, placing a heavy burden on field engineers. Therefore, it is important to reduce such work so that field engineers can devote time to the original field work. [Image 1d6908-33-1b78a8a4ccfeb556e1d5-0.png&s3=6908-33-26c92b3ab14d623e3289245cc636fef5-1876x1220.png
■ System overview
[Image 2d6908-33-28b61574f74aafbec2c4-1.png&s3=6908-33-8e9a559e41be4246c604f54918f9bf4c-1697x1421.png
In this system, smart locks installed at the entrance doors of each dwelling unit on-site send information about the locks operated by the smart locks to the IoT platform via a Wi-Fi router. This information is linked to the cloud of the IoT device centralized management service, and field engineers can open a dedicated application from a smartphone or PC to check key opening/closing information. In addition, with regard to remote key operation, even if a field engineer receives a request to unlock a specific dwelling unit from a field worker, it is possible to open and close the lock of an individual dwelling unit. In addition, you can unlock and lock the keys for each floor separately in the building, and unlock and lock the keys for all dwelling units at once.
With the introduction of this system, key opening/closing information can be visualized, preventing people from forgetting to lock the keys, and reducing the time spent traveling to the site, which significantly reduces the labor hours required for key management.
■ Expected effects
Since it is possible to visualize key opening and closing information and remotely operate keys, it is expected to reduce the burden of key management work on site engineers and save labor and labor. In addition, there is no need to lend a physical key to the field worker, and it is possible to prevent forgetting to lock the key, so the security of the field can be strengthened.
■ Future development
This fiscal year, we will introduce and verify this system at our construction sites, and extract operational issues. In the next fiscal year, based on the verification results, we will consider expanding the functions of this system so that it can be applied to various sites, while expanding it within the company and considering expanding it to the entire industry.
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■ Reference materials
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