Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. Partnership with Swiss sports brand “On”

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd.
About partnership with Swiss sports brand “On”

Fighters Sports & Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido; President: Koji Kawamura; hereinafter referred to as “Fighters”) is a sports brand based in Switzerland with cutting-edge designs and functions, and a challenging brand. Empathizing with the attitude, we reported that we have concluded a partnership agreement after approaching ON JAPAN Co., Ltd. increase.
1. Significance and overview of the partnership
Fighters has a corporate philosophy of “Sports Community” and aims to create a community where sports and daily life are close to each other and where mental and physical health are nurtured. In Hokkaido Ball Park F Village (hereinafter referred to as “F Village”), a wide variety of people gather under the theme of live entertainment that coexists with nature and wellness solutions that nurture the mind and body, promoting the creation of a rich lifestyle. We are here. By concluding a partnership agreement with On Japan, we will contribute to community formation and fostering of running culture through running in F Village and surrounding areas.
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(C)︎On Japan
2. Implementation overview
In partnership with On Japan, we will implement the following initiatives. ■Get together at F Village and have fun running with “RUN & 〇〇!”! At F Village, various running events that all visitors can enjoy are scheduled to start around June under the supervision of “On”. On weekends, we hold events that even beginners can easily participate in, such as “run classes” and “group runs”. After the run, we gathered at the brewery restaurant “Sorashiba” in Escon Field HOKKAIDO (hereafter “Escon Field”) to have a “RUN & BEER!” We are planning various “RUN & 〇〇!” such as “RUN & SAUNA!”
■You can run whenever you come to F Village!
An “On RUNNING Course” will be set up around F Village.
Starting from the monument installed next to the entrance on the 3rd base side of the Escon field, it is possible to run a course of about 1.8km at any time of the day! The course is directly connected to Elphin Road (a bicycle-pedestrian road) from the BIGBOSS Bridge, so runners who want to extend their distance can run Elphin Road as it is!
Also, at the tower 11 onsen & sauna reception, we will provide a rental service for “On” shoes. After work or a day game, you can borrow shoes and sweat!
Furthermore, at the FIGHTERS FLAGSHIP STORE in Esconfield, we plan to sell On’s running shoes from around the end of April. You can actually check the comfort of the product before purchasing.
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(C) H.N.F.
■”On Squad Race” will be held at F Village this fall!
The team-based running event “SquadRace”, which has been developed in various European countries, will be held in the fall of 2023! It is a team-based battle race, and the excitement is inevitable! Details will be announced around spring.
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(C)︎On Japan
■Wear running shoes of fighters staff
The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and Fighters Sports & Entertainment staff were founded with the mission of spreading the joy of running. We will take the initiative in aiming for a society where sports and life are close.
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(C)︎On Japan
About On
On is a sports company born in Switzerland. With the goal of innovating a running sensation, in just 12 years since the brand was launched, we have established bases in Portland, USA, Berlin, Germany, Yokohama, Japan, Shanghai, China, Melbourne, Australia, etc., running, outdoor, and life. We bring to market premium shoes, apparel and accessories in style.
On’s proprietary CloudTec(R) system is globally patented and world champions and elite athletes continue to win with On. In November 2019, world-famous tennis player Roger Federer joined. Federer will contribute to On in many ways, including product development, sports marketing and corporate culture. In July 2020, it became the official partner of the Swiss Olympic team. On’s innovative products have attracted many fans and are sold in over 60 countries around the world.
3. Company Profile
[Image 6d79562-43-86c8915c670a09aa875d-2.jpg&s3=79562-43-4198ec635e84eaea2eccb7b2c062ba56-1361x1960.jpg
Company name: On Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: 30-1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Co-representatives: Hiroki Komada and Yuichi Fukuhara
Business: Import, export, sales and marketing of athletic shoes, sportswear and sports related products
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