FINE GLAMPING Co., Ltd. A whole glamping charter gift! Announcement of new facility name open call for participants

Glamping whole charter gift! Announcement of new facility name open call for participants

“EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka” is looking for a concise new facility name that can convey the feeling of a tropical resort to guests in an easy-to-understand manner.
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Opportunity to rent out the entire glamping
Throughout the year, when you pass through the entrance of “EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka”, many people exclaim, “I feel like I’m in a foreign country!”
Now that it is no longer possible to travel abroad casually, I would like more people to know that “if you come here, you can feel the exhilaration of being at a tropical resort.” With that in mind, we have decided to openly invite new facility names.
◆Let’s stay at “EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka” and apply for the “glamping whole charter gift”
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Feeling like a tropical country even in winter by using the sauna Reopening date under the new facility name: March 1, 2023 (planned) Recruitment reason: Thanks to all of you, many people have stayed at the hotel since it opened, but there were so many comments that “the name is difficult to understand and long…”, so we decided to change the name of the facility.
Recruitment contents The new facility name of “EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka” Please limit the number of characters to 10 characters or less. The characters used are alphabet, katakana, and hiragana (names that easily convey the feeling of a tropical resort, Hawaii, etc.)
Eligibility: Guests who stayed at “EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka” from January 20, 2023 to February 20, 2023.
How to apply: Please fill out the application form before checkout on site (up to 1 proposal per person)
Deadline February 20, 2023
Prize: “Glamping whole charter gift” for up to 12 people per group Notes: Adopted works may be used as supplementary works and may be revised by our company.
◆Graduate Support Discount/Student Discount!
I would like to hear the flexible opinions of everyone in Generation Z when the new facility name is announced. For that reason, we will be holding a graduation trip support discount that was very popular last year again this year.
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It can be combined with the National Travel Support Discount, so you can enjoy the tropical resort feeling with the maximum discount. Also this year, a student discount will be held at the same time! Now that it is difficult to go to Hawaii and tropical resorts, we will provide students with “a familiar trip to Hawaii and a world view that makes you feel like you are in a tropical country”.
Combined with the nationwide travel support Iba Tabi, you can stay at “EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka” at the highest level of value ever!
-Alumni Support Discount/Student Discount Plan-
1 night, 2 meals, bonfire grill dinner with all-you-can-drink & free activity use
Graduate Support Discount Plan Graduates and their families: 20% discount from our luxury plan
Student discount plan Students (specialized in elementary, junior high, high school, and university): 20% discount from our luxury plan From the above rates, it is possible to combine with the National Travel Support Discount (first-come-first-served basis)
[Period] Now being held until March 31, 2023
*Please be sure to show your student ID card or something that can prove your date of birth when using it.
[Reservation method] You can make a reservation from the following. Official reservation site Telephone reservation 029-212-8318
Our “Luxury Plan” is a luxurious plan where you can enjoy a variety of activities such as a bonfire grill dinner with two meals per night, sauna and hot spring tickets “roasted marshmallows and spice making” for free.
All-you-can-drink at dinner time can be selected from alcoholic beverages as well as juices, so you can enjoy traveling in various styles such as “university students” and “elementary and junior high school students and their families”.
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Beautiful night pool all year round
If you drive for 90 minutes from the city center, you can go to a tropical resort in no time! Also, if you come by the Hitachi Seaside Railway Minato Line, you will be able to enjoy the warm feeling of a railroad trip that is unique to local lines, so your trip will be even more enjoyable.
It’s a distance that you can visit as soon as you think about it, so it’s a great value plan that I would definitely recommend to students who couldn’t decide on a graduation trip or families with children before entering college. All the staff are looking forward to welcoming you as a guest.
◆Facility overview
Facility name: EAST COAST FINE GLAMPING Ibaraki Hitachinaka
Location: 442 Ajigaura-cho, Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture 311-1201 Access: [Car] From Tokyo/Utsunomiya direction Kita-Kanto
Expressway-Hitachinaka Toll Road Approximately 5 minutes from Hitachi Seaside Park IC [By train] 5 minute walk from Ajigaura Station on the Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Minato Line
Business Owner: FINE GLAMPING Co., Ltd.
Inquiries from customers
TEL: 029-212-8318
Or contact us on LINE from the official website
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