First appearance on Saturday, January 21, 2023! The long-awaited tree funeral “Shonan Chigasaki Arveage” in the Shonan area. No successor required, no management fee. For those who visit the garden, we will present a “Tree Funeral Guidebook” and a “G

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First appearance on Saturday, January 21, 2023! The long-awaited tree funeral “Shonan Chigasaki Arveage” in the Shonan area. No successor required, no management fee. For those who visit the garden, we will present a “Tree Funeral Guidebook” and a “Grave Closure Guidebook”!
Matsudoya Co., Ltd. (President: Taisuke Nakamoto) is a
long-established stone store that has been in business for over 100 years, selling tombstones, Buddhist altars and fittings, developing and managing cemeteries, and consulting on permanent memorial graves and tree burials. This time, the tree funeral flowerge series “Shonan Chigasaki Alveage” will appear for the first time in Chozenji Cemetery (Yahata, Chigasaki City) located in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is a completely private room type that can be used by a family for a permanent memorial service, and is reasonably priced at 300,000 yen per person. Sales will start from Saturday, January 21, 2023.
■ Chozenji Temple
Established in 1684, this is a temple with a long history of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism. In the Edo period, it was called “Katsuunbo” as one of the betto temples of “Tsuramine Hachimangu”. The location is a quiet area located on the north side of Yahata, Chigasaki City. In addition to access by train using the JR line, it is also possible to use the bus, which is about a 4-minute walk from the Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu “Yabata” stop.
[Image 1

Chozenji Temple
■ What is a tree funeral?
Tree burial is a traditional burial method that involves burying the ashes in a mountain and planting trees on top of it. In recent years, due to the declining birthrate and aging population, the problem of succession of cemeteries and the shortage of land for cemeteries in the Tokyo metropolitan area have evolved new forms, and demand is increasing year by year.
■ What is the tree burial “Furage Series”?
The tree burial “Furage series” developed by the Matsudo family is a new system that combines the management fee unnecessary, permanent memorial service, burial in an individual urn, name plate attached, etc. It is a popular product that introduces So far, we have developed various types of tree burial “Lauage Series” mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and sales have already exceeded 6,500. It has also been featured in many media outlets.
■ Features of the Arveage of the Tree Funeral “Furage Series” Arveage Arveage is a completely private room type tree funeral born from the tree funeral flowerge series. The urban design makes it hard to believe that it is a grave.
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Shonan Chigasaki Arveage
■ Permanent memorial service with no maintenance fee
Since the memorial service and management are performed by the graveyard, no successor is required. If multiple applications are made at the same time for a private room type, they will be enshrined together 13 years after the last person’s cremation, and a memorial service will be held for eternity.
■Each person is individually interred and buried in a Kutaniyaki urn. The charnel room is a private room structure that the whole family can put together, and up to 6 people can be cremated. The ashes will be buried in a dedicated Kutani urn so that they will not be mixed with those of others. It can be used not only by families but also by friends and individuals.
■ Engrave your name on the plate
Since a plate with each person’s name engraved is installed, you can pray toward the ashes with your hands together.
150 Yahata, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[By train]
Approximately 16 minutes on foot from Kitachigasaki Station on the JR Sagami Line
Approximately 18 minutes on foot from JR Chigasaki Station
[By Bus]
From JR “Chigasaki Station” bound for Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Samukawa Station South Exit, get off at “Yabata” and walk for about 4 minutes [By car]
About 12 minutes by car from Ken-O Expressway “Samukawa Minami I.C.” About 7 minutes by car from Shin-Shonan Bypass “Chigasaki Nishi I.C.” Please enter the following address into your car navigation system. “150 Yahata, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture”
Click here for details of Shonan Chigasaki Alveage ■ Free gift of “Tree Funeral Guidebook” and “Graveyard Guidebook”! Now, we will present a total of 26,000 copies of the “Tree Funeral Guidebook” and “Graveyard Guidebook” to all who inquire. The tree funeral guidebook (all 16 pages) can be requested from the Matsudo family website.
[Image 3d17374-39-82d57b945863c4646091-3.jpg&s3=17374-39-8f211c0893e3c4209899b783d9936f81-1200x1630.jpg
Tree Funeral Guidebook
Please specify the necessary items and apply from the document request form. ■ What is a tree funeral? Cost, merit, thorough explanation of how to find | Matsudo family for tree burial
■What is Grave Closure? I will answer the questions of such people about the cost and memorial service method
■ YouTube Matsudo family channel

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