Five Fox Co., Ltd. Artisan Released a spring coat with a slightly sparkling plant pattern

Five Fox Co., Ltd.
[Artisan] Released a spring coat with a slightly sparkling plant pattern A spring coat made of jacquard fabric with a beautiful floating plant pattern will be released from Wednesday, February 1st.

Developed by Five Fox Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), Artisan makes clothes based on the theme of “pursuing Japanese culture and traditional beauty; creating new sensibilities in harmony with the West.” This time, we will release a spring coat with a botanical pattern woven from the original pattern. From February 1st
(Wednesday), it will be available at stores nationwide such as Precious Mild and Comsa Stage Ginza.
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Spring coat 75,900 yen (tax included) Colors: beige, black
I made a spring coat using a jacquard fabric woven from an original pattern with a plant motif.
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Color: Beige
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Color: Black
original jacquard fabric
Based on rayon thread with irregular knots and uneven thread thickness, the pattern is expressed with glossy polyester thread, so it is a material with an elegant sparkle that is not too flashy. Kiryu’s craftsmanship creates a glossy and slightly bulging surface, and the pattern is made to stand out, giving it a light and luxurious feel.
[Image 4

Detachable collar
Knee-length convertible collar coat
The clean I-line silhouette and large buttons give it a classic look. Collar is removable. If you remove it, the neck will look neater and the impression will change, so you can expand the range of
By adding tucks in the back, it does not stick to the body, making it look slim and comfortable to wear.
The material is light and has a glossy feel, so you can dress up in anticipation of spring.
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