Flex Co., Ltd. Vinegar making experience workshop will be held on 2/4 (Sat) and 5 (Sun)! Flex Co., Ltd. x Sagamiko Farm Co., Ltd.

Flex Co., Ltd.
2/4 (Sat.) and 5 (Sun.) Vinegar making experience workshop! Flex Co., Ltd. x Sagamiko Farm Co., Ltd.
The first collaboration project between Flex Co., Ltd., which sells pajamas on EC (operating brand: pajama shop IZUMM) and Sagamiko Farm Co., Ltd., which develops the “solar sharing” business that
simultaneously generates power and farms!

Flex Co., Ltd. (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, representative: Izumi Kumasaka), which operates the pajama shop IZUMM, will operate a solar sharing business in the same city on Saturday, February 4th and Sunday, 5th, 2023. Sagamiko Co., Ltd. We will hold a “vinegar making workshop” in collaboration with a farm (Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, representative Yuichiro Yamakawa) (hereafter, Sagamiko Farm). This hands-on workshop uses blueberries harvested at the Sagamiko Berry Garden operated by Sagamiko Farm to help you make vinegar and think about how to make your body sleepy.
Application: https://sagamico-bg.org/products/osu

Connection between Flex and Sagamiko Farm
From 2022, Flex will start “local production for local consumption of electricity”.
Two companies with offices in the same city were connected through electricity. In the future, we will expand the circle of connections from the two companies to customers and communities, jointly implement initiatives for environmental issues and community development activities, and contribute to the realization of the SDGs rooted in the region. Sagamiko Farm Co., Ltd. HP: https://sagamicofarm.co.jp/
“Local production for local consumption of electricity” release: https://tamaempower.co.jp/news/2022/sdgs-2.html
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The theme is “Creating a sleeping body”
~Thinking about “sleep” leads to thinking about how to live and live~ The theme of this first collaboration is “creating a sleeping body” Since its founding, pajama shop IZUMM has pursued “pajamas making” with a focus on materials and has provided original pajamas through EC shops so that you can get a more comfortable sleep. It is said that one in five people in Japan suffers from some kind of sleep disorder. On the other hand, I have also felt that pajamas alone cannot solve the problem of getting a good night’s sleep. While improving the quality of sleep, which is essential for maintaining good health, is attracting attention as a major social issue, we, as a small company, have started preparations to tackle this issue from what we can do. From now on, we will continue to pursue the essence of sleep and stay close to each person’s sleep and life, centering on “creating a sleepable body”.
[Image 2d59370-15-af81338c8898be2f4fdb-7.jpg&s3=59370-15-dbb831e6d9aed9cf2b3b2857306633a6-1000x650.jpg
In the morning, we will visit Sagamiko Berry Garden (blueberry farm). A farm that conducts various social experiments aiming for harmony between nature and technology. This is a program where you can experience the importance of food, agriculture, and energy while interacting with nature.
In the afternoon, Mr. Sou Igarashi, representative of Tsuchito Chef Co., Ltd. (http://earth-and-chef.com/) (cook/natural farmer/food circulation activist) will be invited to make fruit vinegar using blueberries. experience the
* Mr. Igarashi is only on the 4th (Sat).
It is a lot of events, such as introducing a simple recipe using blueberry vinegar that is published on the pajama shop IZUMM’s blog and presenting warm items that are perfect for the cold winter. Pajama shop IZUMM blog: https://www.pajamaya.com/motto/nerumaga/column/3186/ [Image 3d59370-15-1a1bf1277fd67230609f-5.jpg&s3=59370-15-0c50e245da166fb33b56a8227472a930-2560x1706.jpg
[Image 4d59370-15-058cd24ffce3f69b903d-6.jpg&s3=59370-15-d1ebf85f25dc375fec567d265e8bab0b-980x606.jpg
This event combines “local contribution” and “health,” which are two companies in completely different industries that are important in common.
Flex plans to start building construction this fiscal year (to be completed in July 2024). At Sagamiko Farm, both companies are planning to expand their business with the grand opening of the experience farm and create a place as a platform for the region.
Event overview
■ Date and time
1. February 4 (Sat) 10:00-14:30
2. February 5 (Sun) 10:00-14:30
*Please participate on either day.
■ Participation fee
4 years old and over: regular price 6,200 yen, infants free
* Pajamas shop IZUMM member special price 4,960 yen
*Sagamiko Berry Garden yearly members are discounted at 4,960 yen. ■ Capacity
15 people each time
■ Time schedule
10:00 : Gathering at the farm/reception
10:15 : Sagamiko Berry Garden Tour
11:00 : Move to workshop space
11:15 : Snack Orientation
12:15-14:30: Vinegar making event
A simple light meal will be provided.
■Meeting place
Sagamiko Berry Garden (329 Aonohara, Midori Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
If you do not have a private car, please meet at the workshop space at 9:45. A courtesy car will take you to the farm.
■ Workshop space (5 minutes by car from the farm)
Sagamiko Farm Co., Ltd. Office
250-1 Mikagi, Midori Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture 202 Casa Grande Tsukui
Bus from Hashimoto Station and Sagamiko Station. 3 minutes walk from “Migaki” bus terminal
■ What to bring
Clothes that are easy to move in and can get dirty (long sleeves, long pants, hat), comfortable shoes,
Apron, bag for 1 liter PET bottle (for taking home vinegar)
■ Where to apply
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・Flex Co., Ltd.: https://www.flex.jp.net/
・Pajam shop IZUMM: https://www.pajamaya.com/
・Sagamiko Farm Co., Ltd.: https://sagamicofarm.co.jp/
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