FM Ehime Co., Ltd. Mr. Yuya Kubota, president of Otbank Co., Ltd., appeared in the talk program “FM Ehime’ s “serious” word project Kotobano Mahou” by Mr. Masatomo Tamaru, a short-short writer from Ehime Prefecture!

FM Ehime Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yuya Kubota, president of Otobank Co., Ltd., will appear on the talk program “FM Ehime’s” Serious “Kotoba Project Kotobano Maho” by Mr. Masatomo Tamaru, a short-story writer from Ehime Prefecture! Broadcast from 7:00 on Sunday, January 29!

The radio station of Matsuyama, a city of literature, and FM Ehime face Japanese language and “seriousness”. With Mr. Masatomo, we are thinking about the charm and possibilities of the Japanese language with various guests.
On the broadcast on Sunday, January 29, we will welcome Mr. Yuya Kubota, president of Otobank Co., Ltd., as a guest.
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Mr. Yuya Kubota
If you are a regular listener of this program, you probably already know that there is a service called “” where you can enjoy audio content such as audiobooks.
You can enjoy listening to a lot of stories, including the uncut version of Kotobano Mahou and the works of Masatomo Tamaru, and the “audio book” was nominated for last year’s “New Words and Buzzwords Award”. Featured service.
Currently, “” boasts the number one lineup of audiobooks in Japan. In 2007, Otobank Co., Ltd. launched Japan’s first audio distribution service.
This time, we will focus on “books to listen to by ear = audiobooks” and interview Yuya Kubota, the president of Otobank Co., Ltd. [Image 2

State at the time of recording
The program will be broadcast on FM Ehime from 7:00 on January 29 (Sun), and you can listen to it on radiko for a week after the broadcast. (Paid for area free)
In addition, you can enjoy an after-talk by the program staff on Radio Cloud, and an uncut version on the paid content “”. In addition, we are always looking for impressions of the program and guest requests on Twitter. Please tweet with “#Kotobano Maho”. Let’s discover a new charm of Japanese with Masatomo Tamaru. [Image 3

[Program information]
Last Sunday of every month 7:00-7:30
“FM Ehime’s Serious Words Project Kotobano Magic”
Twitter: (Kotoba no Mahou @kotoba_JOEUFM) 【Company Profile】
Company name: FM Ehime Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-10-7 Takehara-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 790-8565 Representative: Hidetoshi Kurabuchi, President and Representative Director Established: April 17, 1981
Business description: Very short wave broadcasting (FM radio broadcasting) business

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