FOEX Professionals of medicine box aroma oil for mind and body talk! Notice of special lecture “Let’s know the love of plants” -Natural Style. Market-

Limited Liability Company Smart Luce
[FOEX] Professionals of medicine box aroma oil for mind and body talk! Notice of special lecture “Let’s know the love of plants” -Natural Style. Market-

Smart Luce (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a joint company that operates Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎ (FOEX (R) ︎), will be held on January 22 at the “Natural Style. Market” with Junwa Motobu (SolLunas LLC). A special lecture will be held by Ms. Yukiko Nakayama (Rhythmoon).
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Junwa Motobu (left) and Yukiko Nakayama (right)
~Natural Style. Market Special Lecture~
[Location] Natural Style. Market
[Date and time] January 22, 2023 (Sunday) 10:00-
[Participation fee] Free (Zoom participation)
-Special lecture-
“Let’s know the love of plants”
Humans live on the blessings of plants. Plants don’t ask for anything in return. It is a heartfelt moment to talk about essential oils and vegetable oils made from healthy plants.
Junwa Motobu (SolLunas LLC)
UK IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) Certified Aromatherapist, Japan Infertility Counseling Society Certified Infertility Counselor
Yukiko Nakayama (Rhythmoon)
Mothers Office Certified Rhythmic Body (R) Therapist, JOPH Diet Advisor, AEAJ Aromatherapy Advisor, 8th Mrs Japan Grand Prix Finalist, Personal Balance Navigator
Mail-order model, Japan Face Type Diagnosis Association Face Type Advisor ■ “Natural Style. Market”
Held every third Sunday of the month from 9:00 to 12:00
“Natural Style. Market” is an online window shopping experience. We have a wide range of products and services that make your life easier. [Image 3d84907-32-e3fd56b3830a5a5bd226-2.jpg&s3=84907-32-6b0171c550f8d9af0b63e9fd19693ada-2500x1282.jpg
■ What is “Flask Online EXPO (R)?”
In April 2020, the Online Marche (R) ︎ “ONLINE Hobo Kenjinkai (R) ︎” (4th Sunday of every month from 9:00 to 12:30) will start, and will be developed as a Marche that can be easily participated in online. . Visitors (customers) were nationwide, so they enjoyed encountering products and services they had never seen before. “Flask Online EXPO(R)︎” is the result of repeated trial and error and
When the “Adult Festa” was held in May 2021, the reaction was great, and word of mouth occurred that visitors who used it for the first time invited their acquaintances. In addition, in March 2022, the “Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎” 1st anniversary commemorative award was successful. So far, we have launched 19 online EXPO (R) projects, held more than 100 times, boasting over 2,300 exhibitors and 2,000 monthly visitors.
From January 2023, the FM radio program “Flask Online EXPO (R) Hour” introducing online EXPO and exhibitors will start (every Sunday at 24:00 Chofu FM). CEO Susumu Oshige serves as a personality.
[Image 4d84907-32-171004839f5b4b15faed-3.png&s3=84907-32-595f0f6d2daf91aa02dbe7d7d17af4d6-1018x530.png
Experiment and creation exhibition “Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎” Based on the basic philosophy of Share the World (R) ︎-Let’s share the world-, Flask Online EXPO (R) ︎ supports businesses that take on the challenge of exhibiting online. By sharing your own world, you aim to develop your business with your colleagues. We will connect the whole country online and contribute to the activation of various industries. Homepage
Organizer: Japan Online Event Promotion Association (JOEPA)
Operation management: B-Dash Co., Ltd. Smart Luce LLC
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