Food Creative Factory Co., Ltd. [Cookie cans are sold out for members only in 7 minutes! 】Toroa’s special Va lentine’s set is now accepting pre-orders for members only!

Food Creative Factory Co., Ltd.
[Cookie cans are sold out for members only in 7 minutes! 】Toroa’s special Valentine’s set is now accepting pre-orders for members only! We are accepting reservations for the new “Toro raw chocolate cheesecake” and the new bonbon chocolate “toroBonbon”

The finest sweets brand “toroa” operated by Food Creative Factory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Go Igarashi, hereinafter FCF) is the official online store ( ) started pre-orders for Valentine’s Day products for members only from 18:00 yesterday. We have finished the planned number of cookie cans and toroBonBon single items.
■”toroBonbon”, a bonbon chocolate that you can enjoy on Valentine’s Day, was born.
[Image 1

With the theme of “chocolat that delivers time to melt”, I wanted to make a bonbon chocolate that chocolate lovers would love, so I developed it. The melting sauce and rich ganache are confined in a colorful sphere, and when you take a bite, it spreads in your mouth, aiming for a delicious taste from the first bite to the aftertaste. For the ganache, use high-quality chocolate from Kaoka, which is also used in toroa’s Toro Nama Gateau Chocolat. By blending several types of chocolate, you can enjoy a complex aroma, sourness, and flavor that cannot be expressed with just one type of chocolate.
・Flavor introduction
rich milk
Ganache bonbon chocolate blended with rich milk sauce and 3 types of milky chocolate.
You can enjoy the rich milky taste.
berry berry
Ganache bonbon chocolate blended with strawberry sauce and two kinds of chocolate.
The vivid sauce of strawberries and raspberries spreads in your mouth. caramel
Ganache bonbon chocolate blended with rich caramel sauce and 3 kinds of chocolate.
It is the thickest of the five types.
Ganache bonbon chocolat blended with Hokkuri chestnut sauce and 3 kinds of chocolate.
The scent of chestnuts and the sweetness spread gently.
pistachio raspberry
Bonbon chocolate with ganache sandwiched between gorgeous sour raspberry sauce and rich pistachio sauce. Rich and rich flavor with pistachio and chocolate.
■Plenty of chocolate “Toroa chocolate-covered cookie cans” are now available for chocolate lovers.
[Image 2

For Valentine’s Day, we have created a cookie can that uses plenty of chocolate for chocolate lovers. Packed with 5 kinds of forbidden cookies that you won’t be able to stop eating one. Cookie dough using fermented butter from Hokkaido has a very rich taste. Chocolate is selected and blended according to each product.
・Flavor introduction
Pistachio and raspberry chocolate langue de chat
Pistachio and raspberry peach chocolate are sandwiched between crispy and fragrant langue de chat that contains almonds with skin and melts in the mouth. You can enjoy the richness of pistachio and the gorgeous aroma and acidity of raspberry peach.
caramel chocolate shortbread
Fermented butter containing plenty of chocolate chips and cacao nibs and a cookie that feels the richness of caramel are coated with a blend of caramel chocolate and dark chocolate.
Chocolate covered galette Bretonne
Rich cookie dough with plenty of fermented butter and condensed milk, rum that enhances the aroma, and caramel that brings out the depth of flavor. Coated with chocolate blended with milk chocolate and dark chocolate, and topped with Guerande salt as an accent.
coconut chocolate sable
Coconut sugar and brown sugar add richness and depth to the batter, which is kneaded with plenty of chocolate, and a very small amount of vanilla adds a sweet scent. You can enjoy the chocolate feeling as if you were biting chocolate as it is.
Crispy chocolate nut rich pie
A pie coated with plenty of chocolate topped with macadamia nuts, almonds, and pistachios. By coating the surface of the pie with sugar and baking it, when combined with chocolate, the pie will be as delicious as the chocolate.
・About the design of the can
[Image 3

The design of the cookie tin was made with the image of “spending time melting while eating cookies at night”.
The design is an image that melts into the sky that changes from evening to night.
■2 types of Hokkaido cheese, 4 types of high-quality chocolate, and rich fermented butter to create “Toro Nama Chocolate Cheesecake”. [Image 4

From toroa’s “Toro Nama Cheesecake”, which won the Grand Prize and Category Gold Award in the “Best Otoriyose Grand Prize 2022” of Otoriyose Net, Japan’s largest order site, a new flavor “Toro Nama Chocolate Cheesecake” that is perfect for Valentine’s gifts. was born. 4 kinds of high-quality chocolate from Ecuador and 2 kinds of cream cheese from Hokkaido are combined, rich with fermented butter, sweet scent of vanilla, and homemade burnt caramel cream added depth. You can enjoy a “melt-in-your-mouth” melting temperature and baking time. ■ About product delivery
Valentine’s day products are reserved products.
Shipping period: 2/6 (Mon) ~ 2/10 (Mon)
Possible date range: From 2/8 (Wed) to 14 (Tue)
*We cannot accept orders outside the specified range.
*If you would like to ensure delivery on 2/14 (Tue.), please order a pre-order item.
About sales other than toroaEC
We are planning to sell cookie cans and bonbon chocolates at the following 5 venues.
*Kyoto Takashimaya Amour (1/20~2/14)
*Ecute Tachikawa (1/23~2/19)
*Mitsukoshi Hiroshima Salon du Chocolat (1/27~2/14)
*Sapporo Mitsukoshi Salon du Chocolat (1/26~2/14)
*Omiya Takashimaya Amour (2/1~2/14)
If you are in the area, please stop by.
We will continue to develop products so that we can deliver a relaxing time to everyone through the finest sweets.
[Food Creative Factory Co., Ltd.]
With the motto of “relaxing your life with delicious food”, by providing easy, delicious, time-saving recipes to many people on SNS, you can create fun and comfort in your life, and at Kutsurogiya, you can enjoy your life through the finest sweets. Create time to enjoy and relax. FCF’s business is to spread “deliciousness” and
A sweets brand that delivers the finest taste that no one has ever experienced. Through the finest sweets, we provide a “relaxing time” where you can take a break.
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