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Shokukan Project Co., Ltd.
[Food space project] Instagrammable culture supported by Reiwa girls “Table styling course”-FSPJ table coordination school
FSPJ table coordination school
At the FSPJ Table Coordination School (operated by Shokukan Project Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Minako Jido; hereinafter referred to as “FSPJ”), at the “Tableware Festival 2023 ~Vessels that Colors Your Life~” salon seminar, We will be holding a table styling course for the first time.

[Image 1

In recent years, when we have more time at home, in addition to table coordination that creates a gorgeous dining table, there is an increasing focus on table styling that looks good on SNS.
The FSPJ Table Coordination School, which has issued table
coordination professional qualifications to more than 530 people so far, offers table styling courses [Introduction] and [Practice] for beginners.
In addition to the traditional table coordination culture for cooking, Incorporating “styling techniques” that allow you to casually enjoy everyday life by conveying shooting perspectives such as interior goods and SNS
It is a course content, and it is also possible to take a single-engine course. [Image 2

“Table styling”, which was born as a Reiwa culture where single girls and working women enjoy living, is also supported by new lifestyles. [Image 3

~Introduction~ Characteristics and contents of the course
◆ You can learn not only the basic form of table coordination, but also the general styling for enjoying everyday life.
◆ You can learn the points of shooting using SNS such as Instagram and smartphones
◆ You can grasp your own tastes with “MY STYLE analysis” from the knowledge of color coordination and material combination
A styling course that can be enjoyed by women in their 20s and living alone as a lifestyle culture for women in Reiwa.
~Practice Edition~ Characteristics and content of the course A course that intensively practices styling based on theory rather than intuition
◆Practice techniques for selecting accessories and how to use them according to the theme.
◆ You can master the combination of well-balanced colors and materials. ◆ You can acquire skills through practical training that is conscious of the shooting angle and individual advice from the instructor. ◆ After taking the course, you can repeatedly watch “Acquisition of FSPJ Diploma” and “Video material (Styling Technique 30)”.
Styling Technique 30: [Image 4

[Date and time]
Introduction: January 29th (Sunday) and February 2nd (Thursday) 11:00-12:30 each Practice version: Tuesday, January 31st and Sunday, February 5th, 11:00-12:30 each
Tokyo Dome Tableware Festival 2023 Salon seminar venue
[Course fee]
Introduction: 8,000 yen (tax included)
Practice version: 28,000 yen (tax included)
* A separate tableware festival admission fee (1,700 yen including tax) will be charged.
[Application] Purchase tickets from Tableware Festival Salon Seminar
In addition, this course will be held at the FSPJ School Ginza Main Campus after March with enhanced content.
■ Table styling 1DAY course: [Food Space Total Produce Show] ~Possibilities of Styling Display Expanding from Table Coordination~
[Image 5d105886-3-5f2b36ecc12017c200c3-2.png&s3=105886-3-80841cc4d0a845964e6cc2a8e67ba291-1183x787.png
At FSPJ, from 11:00 to 11:30 on Saturday, January 28, during the “Tableware Festival 2023” period,
We will appear on the “Arena special stage” where prominent people from various industries will appear.
■Contact information■
FSPJ table coordination school
Mail: (Contact: Otani)
【Company Profile】
■Company name: Food Space Project Co., Ltd.
■ Head office location: 8-10-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Daiichi Higashinari Building 4F
■ Representative Director: Minako Jido
■ Business: Dining space consulting & production, styling & display business, media cooperation, seminar planning, operation of FSPJ table coordination school
■ HP:
TEL: 03-6228-5695

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