Foresight Co., Ltd. January 2023 “2nd grade financial planning proficiency test (FP)” exam review will be released on the day of the exam

Foresight Co., Ltd.
January 2023 “Second Level Financial Planning Proficiency Test (FP)” exam review will be released on the day of the exam
The self-grading function will also be released on the day of the test
Foresight Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo / President: Koji Yamada), which provides correspondence courses that achieve a high pass rate in qualification exams, will be held on January 22, 2023 (Sunday). We will publish the review of the Planning Skill Test (FP) exam on the day. At the same time, we plan to release a self-grading function. Please use it to review after the exam.

▼ Click here for the test review and self-grading page
Exam review page:
Self-grading page:
*The review page and self-grading page will be released on Sunday, January 22nd. ■ What is a financial planner (FP)?
In order to achieve the goals of individual life plans (lifetime planning), various data related to personal finances
(income/expenditure, assets/liabilities, security, etc.) are collected and the current situation is analyzed. With a wide range of knowledge such as taxes, pensions, loans, etc., I am a money expert who makes concrete plans, proposals, implementation, assistance, and reviews. It is also known as the “household doctor”.
■ 2nd grade financial planner (FP) Foresight student pass record In September 2022, the pass rate of second-level financial planners (FP) for Foresight students was 79.2%, which was 1.88 times the national average pass rate of 42.16%.
*Data based on student questionnaires compiled by our company. [Company Profile of Foresight Co., Ltd.]
Head office location: Foresight Building, 6-16-2 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Business description: Education and learning support business (correspondence courses for qualifications and university entrance exams, book publishing, sales)
Qualifications: Administrative scrivener, social worker, real estate agent, FP, bookkeeper, SME management consultant, etc.
Capital: 72.67 million yen (capital reserve: 27.67 million yen) Established: April 1993 Representative: Koji Yamada
Number of employees: 126 (including part-time workers) as of December 2021 URL:

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