Formation of a global community and open innovation through Web 3.0 Minato Base exchange event Held on February 2nd at the Minato Ward Industrial Promotion Center. Pre-registration for free admission is now open.

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Formation of a global community and open innovation through Web 3.0 [Minato Base exchange event] Held on February 2nd at the Minato Ward Industrial Promotion Center. Pre-registration for free admission is now open.

Those who are working on open innovation, creators, designers, engineers, artists who own content,
Contents that can be of interest to various people, such as IT companies involved in Web 3.0 system infrastructure and content development, and businesses that support overseas expansion and community marketing. If you are interested in new business related to Web3.0, please join us.
Brochure data (PDF): The advent of Web 3.0 based on NFTs and blockchains will create new value in content precisely because it is a new digital domain, and will bring new business opportunities through open innovation through the formation of a global community. The stakeholders are diverse, including creators, designers, engineers, and artists who own content, IT companies involved in Web 3.0 system infrastructure and content development, and businesses that support overseas expansion and community marketing. At this event, we will introduce the business models and services of Minato City companies that are pioneering global business in the Web 3.0 area, and promote global open innovation by collaborating with various stakeholders. Please join us. Overview of the event
Date: Thursday, February 2, 2023 Time: Doors open 13:30 Start 14:00 End 16:00 (planned)
Participation fee: Free Capacity: 120 people
Venue: Minato Ward Industrial Promotion Center 11F Small Hall Fudanotsuji Square, 5-36-4 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access: Nearest station: 4-minute walk from JR Tamachi Station Mita Exit (West Exit)
4 minute walk from Toei Mita Line Mita Station Exit A3 or 3 minute walk from Exit A4
Organizer: Minato Ward Industrial Promotion Center Designated Manager: Minato Campus Relo Group
Business Manager: Campus Create Co., Ltd.
How to apply: Please enter the required information on the event page and apply.
Lecturer program
14:00-14:25 Lecture 1
Lecturer: Kyoya Okazawa, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Animoca Brands Co., Ltd.
Lecture theme: CRYPTO The right Web 3.0 sprouts born in the winter era Overview: Sell NFT, create metaverse. Animoka Brands gave me the opportunity to hear such discussions and topics from many people. Make money by selling NFTs. Create a metaverse and engage with the community. It was 2022 when I heard many such pitches, but many questions were asked by people in charge of companies that did not produce visible results. And FTX bankruptcy. Just as the seasons change both in the real world and at night, the era is definitely shifting from Web 2.0, which means corporate Internet dominance, to Web 3.0, which is more community-oriented. The arrival of an era in which individuals establish true digital ownership of their personal information and are returned to it more fairly means changes in the business models of many companies. What does the era of direct connection between companies and communities through the spread of blockchain and NFT mean? It is beginning to be questioned how to use it as a true NFT technology. Crypto winter will end someday. However, the landscape at that time should be very different from the era when NFT was ridiculed as a bubble. The bursting of various bubbles in the past also served as an opportunity for major changes in the times. This time, I would be happy if I could discuss with everyone the correct Web 3.0 sprouts for the new era that Animoka Brands thinks. 14:25-14:50 Lecture 2
Lecturer: Mr. Junya Yamamoto, CEO of Scalably Inc.
Lecture theme:
Web 3.0 Marketing | Growth Strategies for Businesses Now
Many of the various booms discussed in the context of Web 3.0 start outside of Japan, so how can we keep up with changes and trends in the world? There may be impatience. In addition to introducing crypto assets and blockchain technology, we will discuss how to introduce newly created value into business. The purpose of this session is to discover opportunities for business differentiation by introducing community-based marketing and global information strategies that have arisen from the global Web 3.0 trend.
14:50-15:15 Lecture 3
Lecturer: Takehito Nakanishi, UHS Corporation (Open Sky Blue) Title of Lecture: Marketing and Communities Changed by NFT
Many NFT projects rely on major NFT sales platforms for NFT sales, but they are buried in many NFT projects.
OSB LaunchPad is a diffusion type NFT launch pad from Japan and is operated with the concept of “Let’s change the world with the creator economy”. By using OSB LaunchPad, it is possible to launch NFT issuance, promotion and sales at one stop with no code, and it is possible to create a community and promotion by spreading SNS. By utilizing the power of SNS for NFT sales, NFT projects will receive support from all over the world. What is important here is that although projects originating in Japan tend to be biased toward marketing within Japan, it is important to transmit information overseas.
How can we gather support from overseas and lead the project to success as a global project?
Introducing recent project trends and success stories.
15:15-15:30 break
15:30-16:00 Panel discussion
A new global content business brought about by Web 3.0. What are the possibilities and paths to success?
Animoca Brands Inc. Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer Kyoya Okazawa Mr. Junya Yamamoto, CEO of Scalably Inc.
Mr. Taketo Nakanishi, UHS Corporation (Open Sky Blue)
‒ Business card exchange party after the event ‒
・Please wear a mask when coming to the venue.
・Please refrain from participating if you have a fever or are feeling unwell. ・There is a possibility that the organizer will take photos and videos on the day of the event. Also, please note that photos and videos may be posted on the media after the event ends. We will take care not to show your face, but please let us know in advance if you do not want to post it.
・There is a possibility that the outline of the event may change depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection and the declaration of a state of emergency.
・Since there are users including the event time, please be quiet in the space. What is the Minato Ward Industrial Promotion Center?
The Industrial Promotion Center is a facility that will serve as a “future-development-type industrial promotion base” that connects the “power of companies, people, and the community” and provides the latest information and technology. Opened in Fudanotsuji Square in April 2022. There is a coworking space and a business support factory on the 9th floor, which can be used as an activity base for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, people working from home, and people working on open innovation. We will promote open innovation through interaction and collaboration between users, and provide an
environment where the latest business support information can be collected.
Facility website:
Details about this release:


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