Fortune is out, demons out! ? At the Setsubun event “Kisuke’s Demon Festival 2023” (held on February 5) , “Oni” from Ehime Prefecture will gather! Kisuke Co., Ltd.

Kisuke Co., Ltd.
[Fortune is out, demons out! ? ] At the Setsubun event “Kisuke’s Demon Festival 2023” (held on February 5), “Oni” from Ehime Prefecture will gather! [Kisuke Co., Ltd.]
On February 5, 2023 (Sunday), the demon will jack the “Kisuke BOX”! ? Oni Bowling, Oni Mochi Pounding, Oni Bean Throwing, and Oni Roryuu! !
Kisuke Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, Representative: Yoshinori Yamaji), Shikoku’s largest comprehensive entertainment company, announced on February 5, 2023 (Sunday) at “Kisuke BOX” (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture). Kisuke’s Demon Festival 2023-Fuku Hauchi, Oni Mouchi” will be held. In June of last year, the Kisuke Box natural hot spring facility, Kisuke no Yu, opened the Oni Sauna, a fusion of saunas and demons. ) became a facility visited for pilgrimage. Therefore, we will hold a Setsubun event using the slogan “Onimouchi” to thank the demons and liven up Ehime Prefecture together with the locals.
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Ehime’s “new Setsubun” proposed by Kisuke is a demon festival of “fuku hauchi, ogre mochi”! !
“Kisuke no Oni Matsuri 2023 – Fuku Hauchi, Oni Mouchi” is a Setsubun event where Ehime’s “Oni” gather in Kisuke BOX with the theme of Ehime’s “New Setsubun”.
Setsubun means “dividing the seasons”, and refers to the day before the start of each season: the beginning of spring, the beginning of summer, the beginning of autumn, and the beginning of winter. Since ancient times, it has been believed that evil spirits enter at the turn of the seasons. These evil spirits are regarded as “demons”, and events have been held on the day of Setsubun to throw beans, which are said to have the spiritual power to ward off evil spirits. In Japan, spring is the beginning of the year, so Setsubun, the day before the first day of spring, is especially important.
At the bean-throwing event, it is common to say, “Ogres are outside,” to drive out evil spirits, but at “Kisuke’s Demon Festival 2023,” the shouts of “Fortune are at home! Demons are at home too!” . The reason for this is that not only demons in Japan are evil, but there are also examples of demons being enshrined as gods, such as kishin, and the popular “oni sauna” at “Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu”. Sauna stones “Onimaru / Onidama” made by Kikuma tiles used in , are also used as “good demons” to ward off evil, etc. At our Setsubun, we propose new ways to enjoy Setsubun to the locals. At the same time, by inviting such a good demon into the house with good fortune, we wish the family good health.
Ehime’s “demons” gather.
At the Kisuke no Oni Matsuri, we will invite wrestlers related to Ehime’s demons, Ushioni King and Kioumaru, from the local professional wrestling group Ehime Pro Wrestling to make the event even more exciting.
In addition, in the sauna of “Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu”, we will develop a project where you can enjoy a heat wave event by wrestlers. [Image 2

▲ Ushioni King [Uwajima]
Gaia from Uwajima belongs to Ehime Pro Wrestling. An ushi-oni incarnation wrestler who has revived in modern times from the “Ushi-oni legend” that has been handed down from ancient times in Uwajima City, Ehime Prefecture.
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▲Kiomaru [Kihoku Town]
A true demon of justice who belongs to Ehime Pro Wrestling. A wrestler whose motif is Kiohmaru, a monument in Kihoku Town, Ehime Prefecture. [Image 4

▲Kikuma tiles, the symbol of “Oni Sauna” [Kikuma Town]
A gigantic object created with the soul of the Kikuma tile master, a traditional Ehime craft with a history of 750 years.
It is enshrined as a guardian deity of “Oni Sauna” of “Iyo no Yujiba Kisuke no Yu”.

Overview of “Kisuke’s Demon Festival 2023”
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[Event name] Kisuke’s Demon Festival 2023 – Fortune is inside, Demon is inside [Venue] Kisuke BOX (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture)
[Date] Sunday, February 5, 2023
14:00- Demon mochi pounding competition (3rd floor, KIT)
15:00- Parent-child Oni Bowling Challenge (3rd floor, KIT)
16:00- Onimochi/Mamemaki (first floor, in front of Kameya)
18:00- Demon heat wave festival (1st floor, Kisuke-no-Yu *Men’s sauna room) *Separate admission fee is required for KIT and Kisuke no Yu. [Image 6

▲ “Onimochi pounding” competition
Ehime Pro Wrestling’s Ushigami Ushioni King and Kioumaru participate in the 5 kg of glutinous rice cultivated in Kihoku Town, and the event will be lively. We also have light pestle for children, so men and women of all ages can participate.
Freshly pounded mochi can be eaten on the spot with soybean flour and soy sauce. ・Participation fee: Free
・Location: 3rd floor ・KIT
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▲“Oni bowling” challenge for parents and children
In this tournament, parents and children work together to throw 2 frames of red and yellow “Oni Pins” to win. We have great prizes for the top 5 teams.
・Participation fee: 300 yen per group (Limited to 30 groups on a first-come-first-served basis, please participate with two children up to elementary school age.)
・Location: 3rd floor ・KIT
*Participating children will receive a ticket to participate in the demon mochi and bean-throwing competition from 16:00!
Oni bowling entry is here
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▲Onimochi and bean-throwing event
Beans, sweets, rice cakes from Onihokucho, etc. are scattered from the yagura with the shouts of “Fuku hauchi” and “Oni mochi”.
* Comes with a “winning lottery” in the mochi bag! “We are preparing prizes such as an assortment of rice and sweets.”
・Participation fee: Free
・Location: Kisuke BOX 1st floor, in front of Kameya
From 16:00 Limited to 10 children
16:20- 30 people Elementary school students and above
From 16:40 Limited to 40 children
・Participation method: From 15:30 on the day, we will distribute the bean-throwing participation ticket for each time in front of Kameya. *At 16:00, 30 children who participated in the Oni Bowling Challenge will join us.
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▲”Oni Netsuha” Festival
Ehime Pro Wrestling’s “Ushioni King” and “Kiomaru” will do their best to deliver a heat wave that wards off evil with maximum wind speed. Venue: Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu *Men’s stadium sauna only
Time: 18:00-
Participation fee: Free * Bathing fee is required separately. Number of participants: 30 people
Heat wave participation tickets will be distributed from 17:45, so please line up in front of the sauna room. If there are many applicants, we will draw a lottery.
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*The event will be held with thorough measures to prevent coronavirus infection. We ask for your cooperation so that visitors can enjoy themselves with peace of mind.
* Depending on the infection situation, the event may be canceled or the contents may be changed. Please be forewarned.

Enjoy the much-talked-about “Oni Sauna” designed with the concept of an ogre! [Image 11

As mentioned above, in June 2022, the “Oni Sauna” was newly
established in the men’s open-air area of ​​”Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu”. I’m here.
“Oni Sauna” has two red and blue huts with different themes, each with a different indoor temperature and concept. A sauna stone is installed. These tiles were made by Koizumi Seigawara Co., Ltd., a potter of Kikuma tiles, a special product of Ehime Prefecture. The “Oni Sauna”, which was designed with the concept of “Oni” using the nationally known “Kikuma Kawara” oni tiles, has become a hot topic, and many saunas (enjoy saunas) are known as the “Shikoku Sauna Holy Land”. people) come on pilgrimage from all over the country. Take advantage of Setsubun, when the Kisuke no Oni Festival will be held, and enjoy the Oni Sauna, which has been completed with the high technology of Kikuma tiles, with the motif of the demon!
Details of Oni Sauna

6月11日(土)「鬼サウナ」オープン! 道後温泉のすぐそばにある四国サウナの聖地 喜助の湯

Operating company: Kisuke Co., Ltd. Headquarters
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Address: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture
Representative: President Yoshinori Yamaji
Established: 1970
Capital: 20.05 million yen
Store information: Iyo no Tojiba Kisuke no Yu
Address: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Kisuke BOX 1st floor Phone: 089-921-0131
Business hours: 5:00-26:00 (Last reception 25:00)
Store information: Kisuke KIT
Address: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Kisuke BOX 3rd floor Phone: 089-998-3000
Business hours: 10:00-23:00
Store information: KIT PLAY
Address: 4 Miyata-cho, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture Kisuke BOX 3rd floor Phone: 089-998-3000
Business hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00
Saturday and Sunday 10:00-20:00
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Store name: Kisuke KIT
Person in charge: Yoichiro Iwasaki
Phone: 089-998-3000
Email address:

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