Four Seas Co., Ltd. “Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana Koenji Store” Opens on Thursday, January 19! !

Four Seas Co., Ltd.
“Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana Koenji Store” will open on Thursday, January 19! ! “Kushikatsu Dengana Koenji” has been renewed with the concept of a neo-izakaya
Four Seas Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Sachiko Asano) will open the third store of the neo-izakaya “Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana”, which is a new concept of the Kushikatsu Izakaya “Kushikatsu Dengana”, in January 2023. We will open in Koenji on the 19th (Thursday). [Image 1

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A neo-izakaya where you can enjoy a modern and stylish atmosphere while retaining the retro atmosphere of a public bar
The “Kushikatsu to Sake Dengana Ikebukuro East Exit Branch” reopened on October 26, 2022 as the first neo-izakaya, and the second branch “Shimokitazawa Branch” has been well received by a wide range of customers.
 The “Koenji store” will be renewed as a neo-izakaya on January 19 (Thursday) and will open anew so that more customers can enjoy this neo-izakaya. “Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana Koenji Store”, which is marked by a large brick, has counter and table seats lined up in a wood-grained store, and can be used for various purposes.
■Neo Izakaya “Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana” offers a variety of limited drinks and menus
In addition to the standard Kushikatsu menu, we offer over 15 limited-edition menus for a wide range of people, from Generation Z to office workers who know all about izakaya. We have “Mascarpone with Honey” served with a baguette that adds a twist to Western cuisine, and “Omelette Dengana” with plenty of ingredients such as cherry tomatoes and asparagus. “Maze Curry” is also recommended as a finishing dish.
In addition to the standard drinks, we also offer healthy and cute fruit sours served in original glasses such as “Gorogoro Mango” and “Shuwa-Shuwa Red Berry Sour.” Fruit liqueurs “Izumo Shine Muscat Sake” and “Okinawa Rich Pineapple Sake” are characterized by the taste and rich aroma of the ingredients. In addition, please try “Melon Soda Sour”, “Blue Sky Sour”, and “Lemon Sour Ball (about 4 cups)” that you can share with everyone.
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■Open commemorative campaign!
Official Instagram (@kushikatsu_dengana) Follow & like for half price drinks This time, as an opening commemorative campaign, for a limited time (January 19th to January 21st, 2023), drinks will be half price when using the “Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana Koenji Store”. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the recommended sours and fruit wines limited to “Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana”.
≪Store Overview≫
Store name: Kushikatsu to Sake Dengana Koenji store
Location: 2-21-5 Koenji Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Muramatsu Koenji Building 1F TEL: 03-5327-6110
Business hours: Weekdays 16:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
      Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 12:00-23:00 (L.O.22:30) Opening date: January 19, 2023 *Opens at 17:00 only on January 19 Store area: about 18 tsubo
Number of seats: 46 seats
“Kushikatsu and Sake Dengana” Limited Recommended Menu
*Price includes tax
[Recommended sour]
Gorogoro Mango Sour / Juicy Pineapple Sour
Shuwa Shuwa Red Berry Sour / Puka Puka Cherry Sour
680 yen each
Melon Soda Sour / Blue Sky Sour
Pink sun chi high (apricot kernel)
630 yen each
[Image 4

Left: Shuwa Shuwa Red Berry Sour, Center: Gorogoro Mango Sour, Right: Melon Soda Sour
[Recommended fruit wine]
Izumo Shine Muscat Sake/Miyazaki Ripe Mango Sake
Okinawa Rich Pineapple Sake / Yamanashi Cloudy White Peach Sake 480 yen each
[Share with everyone]
Lemon sour balls (4 cups) 1,280 yen
[Exit immediately]
Soft-boiled egg potato salad 480 yen
Whole tomato 480 yen
[A la carte]
Dengana Omelet 580 yen
Mascarpone with honey 580 yen
Cheese millefeuille ham cutlet 480 yen
Homemade sweet potato chips 480 yen
Carbonara Udon 880 yen
Maze curry Maze curry 480 yen
-Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection-
At Kushikatsu Dengana, we are implementing the following as a preventive measure against the new coronavirus infection.
・ Thorough hand washing, gargling, and alcohol disinfection by employees based on the response guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
・Measure body temperature when coming to work, and stop coming to work for employees who have a fever or are unwell.
・Installation of hand sanitizer for customers at stores with restrooms ・ Thorough employee cough etiquette and wearing a mask
◆ About “Kushikatsu Dengana”
“Kushikatsu Dengana” is a Kushikatsu izakaya that has opened stores mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, recreating “Kushikatsu”, a representative dish of Osaka’s food culture that is popular with children and adults alike, with its own particular attention to detail and deliciousness. Dengana’s proud kushikatsu is made with a batter blended with yam, a uniquely developed fine bread crumb, and carefully selected Dutch lard frying oil to create a crispy outside and chewy inside. In addition, the refreshing and rich original special sauce enhances the taste. In addition, we have a wide variety of menus other than Kushikatsu, such as the standard “Doteyaki” and “Beef soup” at Kushikatsu restaurants in Osaka.
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