frantolive Co., Ltd. Opened a wholesale service “Flower Smith Market” aiming to expand demand for the ne w trend “home use” in the flower industry!

frantolive Co., Ltd.
Opened a wholesale service “Flower Smith Market” aiming to expand demand for the new trend “home use” in the flower industry!

The Flower Smith Market is scheduled to open in mid-January 2023. [Image 1

-Flower Smith Market, a wholesale online shop for fresh and dried flowers, opens! –
URL: Aiming to expand demand for new trends in the flower industry, home use In the flower industry, the demand for flowers is gradually shifting from consumption for ceremonial occasions to general household consumption. (*Flowers for general households mainly refer to low-priced, small-sized, small-lot, high-variety, and other features.) Frantolive Co., Ltd. has released a wholesale service “Flower Smith Market” that allows anyone to easily purchase flowers for household demand in order to respond to the dynamic changes in trends in the flower industry in recent years. To do.
[Image 2

Flower Smith Market is designed so that even small-scale flower shops and sole proprietors who have had trouble purchasing can easily purchase full-scale products. We plan to add various services in the future as a bridge that directly connects producers to retailers or consumers, rather than just a wholesale sales site.
5 Features of Flower Smith Market
Flower Smith Market is an intermediate wholesale sales site where you can purchase flower materials for general households online. After receiving your order, we will procure the flowers, unload the flowers, inspect them, and deliver them to you.
1. Flower standards suitable for household demand and affordable price range Flower Smith Market deals in small, low-priced flower materials, not the large flowers used for ceremonial events. With over 400 types of fresh flowers and over 300 types of dried flowers, we handle a wide variety of products to meet the needs of flower shops that demand a wide variety of products in small quantities. (* The number of products handled is the annual number. It varies depending on the sales period.)
By providing the necessary information to producers and seedling companies, and working closely with them to get involved in flower production, we are able to provide flowers of “optimal quality, size, and price for general households.” I’m here.
2. You can purchase even a small lot (from 5 pieces)! Save even more by buying in bulk
[Image 3

At Flowersmith Market, you can purchase all flowers in small lots (5 or more). Also, if you want to purchase a lot at once, you can use the volume discount, which allows you to purchase at a discounted price according to the number of purchases.
3. Flower Smith Market original “luxury dried flowers”
[Image 4

The “luxury dried flowers”, which have a texture as soft as fresh flowers, are original products made by Flowersmith Market using special equipment. You can enjoy the beautiful shape that can be displayed alone and the flower appearance that changes with the passage of time.
4. Easy management of daily purchases with the “purchase list function” [Image 5

Products added to “Favorites” can be freely grouped by “Create purchase list”. You can purchase frequently purchased products in bulk, such as purchasing groups for each season or event. You can also use it to prevent forgetting to buy.
5. Introduce seasonal recommended flower materials on Instagram [Image 6

On Instagram, we will pick up and introduce seasonal flower materials that we especially want to keep in mind from the products of Flower Smith Market. You can use it as an idea for purchasing fresh flowers, dried flowers, and luxury dried flowers.
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