Free distribution to educational institutions nationwide! A serialized manga that conveys the value and charm of glass bottles, a joint work with the popular manga artist Dolluru, “Bidro Concerto” has been completed!

Japan Glass Bottle Association
Free distribution to educational institutions nationwide! A serialized manga that conveys the value and charm of glass bottles, a joint work with the popular manga artist Dolluru, “Bidro Concerto” has been completed!

The Japan Glass Bottle Association (Chairman: Koji
Yamamura/Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) has collaborated with Dolluru, a popular cartoonist who is known for his work on TV dramas such as Koe Koi. ” has been serialized on the official website for a year and a half since 2020.
This time, we have added a new commentary column related to glass bottles, a newly written cover, and a new illustration, so we will distribute it to educational institutions free of charge to
commemorate the publication.
*A free download version is also available.
I imagine that in the field of education, environment-related information and materials are being collected on a daily basis. With the aim of getting people to understand glass bottles correctly as containers that can contribute to the SDGs, we have decided to distribute this booklet free of charge so that it can be used in educational settings.
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[Background of distribution to educational institutions]
Glass bottles are environmentally friendly containers that are compatible with the SDGs society. It is an ethical package that considers the environment, is kind to people, and contributes to the community and society.
Currently, the Japan Glass Bottle Association plays a central role in forming an SDGs promotion working group with all relevant parties in the industry working together. We are disseminating activities that contribute to the SDGs of glass bottles.
As part of this activity, we are developing activities to deepen the understanding of university students about the characteristics of glass bottles, such as industry-academia collaboration with
universities, joint seminars, and panel discussions.
Through this activity, we felt the heightened awareness of the environment among young people, and hoped that a wider generation of educational workers would deepen their understanding of the appeal of glass bottles.
Through the distribution of this manga “Bidro Konzert”, we hope that it will be used not only by university students but also by junior colleges, high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools, etc. as reference materials and in libraries.
We believe that a correct understanding of glass bottles will lead to contributions to the SDGs. We look forward to receiving applications from educational institutions.
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[About application] Please check the overview at the link above and fill in the necessary information.
-Application Deadline-
Friday, March 17, 2023
* If the limit is reached before the deadline, it will be the deadline. Please note.
-Number of books provided-
・Up to 20 books
・We will send the desired number up to the upper limit.
・Shipping expenses will be borne by the association.
・Limited to Japan
[About Bidro Concerto]
With the aim of conveying the appeal and value of glass bottles in an easy-to-understand manner through the novel expression of comics, we have produced a series of comics in collaboration with the popular comic artist Dolluru.
A serial manga with a high story that you can learn through the format of manga, from basic elements such as design, functionality, and environmental properties of glass bottles to peripheral information about glass bottles such as history and relationship with SDGs. It is -Title name-
“Bidro Concerto”
A high school girl who lives in a town with a glass bottle factory. From the day I picked up a cider in a glass bottle at the supermarket, I fell in love with glass bottles. While interacting with various characters, you will be drawn into the charm of glass bottles. One of the highlights is the expression method called “Grand Hotel method” in which multiple characters who intersect with the main character in the first episode develop while switching the main characters in each scene.
-Serialization place-
Japan Glass Bottle Association Website
Inside the Bidro Concerto Corner
-Number of episodes-
10 episodes
* Click here for the free download version
・Original: Dolluru / Japan Glass Bottle Association
・ Drawing: Dolluru
[About the Japan Glass Bottle Association]
Name: Japan Glass Bottle Association
Chairman: Koji Yamamura
Address: 3-21-16 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan Glass Industry Center 3F Purpose: To raise awareness about the use of glass bottle products and to collect and provide usage information

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